Top 10 One Direction Christmas Presents

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Ok, so we know what all you Directioners REALLY want for Christmas, but let’s face it, that’s just probably not going to happen. Sorry, guys. So the closest you’re gonna get to receiving the 1D boys this year, is by grabbing some of their awesome One Direction goodies!

We’ve picked out our top 10 One Direction Christmas presents for you. So stick some of these on your Christmas list!

One Direction Blanket

What better way to keep you warm on those warm winter nights than a massive hug from Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn & Niall? Well, lucky for you we’ve found the next best thing. You can wrap yourself up in this awesome One Direction Fleece Blanket and stay nice and warm, as well as looking at the boys as much as you want! Could it get much better?

One Direction Headphones

Oh my god! I think we’ve just fell in love! Look at these amazing 1D earphones! Couldn’t think of anything better than blasting our fave 1D tunes through these! They are like, the cutest thing ever! Oh and they’re pink and sparkly! I bet not many people have some of these! We know what’s at the top of our Christmas list this year!

One Direction Accessories Set

Love love love this! Who wouldn’t want a whole One Direction jewellery set? I know we do! With this you get a bracelet with 11 charms, an expandable bracelet with photos, two necklaces with pendants and charms, AND a One Direction pocket mirror! How cool does that sound? Have a look at it, we know you WILL want it!

One Direction Wristband

Here at we just can’t get enough of our 1D accessories, and we thought we had them all until we found this awesome new ‘I Love 1D’ wristband that we just can’t wait to get our hands on! Different to all the regular wristbands, it looks like a fashionable watch, but even better. It has Crystal letters and a red heart which we think just looks awesome! Check it out!

One Direction Duvet

If you’re lucky enough to have a nice big double bed in your room, then this one’s for you. What true Directioner does not have a One Direction duvet?! We absolutely love this! What a way to make your room even cooler, and make all of your friends jealous! You can even show off your awesome new duvet by hosting the next girly sleepover! It’s a must have!

One Direction Cushion

Of course, it would be a crime to have the 1D duvet and not buy the cushion to match! This is so cute. Imagine being able to kiss them goodnight, every night! Well now you can. With this, the boys would be the last thing you see before you go to sleep, making sure you have some nice dreams about them! And it would look awesome!

One Direction Bag

Why not kick off the 2013 school year with this fab new One Direction bag. Be the envy of all your classmates for having the coolest bag and making your ugly school uniform look awesome!

One Direction iPhone Case

Getting an iPhone for Christmas? Or lucky enough to already have one? Then you’ll know that no iPhone is complete without a One Direction case! You probably already have tonnes of pics of them saved to your phone and even have them as your wallpaper, but until you go all out and get the iPhone case then it’s just not OneDirection-ified enough! We absolutely love this one! Check it out!

One Direction Hoodie

It’s getting cold outside so what better way to keep warm than a 1D hoodie! Perfect to throw on over your school uniform or when you’re off building your snowman! And what makes this hoodie extra special is the stacked polaroid photos of the boys, making it super trendy and just awesome! Stick it on your Christmas list and get one of the comfiest hoodies around. We promise you’ll never want to take it off!

One Direction Dolls

Obsiously, no Christmas list would be complete without the One Direction Dolls on there! Couldn’t think of anything better to collect than little dolls of all the boys! They look adorable and make cute little ornaments for your room. And the best thing is, you don’t have to just stop at 1, you can collect all 5!

  • Erica Young

    I have them! I got mines from f.y.e (For Your Entertainment) They also have other kool 1D stuff. I tried to bye the standee that was in the window of the store.

  • Erica Young

    You guys are awesome!

  • Erica Young


  • Jojoloving1

    @1directionforeverbaby:disqus : Well… You are amaZayn

  • aiesha styles

    Ok i love everything up there hut the dolls harry looks old

  • 1d_sister

    I want it all

  • daniella downer

    Why did I have to live in te Caribbean

  • Sarilyn Ramirez

    good for you

  • Tasnim Rahman

    Who’s got the ONE DIRECTION INFECTION. Cause I know i do…forever 1D


    i am in love with everything there is here….especially the head phones…AND GO GUY DIRECTIONERS(btw im a gurl just cheering on guy directioners…like if u agree with anything i said)I LOVE 1D!!!!!!


    Cant believe x-mas is next tuesday

  • zarian

    I’m a guy, I’m not gay and 1D is actually really great they actually have my fav song. Thanks to my bestfirend I am now apart of.. THIS!!!

  • Thalia

    Lol do you imagine wake up in the morning and find them next to your christmas tree THE PERFECT GIFT OMG

  • Nancy Malik

    Omg I want all those merchandise.. perfect Christmas present

  • Suhaileh

    I want everything but it is too expensive I wush some one was nice enough and bout me one later

  • Suhaileh

    Keep loving them never stop

  • Kaitlyn

    I want everything on the list and MORE!!!!!!❤

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  • Dolli Mercado


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