One Direction – Who’s Dating Who ?

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Right, we know its a bit hard to keep up to date with the love lives of the 1D boys, so we thought we’d just have a quick look at what’s going on and get all the juicy gossip about the current 1D WAGs.

Liam Payne & Danielle Peazer

Luckily for us, Liam doesn’t change his girlfriends as drastically as he changes his hairstyles. There seems to be just the one girl for him, aww!

Liam met professional dancer Danielle Peazer when he appeared on The X Factor in 2010, and it was like love at first sight! The couple were proper loved up, that is, until September 2012 when they broke up :(.

This came as a mega shock to all us Directioners, as we couldn’t bear the thought of ‘Payzer’ no longer being a thing.

But, there didn’t seem to be a serious reason for the break, like there was no funny business going on with someone else (so we hope!), it was just speculated that because of their busy schedules they didn’t see each other all that much.

A friend of Liam’s said “He has hardly been able to see Danielle in recent months and the band have a world tour next year so it was only going to get harder”.

Now, we’re not really a fan of long distance relationships, can’t really be that fun can it?

Liam was gutted about the break up, as she was the real first love of his life, and he had hoped that they had ended on good terms. But, luckily he had the boys supporting him and helping him get through it.

Shortly after the breakup, Liam was spotted a few times with Leona Lewis, obviously this sparked a whole load of Liam and Leona rumours.

But, who can blame everyone for picking up on this when the two shared a dressing room at Children In Need, and staff were under strict orders not to enter the room for a good hour after the performance? Sounds a bit suspicious to me…

And Liam didn’t really help the matter when he said, “I do have a crush on Leona, she’s hot!”.

Things heated up when Leona appeared to confirm their relationship, “I see him as often as i can. Liam is my type. He’s cute and really sweet.”

But, Liam was quick to shoot her down by putting an end to the rumours when he took to twitter, “Okay bored of constant news articles…I’m not dating Leona.”

And, while all this was going on, Leona was spotted holding hands with her ex boyfriend Dennis Jauch.

Uh, we just can’t keep up!

It was like music to our ears when we heard that Liam and ex-girlfriend Danielle Peazer were spotted in New York holding hands, as he treated her to some retail therapy on Fifth Avenue.

While we were getting pretty excited about what could be, it wasn’t long before bandmate Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend Eleanor Calder seem to confirm that romance was back on the cards!

Danielle posted a pic on twitter of her, Eleanor and Zayn’s gf Perrie at the after party of 1D’s Madison Square Garden show, with a caption “So much fun last night with these girls.”

Eleanor then replied “Proud girlfriends”.

We think that’s pretty good relationship confirmation, right?

Yay, Payzer! <3

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

We don’t really want to delve in too deep into Harry’s love life, because we would be here all day, so we’ll just have a look at his girl for this week which seems to be Taylor Swift!

I don’t know if i’m the only one that thinks Haylor is just a bit weird, i mean Taylor Swift is all innocent and what not, and Harry? Well, Harry just isn’t. But you know, seems like nobody can resist a good curly mop these days.

Well, we have no official confirmation but it seems that they’ve been a ‘thing’ since November, spotted together an awful lot.

And, Taylor swift has also confirmed that she’s into bad boys, oooo!

Apparently, because of their busy schedules they hadn’t seen each other in a while, until Harry invited Taylor to their show in New York this week.

The pair were seen holding hands and getting cosy in Central Park while spending time in New York together.

If that wasn’t enough, they also took to karaoke at the after party and wow’ed the audience with a duet of ‘Islands In The Stream’!

Oh yeah, we almost forgot to mention the BIGGEST news…they even had a sleepover!

That’s right, the lovebirds were seen checking into a hotel at 4am! Harry looked like he was all prepared to make a night of it, clutching a wash bag as, of course, he couldn’t go without his hair products could he!

They were seen leaving the hotel seperately the next day, both looking fresh and slightly perky to say the least. Must have been a good night!

We’re just dying for them to confirm their relationship already!

Rumour has it, they’re planning to spend Christmas together and go on a romantic vacation, awww!

We reckon THAT’s pretty serious.

And speaking of serious, Taylor Swift has recently been reported to be ‘Obsessed’ with the 1D star, and even talking about marriage and kids!

Woah, slow down there Swifty!

Awww, imagine how cute the kids would be, though!

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards

So, after his weird four month relationship with fellow X Factor contestant Rebecca Ferguson, we were pretty relieved to see it end so that we could hope to finally have our chance with Zayn.

That dream was banished though, when he met Little Mix member Perrie Edwards and they were getting awfully close.

The pair were rumoured to be dating and were spotted kissing, but nothing was really confirmed until Zayn confirmed in an interview in May 2012 that he has a girlfriend.

Aww, all of us at think they make a cute couple!

Zayn’s a very happy man at the moment, talking about how great Perrie is and how her support is invaluable to his success. Aww, how sweet!

Zayn said: “I’m a big believer in the motto, ‘Behind every great man there’s a great woman’. And she’s great.”

The couple are very loved up and admitted that they struggle to be away from each other, but insist that it only makes reuniting more special.

The couple are both extremely busy in their careers but are very excited for Christmas this year in Zayn’s new country mansion, with their new puppy, awww!

It’s official, they ARE the cutest!

Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder

As if one loved up couple wasn’t enough, we’re about to make you well jel with an overload of the cuteness factor.

Louis and Eleanor were introduced in Summer 2011 by Harry, as he knew one of Eleanor’s friends. Louis tagged along with Harry when he met up with that friend, and Eleanor just happened to be there too. Fate!

Eleanor accompanied Louis to Niall’s birthday and the couple were dating for a period of time, until becoming exclusive in November 2011.

They might possibly be the most gorgeous couple, ever!

Eleanor has flown out a few times to accompany Louis on tour a few times, as they struggle to find enough time to see each other.

Louis admits “I find it really hard to be away from Eleanor, but we see each other as much as we can”

In fact, they literally try to grab every opportunity possible to see each other;

“If Louis gets a spare second, his first thought is to get up to Manchester to see Eleanor. He doesn’t care if that means driving back at the crack of dawn. He just wants to be with her.”

Romance at it’s highest!

And if that wasn’t enough to make us rage with jealousy, Louis shared the key to his relationship:

“You can make a relationship work if you’re famous – you just need to have trust”

Doesn’t look like he’s planning on being single anytime soon.

Sorry, girls!

Niall Horan and ?

After claiming to be single and ready to mingle, we’re not really too sure where Niall stands in the whole ‘love’ situation.

Niall has previously been linked with Demi Lovato but they were too busy to date, flirted with Selena Gomez, shared an amazing kiss with Katy Perry, and reportedly had sex with Carly Rae Jepsen. He’s not shy, is he?

But, rumour has it, he’s getting a bit close with drama student Amy Green!

The pair have been spotted all giggly and flirty on a night out with her. They were rumoured to be getting close a few weeks back, and there is clearly still something in the air.

They met up as soon as Niall landed back in the UK, and appeared to be smitten with each other and over the moon to be reunited.

Niall took Amy with him to his visit to the  X Factor last weekend and apparently seemed ‘really into her’.

Niall is refusing to speak about her, so we don’t know if they’re dating for definite, but an insider speculated; “Amy was on his arm as a girlfriend, not just a girl friend”

Sounds like love!

Get in, Niall!

Wait….are there ANY single 1D boys left for us? …. :(

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