One Direction To Brush Up Their Japanese On YouTube ;)

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The One Direction boys are making a massive effort with international fans, particularly those who don’t speak English, because they’re looking to YouTube language tutorials in order to learn some basic words and phrases in the languages of the places they will be touring.

Phew that was a mouthful!

One Direction learning Japanese?

The lads are apparently looking to learn at least 20 of the most common terms in a variety of languages including French, Spanish, Italian and of course Japanese.

Part of the reason for doing this is to avoid the slightly embarrassing culture shock that happened to the boys when they arrived in Tokyo for a press conference. It was very obvious they were overwhelmed with the language barrier…

A source told The Sun:

“The press conference in Japan got embarrassing because the boys’ culture shock was so obvious,”

“Over the weekend they vowed to learn at least 20 of the most common words in the languages of the countries they’re visiting before they land there.”

The Sun’s source added:

“They think it will avoid embarrassing moments and build up a bond with fans.”

“They’re just going to use YouTube tutorials to brush up on their language skills and think that’s going to be enough.”

Well we can’t wait to see some multilingual skills from the boys.

Harry speaking in a French accent? #Dead.

  • Riel Whittle

    First comment? Woo ho! Anyway that would be awesome havin them speak in other languages (and foreign accents :D)

    • Darcy Styles

      omg i know right?! i’d love that!!!!

      • Ella schwartz

        Like totaly cute!!!!!!!!!

    • niastyles

      Totally. Nice job in first comment :)

    • 1d_sister

      i would love to have them speak in different accents…

  • Olivia Jones

    Wow!!! I think they would sound sexy talking in a different language I mean who’s with me!

    • Ella schwartz

      I am

      • Olivia Jones

        Tanks I mean the accent is hot, them speaking in another language just grabs ur attention and makes you want to make out with them like TOTALLY!

        • ILOVE1DX5

          Got that right!!!!!

          • Olivia Jones


    • L.Kiki *Mrs Styles

      yaaa hehe XD

  • Maris Hunt

    Wow crazy fans in that video

  • Nia malik

    Really wanna meet them!

    • niastyles

      Who doesn’t (wd got same name

  • lea rodriguez

    Aww Liam speaking another language I JUST EXPLODED

  • heishly

    The boys speaking Spanish to me?..YES PLEASE! 😀 Que sexy!

    • jules of liechtenstein

      agreed… :)

  • Ellagould

    Them speaking in any language is cute

  • Sarah

    Ha i really wanna hear when they are speaking another language!Imagin: salam ma one direction hastim<3

  • sylvia

    thats so nice of them to do that! love them <3

  • Nicole Styles

    Well Harry and Louis can teach the boys a little bit of French cuz they know French. They’ll be teachers! And Niall can teach them a little but of Spanish cuz he knows a little bit. Mr.Styles, Mr.Tomlinson, and Mr.Horan! I would love to be one of their student! Bonjour Mr.Styles and Mr.Tomlinson! Can we have private lessons? 😉 ¡Hola Mr.Horan! ¿Como esta hoy usted? ¿Podemos tener lecciones privadas? :)

  • Alexa♥s1D

    Louis and zayn are so nice and stop for alittle sighning

  • booger

    I just wish I could speak French.

  • i_luv_1D_14

    That would be cool if they learnt different languages that would sound soo sexiii I already die when they speak cause I love the British accent (BTW I’m from Australia) so much Espically when Louis speaks Haha I live all the boys and their how they oh and niall sexiii Irish accent love it too … =D

  • Mrs.Stylinsoranlikne

    accept it guys, you weren’t actually paying attention to people speaking japanese but to the low traductor voice

  • jules of liechtenstein

    have you ever noticed that there is always an unnamed source in all the articles??? idk. js. but I love reading the article anyways

  • Directioner_Life

    I can teach them Spanish 😉 But seriously I’m Dominican so call me maybe?

  • amazing#1d


  • 1dlol1d


  • 1dlol1d

    Awww there so caring
    So u should come over here and care for me *wink wink*

  • L.Kiki *Mrs Styles

    My Language is Arabic hehe but Arabic is so difficult xD

  • L.Kiki *Mrs Styles

    luuuuuuucky people there and harry’s french accent =XD

  • L.Kiki *Mrs Styles


  • Sally

    Louis’s hat:) And I love how the boys care about their fans so much! Best boy band ever!!!

  • Stephanie

    Omg Zayn and Louis are sooooo cute in that video I love it!