One Direction Where We Are Tour Tickets Dropping In Price!

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One Direction where we are tour Nashville

According to the Forbes official website, several venues of One Direction’s Take Me Home shows charged an average of over $500 per ticket, some even reaching over $1000 for the average price!

The Take Me Home tickets proved to be more in demand than tickets for any other performer at the time, including Beyonce, the Rolling Stones, Justin Timberlake, and Justin Bieber.

However, the prices for the 2014 Where We Are tour are significantly lower. In fact, the average ticket is 34% less expensive.

The Where We Are tour will include only about half the concerts of the previous tour, although 1D will be performing mostly in gigantic stadiums, so there will be about equal amounts of tickets sold.

So why are the prices dropping?

Forbes predicts that the band’s management lowered the prices because that’s what the stereotypical boy band would do at this time.

However, we find it hard to believe that the stadiums will not sell out.

As we’re sure you’ve all seen, “This Is Us” shows the boys performing in Foro Sol Stadium in Mexico City, which holds fifty-five thousand people. Just imagine every 2014 One Direction show being filled with close to that many fans.

If ticket prices indeed continue to drop, it probably won’t affect the band too much, as they will profit from the new perfume, book, and DVD release, especially with the Christmas holiday coming up.

In addition, the lower prices will hopefully allow even more directioners to see them live.

Do you already have your Where We Are tickets? Visit our 1D tour dates page to see all the dates for 2014.

  • AphroditeParaskevaidis

    I going to see them in Chicago and I’m going with my two best friends! Plus it’s my first concert!!! And I’m a huge directioner soo SUPER EXCITED!!!!!

    • Leeroy’s daughter ;p

      I’m going to the Chicago concert too!

    • Abigail Stylhortomlimalipayne!

      Lucky! Well..I hope you guys have FUN!!!!:) I didn’t see Ohio listed so I don’t know if I am going to a concert, I really want to though!if they do come to Ohio I’m going:)

      • Grace

        go to the Detroit concert!! im going to that one I got presale tickets already :) but my brother’s wedding is at the same time RIGHT DOWN THE STREET so I have to leave halfway through the reception lol

        • Riel Whittle

          When do tickets go on pre sale?!? I thought it was Tuesday?!?

          • Grace

            they go on sale December 7 at 10 am! Ik I thought it was Tuesday too but I think that’s like for citi card members im not really sure

          • Riel Whittle

            Hopefully there will be tickets left on Saturday I’m gonna get VIP tickets hehe 😀 I don’t think they count in the early sale though :(

        • Abigail Stylhortomlimalipayne!

          If Ohio isn’t listed then I will check to see if I can go to the Detroit one!!!!:) lol :)

          • Grace

            YAY GOOD ford field is huge itll be fun!!

          • Abigail Stylhortomlimalipayne!

            Haha! I don’t care how big or small it is, all I care about is if our boys are there, and being there silly goofy selves! 😉 lol

      • True_Dedicated_Directioner

        They came to Columbus Ohio this year in 2013 for the Take Me home Tour. it was so much fun!! (;

        • Abigail Stylhortomlimalipayne!

          I know… but I didn’t go because the tickets were sold out every time I looked……..:( so if they come to Ohio then I’m getting tickets! :)

    • earth

      ur so lucky

    • Kelley

      I’m going to the one on Foxbourough Ma with my BFF too . We got our tickets on Wednesday.

      • Jenna

        I was planning on going to the MA concert too! But how did you get tickets early? I thought they go on sale saturday?.

        • True_Dedicated_Directioner

          They do go on sale Saturday because I tried to get tickets but it said to check again on Saturday because that is when they go on sale. I’m going to the Nashville one!! (; I can’t wait

    • Emma Jia

      lucky. enjoy yourself

  • Lynnie Lucas

    I’m in tears because they aren’t coming to my city. Everyone that’s getting tickets, enjoy the tour and tell the boys I love them. One more year without letting them know they’ve changed my life.

    • Ashley Payne

      Me too!!

    • Marlena Baryla

      same here i live in england but i cant hold of tickets and yeah another year without them knowing they changed my life and that i exsist :(

      • Oceania Horan

        I feel the pain

    • The Payne Of Being A Fangirl

      Same! They aren’t coming to Vegas for the tour and at my concert this year they said that they’d be coming back…

      • Lynnie Lucas

        They said the same to us. Denver misses them.

    • Emma Jia

      ikr :(

  • Ashley Payne

    Ugh I want to go to one of their concerts so bad!!

    • Emma Jia

      IKR. I live in Alberta, Canada

  • weyhey1D


  • bella

    Omg can’t wait =) when they come to Phoenix:)

  • Lianne

    Going to the Amsterdam concert,
    Super excited ! :)
    Never been to One Direction before so i hope i like te songs even more when they’re live

    • True_Dedicated_Directioner

      You will the concerts are so much fun(: I went to the Columbus Ohio one for the Take Me Home tour and it was amazing I had so much fun!!!(: You will have so much fun(: I’m going to the Nashville one!! (: Can’t wait(:

  • Twerk Friday

    Awww I really hope they come to NZ- probably not because our country is really really small for stadiums :(

  • 1DFan

    This is good for all us broke dorectioners!!!


    Im going to the concert in Philly . . . my uncle works at the Link and he is hooking me and my friends up 😀

    • brii

      omg same!!

  • Emily

    I had to pay 332 dollars spontaneously for my ticket on Tuesday -_-

  • Lindsay

    I’m going to the concert on october 1st in Atlanta, me and my best friend got seats in the 4th row! So excited

  • Bella

    They are coming to New Jersey, and I am going to see and meet them there!!!!!


  • November Twenty Turd

    The Where We Are tour will include only about half the concerts of the previous tour… WHY? Dx You know wht idc im gonna see them live,sing along and make one of my dreams come true ok.

    • A Francis

      They have less concerts because since they’re doing them in stadiums & there is room for more people so since double the people are coming than original concerts, they’re doing less shows :'(

  • Stini2526

    i go to the one in tampa

  • sophia_payne

    good for me :)

  • Lauren

    I’ve already bought my tickets going to see them in Manchester! Eeek!! Xx

    • True_Dedicated_Directioner

      How can you get tickets early they don’t go on sale until Saturday?? But I’m going to the Nashville one!! (; I went to the Columbus Ohio one for the Take Me Home tour it was so much funnn!(:

  • Amber (:

    Im going to the one in Washington D.C on August 11th im so excited..♡♡

    • Riel Whittle

      When did the pre sale tickets go on sale?!? I. Was gonna go to that one!!!!!!

  • Tess Barend

    omg there dropping!!! where? I need to get them cheaper because i have to drive like 8 hours and I need to get a hotel and pay my moms traveling money!

  • Kelly Ann

    omg yeah I got front row tickets for like $100 but then again they were presale…

  • LisanneOneD

    I’m going to see them in Amsterdam on the 24th of June! I’m so excited!

    I’m sorry if you didn’t get tickets… You diserved it..

  • alana

    are they comming to Australia?

  • Anonymously Harry

    I’m so happy that my mom finally let me go i was crying. I’m gonna be going to the Toronto date with FIVE OF MY FRIENDS I CAN’T WAIT

  • brii

    can’t wait for the philly concert! praying I get tickets

  • 1D fan forever

    omg i might be able to afford a tickets YAY

  • katie_styles

    I’m so sorry to everyone who can’t go! :( I’m going with two of my best friends (if we can find tickets) since I live in Pasadena!!! I hope One Direction can come to your town next year if they couldn’t come this year!

  • Zayn Lover

    I don’t care about the money if I can see 1D!!! But unfortunately they are not coming to my country…:(

  • Amberlin

    They are coming to my city!!! The only unfortunate thing is that I HAVE NO MONEY!!! Which means I probably won’t be able to see them. Hopefully I can win some tickets or my friends dad can hook us up!! Hahahaha 😀

  • Reshma Tomlinson

    There’s a stadium in Dubai boys!!! Please come!!!

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    That’s better! AHAHA! XD

  • A Francis

    Can’t wait for the New Orleans concert! Makes me wanna hibernate of something until the time of the concert comes…

  • sydnee

    I’m so excited I’m seeing them in St. Louis!!

  • ♥ 1D ♥

    Please come 2 Dubai boys……please?

  • Qalaia Alston

    They came to my city once but idk if they’re coming back (Plz come back I was in the hospital when they came >.<)

  • directionnerrrr

    you all have more chances than me.!!! ilive in GREECE.!!! they should definitely come here.!! they have a lot of fans.!! #intears :(

  • Rosanna

    Omg I live in Minnesota & I go to Minneapolis or St. Paul for concerts & they’re not coming to MN and the closest they’re coming is Chicago, but I’m to go see them even though it’s 10 hours away from where I live. I already missed the UAN tour & don’t want to miss this one. I LOVE MY BOYS ^_^ !

    • True_Dedicated_Directioner

      I went to the Columbus Ohio concert for the Take me Home tour(: It was so much fun I LOVED it.(: I’m going to the Nashville one this year it will take me 6 hours! (; Can’t wait to see them for the second time!!! (:

  • Priscilla Morales

    I’m so happy! i was able to get tickets to go see them with one of my best friends in el paso!!!

    • Rathnadeepika

      I’m trying to go to the one in san antonio. Do you know how much is airfare and hotel and rental car or if there a bus that can get me to the alamodome?

  • ILoveNiall

    I hope they come to LA

  • ILoveNiall

    There not coming to my city why is not fair there is directioners in other places besides Australia and United Kingdom it’s un fair we should protest let them hear our voices super dedacated directioners thath make shrines collages and photo albums and they get repaid by not seeing the boys sorry snobby rich 1D mangers but not evreyone can fly our drive to a diffrent state pay 4food and gas and a hotel or airfair taxis hotels fOod gas water snacks and tickets and pay for the trip back wich leads to more snacks and gas not evreyone has the good life

  • AmyMalik

    The concert tickets are too expensive for my mum & dad so i won’t be able to go & the closest place to where i live that 1D would come to is London & i live miles away from there so either way i’ll never get to see them. I’m just hoping that the people that can get concert tickets are real directioners & aren’t buying them to make other directioners jealous or anything because that’s not fair.

  • Brianna

    Hey, guys! Myself, along with two of my closest friends, have tickets to the New Orleans date! We’re running a fan account for this date and we want to have as many followers as possible so we can hopefully meet up with some of them. If you have a twitter and you’re going to the NOLA date as well, follow us! The account name is @1D_NewOrleans