One Direction Snubbed By Nasty Mumford & Sons At The Brits

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Mumford & Sons beat One Direction to the title of ‘Best British Group’ at the Brit Awards on Wednesday night, which wasn’t actually a surprise.

One Direction went onto win an award for ‘Global Success’, but when the two bands walked past each other backstage, the 1D boys tried to be friendly and chat to the London folk rockers.

One Direction get snubbed by Mumford and Sons

However, Mumford completely snubbed them according to a source at the Daily Mirror!

They said:

“The bands were passing in the corridor and 1D made an attempt to chat to them and say there were no hard feelings about them both winning different categories.”


“But Mumford were having none of it. They didn’t want to know. It was really awkward and everyone noticed.”

Louis Tomlinson spoke to The Mirror, and said “It was disappointing”, adding “Mumford’s reaction was disappointing. We’re really big fans and wanted to congratulate them. It was a shame.”

Harry, Niall and Zayn on-stage at the Brits #BritAwards2013

Even though the awards night went great for 1D with them picking up a second successive award after last years first, a few things have annoyed our boys.

Louis Tomlinson tweeted:

“What’s crazy is yesterday was a great night for British music yet The Daily Mail still managed to write a really shitty article about it.”

And there’s also the whole Boy George vs Liam Payne affair too – click here to read more about it.

It’s fair to say that One Direction are obviously a manufactured boyband, but they can’t help that fact, can they?

They also can’t help the fact they’ve got MILLIONS of fans all over the world, but this seems to annoy a few.

Here at One Direction News, we want to tell our boys just to ignore any flak they get – a lot of it is just jealousy.

  • Nicole Styles

    Freaken Mumford! Those dudes must be distant cousins of Taylor and Boy cuz they are also immature by not being good sportsmen by not accepting that One Direction had beat them! This shows our boys are more mature than their age cuz they accepted that they got beat by them (Mumford) but Mumford couldn’t accept that they got beat by One Direction even though the dudes in there are older than them. Wow, more immature adults! Taylor,Boy, and these 4 should make a club named “The Immature Adults” and I seriously think they’re all related cuz they’re all immature (ps 1st comment!)

    • Mrs.Malik

      Exactly, I think that they are all jealous because our boys are getting BIG (and they are better looking than Taylor, Mumford Sons and other haters).

      • Nicole Styles

        True haters just like the saying says “haters gonna hate” and why do people hate, 2 reasons, 1- they are defending another person which is what we do with Taylor and now boy and now Mumford and 2- jealous which is why Taylor and boy and Mumford are hating

      • Gemma

        I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • lea rodriguez

      Lol definitely

      • Nicole Styles

        Lol ikr

    • Cassi Horan

      Can you stop hating on them? yeah what they said was pretty childish but they are a great group and they deserve to win just as much as one direction. I dont think you would like having hate on you right after winning an award, if i won an award and got hate i would think i didnt deserve it when clearly i did because i won an award so i think you should shut up with the hate and just enjoy the rest of your day because this is what i think of hate :

  • Mrs.Malik

    I feel so bad for 1D :( I wish they won Best British Group because they are the best British Group and then they could rub in Mumford Sons faces.

    • Sarah

      Me too!!! Our band is the biggest boy band ever and i even didn’t know that band but at least they won an award and the most important thing was they had fun!!!<3<3<3<3

      • Hazza

        Even I Didn’t know who are Mumford and sons!!

    • Riel Whittle

      That would make 1D no better than they were…

    • Cassi Horan

      i agree but mumford and sons is also a great band. So im partly happy they won but also a little disappointed too. DONT GET ME WRONG! I LOVE 1D!

      • ♡∞Princess Horan∞♡

        Yeah…Mumford is great but 1D is pretty awesome too. They both deserve the same amount of respect. Who can’t love them?

    • mrsstylesiwanttomarryharry


  • FabulousNails

    Does Louis really talk to the Mirror? I’m always skeptik of those outlets…

    Anyway, it’s disapointing -if true- because M and S won the best group category, so it’s not as if they need to be bitter about anything.

    It’s a shame that people can’t be nicer, even if they don’t rate 1D’s music! But there are a lot of other nice people, no need to focus on those who arent… Let’s forget about them IMHO!

  • Louis for life

    Who doesn’t want to talk to one direction? I can’t believe it. But Louis says he had a great night so that’s good

  • Hazza

    They’re just jealous of them and they can’t accept that one direction had beaten them!!!!!!
    Btw I looks like Taylor influenced them!!!! :p
    Anyway I’m happy they won atleast one award! <3 <3

    • Andrea1DLover

      I think so too and the saddest part of it was that they were big fans of Mumford and they just wanted to congratulate them and all they are doing is being mean what a shame

      • Hazza

        Yeah!! when the 1D boys will became more famous and these stupid people will become their fans and if they ever meet them and the 1D boys ignore them (I know they never will) then they will realise how it feels!!!!

        • Andrea1DLover

          Haha yeah that is so true they would never do that but they should

          • Hazza

            Yeah they will remember this day and I hope they completely ignore them in future!!!! :p

  • AlyssaLoves1D

    So what they didn’t win. Let Mumford and sons think they’re best. 1D has billions of girls to prove them wrong anyday!

  • lea rodriguez

    Jerks. How dare they.

  • Keke

    I feel the same way the boys do. I’m a big fan of Mumford and Sons. It would’ve been great if they would’ve just talked to them. Can you imagine? You’re meeting one of your idols and they completely ignore you. That’s one of the worst. I also feel bad that because our boys are so popular, they tend to have a lot of other musical artists who don’t like them or don’t want anything to do with them. :(

  • Stini2526

    not nice what that band did and are boy tryed to be nice to them

  • Nia loves zaaayyynnn

    If Mumford and sons are gonna act like that, they shouldn’t of won!

  • Emily

    I wish ID would have won, I just got to say that One Direction is always goin to be at the top of my charts! Reply if u agree!

  • Directioner

    I wish 1D won! Because they are the best!

  • zayn malik fan

    What da hel 1D are the best and the Mumford should just piss of they are just jealous love one direction xxxx

  • Janell Nichols

    Does niall still hav a tag on his pants and wat the hell harry really your pants r to tight and .. just wat the hell where u thinking?

  • Olivia Jones

    Ok Mumford was being really rude, they r grown men they should know how to act towards someone else!

  • Gemma

    Disappointing reaction from Mumford. I would have hoped they would’ve been civil about it.

  • Zoe

    That’s sad :( 1D wanted to make conversation and the Mumfords ignored them. But don’t worry 1D. You have us, the Directioners! :)


    Woww..jealous much mumford sons. I don’t get it like all the 1D boys were trying to do was let them know there are no hard feelings between both bands but I think that’s just show how much a**holes ,cowards and immature mumford and sons really are.

  • Guest

    Oh God.You see,every story you red is about snubbing or insulting One Direction.Have you EVER red some article where our boys insult someone or being unfriendly?The Wanted started the war,Jake Buggs started the war,Mumford abd Sons…Really,shame on jealous people and bands.Well,my opinion is that One Direction deserve award they get,bcz Mumford and Sons really didn’t made Global Success in that short time.Honestly,I have never met a person who said that they’re MAS’s big fans.However I liked them,but they disappointed me with being unfriendly and rude to my boys.

  • Valentina

    Oh God.You see,every story you read is about snubbing or insulting One
    Direction.Have you EVER read some article where our boys insult someone
    or being unfriendly?The Wanted started the war,Jake Buggs started the
    war,Mumford and Sons…Really,shame on jealous people and bands.Well,my
    opinion is that One Direction deserve award they get,bcz Mumford and
    Sons really didn’t made Global Success in that short time.Honestly,I
    have never met a person who said that they’re MAS’s big fans.However I
    liked them,but they disappointed me with being unfriendly and rude to my

    • I’mADirectionerWBY


    • Cassi Horan

      I get your point. and DONT GET ME WRONG! im a HUGE directioner but mumford and sons clearly deserved to win just as much as one direction. If they didn’t deserve it as much they wouldn’t have gotten the award.
      P.S. please don’t take this the wrong way. im NOT trying to start a fight

    • judojo

      we all deserve to win something. but being rude to the boys when all they wanted to do was congratulate them

  • ms.styles

    What da heck plz nobody doesn’t beven know who the r !!!!!!!

  • xSabrina1Dx

    Mumford and Sons are so mean! :(

  • Hillary Styles

    why in the brit awards, tht very special moment did this band have to be rude to our boys,!D sometimes are more mature than older rude people

  • Jancy Gonzalez

    One Direction should of won because there obviously the best…..but some people are stupid enough to pick mumford&sons!!!!!
    That doesn’t make sense!!!!!!

  • zoe1D

    aw! one direction are always best british group!

  • Carolina Munayer


  • GraciousDirectioner

    Attitude should be a factor when they decide the best British Band.

  • Gemma

    For Pete’s sake they are a good band (Mumford and sons) and I thought that they deserved the award that they won. Yesterday. Now I think they are just another band and there isn’t anything special about them and they are going to get the brunt of this…

  • ♡∞Princess Horan∞♡

    I actually LIKE Mumford and Sons, but there both great bands…there shouldn’t be ANY hate. Mumford did deserve an award, but 1D doesn’t deserve ridicule and hate! -.-

  • brianna

    i feel bad for 1D

  • anonymous

    I do like Lou’s tweet tho… its kind of funny

  • Marsha Goings

    Mumford and Sons has 190,000 followers on twitter and One Direction has over 10 MILLION. Let me think about this for a minute… they couldn’t possibly be JEALOUS or anything? One Direction members were gracious professionals – Mumford and Sons were petty amateurs. I wouldn’t be their fans… there are people who have better manners who you can be their fans.

  • Angie Styles

    Thats just sad. Being so immature and rude. The boys just wanted to congragulate them. Jeez, can Mumford And Sons show a little respect? It bugs me how rude people can be.

    • Nicole Styles

      You mean Buggs lol XD

  • Jenna

    I have a few things to say, so bear with me. First, that was really rude of Mumford and Sons to say that. They are adults and the boys look up to them. One Direction may seem like adults at times, but they really are still kids. That was really inappropriate for Mumford and Sons to say that. Second, yes, the band is manufactured, but the boys have really grown to love each other. People shouldn’t be hating on them because they didn’t start the band themselves. The boys were actually being very humble by being in a band. They could have told Simon that they wanted to stay solo. It is not their fault, so people stop hating!!!! I hate how people blame the boys for stuff they have no control over. Third, the fans! Other celebs are jealous. How is it One Direction’s fault that they have fans? I am sorry that I am going on, but I need to vent!!!! The boys don’t have time for hate. They are busy doing a world tour, so haters leave them alone. I will always love 1D no matter what people say.

    • judojo

      oh my gosh thank you

      • 1DFan

        Thanks wow!

        • judojo

          your very welcome.

    • Directioner_gunner
      • 1DFan

        I can’t believe people are reading this a year later!

        • Directioner_gunner

          Truth is always read

          • 1DFan

            :) thx that made my day!

          • Directioner_gunner


  • megan horan

    They should of won both awards and they try to be nice but mumford and sons went and ignored them i hate them so much
    Keep your head up 1D we love you!!!!!!!

  • ♡ mickie ♡

    Mumford shoulda been good sports about the whole thing… they’re acting immature…