One Direction Top Music T-Shirt List

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The One Direction boys have managed to outsell popular band T-shirts from the likes of The Beatles and Led Zepplin, with sales of their own branded T-shirts flying through the roof!


I’m sure that we’ve all spotted plenty of people down the high street wearing vintage T-shirts featuring the Rolling Stones or something similar, but apparently there seems to be more One Direction T-shirts out there!

But considering that the boys are currently the biggest boyband in the world, this comes as no surprise.

HMV have revealed that One Direction are the biggest sellers, pipping all the old rock legends to the post.

Black Sabbath are the best-selling vintage band on offer at the store, with two different designs for Led Zeppelin in second and third places.

Although, we’re not too sure whether in years to come, when One Direction are well past it, people will still be buying their T-Shirts…

Spokesman Gennaro Castaldo commented: “Some performers can quickly come and go with the trends, but one genre that has an enduring appeal and seems to remain eternally popular with fans is classic rock and metal.

“Along with the baby boomers who grew up with their music, a new generation of fans are increasingly into them as well, in part out of a recognition that many of the featured T-shirt images now rank as design classics that not only look great but have a real authenticity about them.”

But despite that, let’s just enjoy their popularity while it’s here for a bit 😀

Have you got your One Direction T-Shirt yet?

We reckon you need to grab one while you can, keep up with the trend!


  • Rabia Shohatee

    I know for sure that all you directioners out there either want or have louis’s outfits

    • Reshma Tomlinson

      of course i do. i hav louis’ blue n white strips, d one he wore in WMYB. i cant wear dat when i go c him, dat is if i ever get 2 c him. oh louis <3 😀

      • Brooke C.

        yeah i just ordered that shirt and red pants from areopostal!

    • sparkles

      for sure! i have red pants and two different blue striped shirts, its like a scavenger hunt to find ones identicle to the ones hes worn

    • Love1DMia

      There was this one time i went to school dressed kinda like Louis and about 5 ppl told me that i dressed like him and it was just the best day ever lol (some of them werent even directioners tho!)

    • Orly Tsamezeu

      He has the style!!!!!!

    • ErinlizzyStanphill:)

      Yes I do!! I have Zayns ,Louis ,and Nialls!:)

    • noel


  • 1d_sister

    I have my 1D t shirt!!!
    Got it long back!!! In fact, I’m wearing it right now… Becoz I miss them…
    I love them!!! <3
    So proud of u boys!!!

  • Liam Please Followme

    Ive got one!!!

  • Veronica Boyce

    I have quite a few of them and the sweater


    Just Love’em!!!!! SO NEED MORE 1D STUFF!!!!!

  • Sally

    1D shirt, 1D toothbrush, 1D posters, and 1D calendars. All done:)

    • haileyhaileyhailey

      Now if only they made 1D underwear…..

      • Brooke C.

        omg lol!!!!

      • Sally


    • SparkleStyle1

      That’s it? I have 3 1D calendars, a blanket, necklace, watch, bracelets, 2 shirts, 6 pairs of 1D socks, 1D posters covering my walls in my room, locker and folder, 9 books about them, tons of magazines just bout my boys, their CDs, 2 movies, 1D dolls, girl talk the game, and tickets to see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^ I’m a total directioner;)

      • Sally

        TICKETS??!!! Yay!!!! For what show? I haven’t been able to get any:(

        • SparkleStyle1

          The one at staples center on August 9. They were sold out so I had to go on this stub hub thing!!

          • Sally

            I’m happy for you:) Actually seeing the boys somewhere other than on a screen sounds amazing!

          • SparkleStyle1

            Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sparkles

    i have three shirts! and their pictures are all over my room too

  • Georgia Woolley

    Babez my stop dressing like the boys and dress like the girls they date… After all they are who we all want to b xxx

  • Stini2526

    i have 1d thing with them on it and cloths that look like them

  • leah<3onedirection

    Man all I got is a poster that came outa magazine and the take me home CD and there pic is my screen saver I ain’t got none of the cool stuff and the thing is I love them so much I just ain’t got no memorabilia :(

  • Ourtruelove

    Yeah, I’ve got 2 shirts :)

  • jxjdieebdjd

    Add at the bottom of page: make wedding planning easier! …excellent.

  • megan

    yup i sure do i have a group 1d t shirt and individual t shirts of the guys, i also own a blazer, varsity jacket, a polo shirt, a button down plaid t shirt and a blue striped t shirt. i also own a pair of red and khaki skinnies

  • Hedayah Krakra


  • Jamie

    thank u Niall for talking to me