One Direction Swap Clothes in Wellington!

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LOL, only the eagle-eyed Directioners will notice this, but look closely at the outfit each boy is wearing, and something just looks odd.

That’s right, they’ve all swapped clothes!

Liam is wearing Zayn’s outfit, Niall has Louis’ ensemble on, Harry is dressed in Niall’s red t-shirt, Zayn has Liam’s checked shirt on whilst Louis is wearing Harry’s outfit.

Would you have noticed?

The boys have just finished their tour down-under, starting the weekend with two dates in Auckland before completing their last gig yesterday in Wellington at the St James Theatre.

They’ve worn the same outfits at every concert they’ve done for the past few months, and we’ve become pretty much used to seeing them dressed to perfection each night.

Here’s an excerpt from a reviewer at Wellington:

“Thankfully, the Backstreet Boys-style synchronised dance moves were kept to a minimum, the singers instead interacting together in a way that seemed far more natural. Mostly, they looked like they were having a lot of fun – and who wouldn’t be, with stadiums of girls screaming their approval? Social media was embraced during the show too, with the boys taking the time to answer some fan questions from Twitter. And when they busted into the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap – as requested in a tweet – and got a lil bit gangsta, it was pretty hilarious.” Read the rest of the review in full at The Dominion Post

Here’s a clip of 1D singing their solo songs and “Torn” in Auckland:

Here’s the best clip we could find from Wellington – it’s 1D singing “Moments”, though its a little bit blurry:

Fans described the two new Zealand concerts as “amazing” and “life-changing”.

Where you there? Let us know by commenting below…

  • Rachel

    I like One Direction.. That is all..

  • OneDHoran

    they look amazing. OMG. ok, i’m dying.

  • LNLtotally!!

    I luv 1D sooooo much I really love Niall!