One Direction Talk Their Second Album, And An Eminem Colab!

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1D at the MIB3 Premiere

The 1D boys spent some time recording at a Swedish studio a few weeks ago, laying down ideas for their follow up to ‘Up All Night’ – which is pencilled in for a release late this year.

The highly anticipated sophomore album is set to catapult the band into the stratosphere, so the boys want to make sure it’s as good as it can be.

So far, collaborations have been rumoured with just about every artist going, but here’s another one to throw in the mix.

Talking with, Niall said:

“It would be weird if we did something with Eminem. You have to think outside the box! Can you imagine One Direction and Eminem? That would be hilarious.”

The Irish star added:

“We’re writing as much as we can for this one. There’s one song in particular that we’re really happy with and we’re recording it very soon. ”We’ve got a bit of time to get the album done so we’re putting as much into it as possible. We’re trying to keep the same sort of sound as before but create even better songs than the last one. There’s always pressure on the second album – this one has to be the big one.”

Personally, we’d love to see 1D record a song with Eminem – that would just be PHENOMENIALL!

Do you agree?

  • @1Drocksforever

    yes :)

  • Anisa

    OMG!! yes, it be amazayn!!

  • Silvialee2

    hahaha for some reason I reckon id be quite comicsl :) but I’m all for it!!

  • christinahoran

    Yes but is eminem going to rap clean or the normal way o who cares. I relly want them to do the clabortion with eminem and niall to have more solos

    • Denise Azadeh

       It would be awesome if Louis had more solos too!

  • Sierra (:

    They Should Collabo With ME! :)

    • #Directioneralltheway

      Nah,They already did it with me,Ull just be the slopy seconds.

      • Sierra (:

        Lol, it doesn’t matter cause it’ll still be fun for me. 😀

  • MyLife_is1D

    Oh My Gosh !!!!!!! yes yes yes

  • mzmathers

    f*ck no this better not happen. eminem is beyond them and every other boy-band’s and pop singers. stick to shady em! dont do this!
    for the record i like 1D, but the king of hip hop is way beyond them

  • Amal Malik


  • yay

    omg! 1D and Eminem yay! yes yes yes!

  • True Directioner

    I could care less, I just love their voices <3

  • @ChyLoves1D


  • Nalina Styles

    Eminem and 1D. awesome collaboration .better than the wanted it.

  • 1D lover :p

    Omg!!!!!! Yes yes yes yes yes yes I can’t wait!!!!!!

  • Ratula

    One Direction please come to India for a concert!!!! I love u!!

  • AlexisHoran

    no matter who they colab with I’m still going to absolutly love the album!!!!!!!!! I think that if they want to colab with a rapper they should sing with nici minja, or even taylor swift…even though she isn’t a rapper. OMG…it would be so funny if they did a song with the wanted lol

  • Kate Anne Billeaud

    That would be super cool weird but the both of them would make a really good song!

  • harry’s wife

    no not rlly. if they do he has to rap clean. but i don’t rlly like eminem tht much. but if harry wants it i want it!

  • Trinitystyles

    I love eminem!!! Eminem and 1d are my favorite artist EVER!!! That would be SOOOOOOO COOL!!!

  • Danielacampo

    nah rapping not 1d’s style

  • Harry’s-soon-to-be-wife

    Taylor swift SUCKS!!! Eminem is almost the best singer (or rapper whatever you call him) and if you hate eminem and/or 1d…oh well taylor swift is horrible except the fact that I sound JUST like her when I sing…EMINEM AND 1D RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cierasherrod

    I think that it would be good really good… 1d and eminem are both good!!! I think that it would be ok!!!!

  • Erin Beaudry

    I love them,but no Eminem!! Plz! I like them ALONEEE!<3

  • Onedirection Sh

    I thought they were actually going to be in a song with him from the title.It really would be hilarious though.I LOVE ONE DIRECTION SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabbiieess97

    Yes yes yes!!! ¡¡¡Sí sí sí!!! One Direction y Eminem! Aye Harry es muy guapo!
    Y Louis es muy divertido y comico! :) <3

  • Birdiesn


  • Erin Leary

    As a detroit directioner i think it would be awesome if the collabed with eminem :)

    • CeeCee! :D

      Detroit Directioners FTW! :)

  • directionersincebirth

    I really don’t like eminem so I hope they don’t but ill always support them

  • 1D E.U.

    no i dont want eminem! :(

  • 1love1D

    yay!can’t wait cuz it will be very unique…daaa eminem kot…

  • Shonamcnicol

    I would totlly want them to do a song with Eminem. Nxt 2 One Direction, Eminem is the one guy that helps me get through my struggles, but I just want in to be clean. As much as I love it when Eminem swears it would be really akward when One Diection who are clean do an explict song with Eminem who is explict but it would be cool anyway I can just imagin it.

  • Lexilouberr08

    no cause then eminem is going to mess there carrer up please dont do it

  • HD

    i really want them to sing with eminem cuz` i love 1d and eminem 2