One Direction UK Hit Back At One Direction USA

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It was announced back in April that the US One Direction were sueing the British One Direction for stealing their name.

Harry and Zayn spoke out about the legal action saying they would not be changing their name, and today comes the news that our boys are now countersuing the lesser band, with the reasoning that they are trying to make money off the back of their success.

A statement from lawyers says that the 1DUS are simply trying to make a name for themselves, and have “devised and perpetrated a scheme to exploit the goodwill” of the British band.

Syco and Sony Music Entertainment state that YouTube videos of the UK band’s appearances on X Factor UK were already spreading across the internet back in September 2010.

Since 1DUS launched their $1 million legal action, they have received hate mail from angry 1DUK fans – but still insisted that they would “not be pushed around” by the power of Simon Cowell.

Let’s just hope it all gets sorted out pretty quick eh!

1DUK are set to play at the closing ceremony of the Olympics – a performance which will no doubt make certain that everybody knows who the real One Direction are.