PICS: One Direction Win At The Brit Awards! #BritAwards2013

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One Direction triumphed for the second year running at the Brit Awards, this time picking up the award for ‘Global Success’ in recognition of their fantastic achievements over the past 12 months.

With two US number one albums in for ‘Up All Night’ and ‘Take Me Home’, the five boys from the X Factor followed up last years award with another win this time around.

They didn’t win ‘Best British Group’ – being beaten by favourites Mumford and Sons, but made up for it with with their ‘Global Success’ gong.

OneDirection looking all suave in their posh suits #BritAwards2013

Harry, Niall and Zayn on-stage at the Brits #BritAwards2013

The lads performed their Red Nose Day single ‘One Way Or Another’ live on the show, and sounded amazing, probably the best we’ve heard them sing live.

The song is currently topping the iTunes charts in more than 63 countries – and looks set to become the most succesful Comic Relief single of all time.


OneDirection at the Brit Awards singing live #BritAwards2013

OneDirection singing live at the Brits #BritAwards2013

Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis and Harry had a new swagger on stage that we’ve not seen before. It looked like they had a new-found confidence, just in time for kicking off their world tour this Saturday.

One Direction, we salute you! #BritAwards2013

  • HappyBirthdayHarry

    I’m so proud of them I’m just crying they are the best band ever !!!!!!

    • 1d_sister

      So true!!!
      They couldn’t get the Best Band Award bcoz they are sooo much more than the BEST BAND ‘EVER’!!!!!! They’re my life!! So my life rocks!!!
      Their global success!! Yippeee!!!!
      I’m just so proud!!! Love Love Love One Direction!!!!! <3
      I nearly cried while watching the video!!

    • joshua iyoy

      yeahA!!!! they are!!!

  • Kiwi

    *screams* I’m so proud of them! :)

  • Emma Rigby

    They where amazayn at the Brit awards!!!!<33333

  • Shemalatha

    So proud of our boys!!! No words to describe how I’m feeling right now…it’s crazy!!! :))

  • Daniela Velasquez

    Proud can’t describe how proud of them I am

  • Andrea1DLover

    All I have to say is that I’m so proud of our boys I love them so much they really are th best boy band ever!!! I’m so happy and proud for them!!!

  • Stini2526


  • Mrs. Horan

    Spolier alert I’m watchin it now on the fuse

  • brianna

    i knew they would win im so happy

  • Nicole Styles

    So proud of them!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!! Wow they have raised SO MANY money!!!!!! I feel so good that I bought the song cuz I know I’m helping some poor innocent children and I know the boys like that we Directioners are helping by buying the song!!! SO PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!! But couldn’t see them on the Brits cuz I’m American :(

    • Audrey Bencomo

      yes u can I’m American i’m watching it it’s on Fuse!

      • Nicole Styles

        I’m so freaken STUPID!!!! YouTube or fuse duhduh!!!! *facepalm* thanks!!

  • Olivia Jones

    Haha cute pics!!

  • Gemma

    OMG IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! You are the best band ever and I hope next year at the Brit awards you smash it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kassandra Salina

    I’m watching it tonight <333

    • Olivia Jones


  • proud Directioner

    What should i say just proud and crying

  • Audrey Bencomo

    I’m watching it but I just had to go to the bathroom while they got the award and sang SO STUPID UGH ME!!!! ONCE AGAIN I WILL WATCH THEM FROM MY DAMNN COMPUTER!

    • Grace Moorhead

      Getting a reward AND singing a song can all happen before you get back from the toilet?

      • Audrey Bencomo

        UM.. I was taking a shower. hehe…

        • 1d_sister


        • Hazza

          Hahahahahaha :p

        • Hazza

          Hahahahahaha :p

  • Audrey Bencomo


  • Rowrow_loves_1D

    I so happy 4 them:) # proud directioner



  • Mrs. Horan

    They r so talented and should have won best group they needed to win it

    • 1d_sister

      yeah….but they are so much more than the best group!!!! :)

      • Mrs. Horan


        • 1d_sister


  • LNHLZ2014

    Yay!!!! Love these beautifully, talented boys!!!!!!!

  • AlyssaLoves1D

    Proud of my boys tonight. As always. :)

  • belieber directioner

    CONGRATS MY MOFOS!! They’ve accomplished so much

  • NiallersAwesomeMoFo

    So…. Is it just me or does it look like Harry’s pants were duct taped around the knees? Ahaha, but we love you anyways Harry 😀 And oh my gosh!!! 1D WON PEASANTS!!! I just wanna sit down and cry rainbows while unicorns dance around me singing “I Love You” from Barney!!! :DDD *Laughs hysterically* *Hysterical laughter soon turns to Hysterical crying* God, what has my life become?????? :’DDD *Still hysterically crying* Goodbye now……… x

    • Grace

      Lol they were leather patches

    • Sally

      Right?! My life totally revolves around One Direction. To the point where I haven’t stopped humming WMYB since 2011. Sigh….now I’m off to go stare at pictures of their beautiful faces and drool. It’s become my favorite pastime:)

  • Andrea1DLover

    I had this….dream last night and it was weird that I had it. Ok maybe it was because I love Zayn so much but in my dream Zayn was shirtless and I saw his tattoos on his body then…I went over to him and I….kissed his chest. Then I hugged him an he returned the hug then we were all over each other then the door opened and we got off each other instantly and saw it was my parents then after they left he said “we’ll finish this later” and that was it. I was really depressed and happy at the same time when I woke up happy because I loved that and depressed because I know my dream would never come true

    • 1d_sister

      awwww…sweetie, it doesn’t matter…
      Those moments…of the dream…that’s what matters!
      Your heart were certainly grinning while doing “that”!!! =D
      So just remember that grin and put it on your face… =)
      Zayn would absolutely love your smile…
      And Zayn said that you both will finish that later…
      I mean, what if it’s just indication that you actually Will finish that later?!
      What if that dream was just God trying to tell you something… Smile!!!
      And what did your parents say in the dream???? 😛
      Keep Smiling,Andrea!! =)

      • Andrea1DLover

        Aww thank you what you said was sweet of you to say and my parents just looked at us suspicious but didn’t say anything sorry I should of included that

        • 1d_sister

          ur welcome, dear! =)
          oh….my parents would have created a racket!!! lol

          • Andrea1DLover


          • 1d_sister

            so…….do you watch How I met You Mother or Grey’s Anatomy???

          • Andrea1DLover

            Haven’t even heard of either one

          • 1d_sister

            oh thats alright!
            They’re TV shows!! :)
            amazing tv shows

          • Andrea1DLover

            What are they about??

          • 1d_sister

            well, one’s a comedy..
            and Grey’s Anatomy……idk how to describe it!
            So……….u like snow? :)

          • Andrea1DLover

            Yeah it snowed where I live last week!!

          • 1d_sister

            cool….so….u ppl played snowfights or sumthin?

          • Andrea1DLover

            Yeah I played with my sisters it was fun but cold. The snowball fight only lasted a few minutes haha

          • 1d_sister

            Anyways, I’ve made a decision…
            And I’m extremely sorry for that…
            You’ll probably think of me as a b*tch after this.
            My parents don’t know about this account…
            That means I’m being a rebel. I admit I’m rebellious at times, but this time….it doesn’t feel right.
            It’s not like I’m scared that I’ll get into trouble or anything….but it just doesn’t feel right.
            I made this account so that I could show my love towards the boys.
            Now I realize that this all is unnecessary. I always will love them and there’s no need to be a rebel for this. Once a Directioner, Always a Directioner. Especially Dedicated ones like us.
            So. I’m gonna put an end to this rebellious act of mine.
            This website is probably the best I ever visited because it can make me smile anytime of the day…
            And the friends I’ve made here, like you, are probably the most understanding and amazing friends ever!!!
            I just hope you understand this too!
            I’m not gonna stop visiting this website…I love this! I’m visiting this every day!!! But just, no being a rebel. So….no more comments of mine…I know you think that I’m a b*tch but the feeling I get when I’m lying to my parents just isn’t fine!
            Try forgiving me for this, pls. I’m extremely sorry.
            But I’ll Always remember you! I’ll never forget!
            You’re AmaZayn!!
            I wish you the very best from the bottom of my heart…
            oh and don’t bother replying because it won’t reach me anyways.
            Thank You for everything.
            Keep Smiling,

  • Andi

    I am so proud of them. They are so awesome.

  • SingerChick

    So proud of them!!

  • iHeartMunchkins

    Is there anywhere we can watch their full performance? I really wanna watch theeeem :(

  • celestemariehoranable

    Harrys is wearing the same jeans the night he had a night out with cara.
    XD ahah. i just ifnd it funny since they have lots of clothes, but hahaha.

  • Tessa__xx

    Proud directioner !!

  • Patii

    OMG I’m totally proud of the boys!! *.* Yeahh


    I love what they have on and also I’m kind of pissed off because they disnt win best boy band…ugh

  • Mrs.Malik

    Best Boyband EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louis for life

    I knew they would win but I am really suprised they didn’t win best band but they will next year

  • Hazza

    Omg so proud of them!!! <3
    They should have won best British group also!!!! :(

  • lea rodriguez

    they were so amazing and hot !!!!!

  • Sarah

    Woooooah <3<3 congrate boys we love u and proud of u forever and wow liam look so cute and mature<3<3

  • Zoe

    Congratulations, 1D!!! You guys are great! I love you!! <3

  • Nia loves zaaayyynnn

    I watched it.woooooooppp

  • Nia loves zaaayyynnn

    I watched it.woooooooppp

  • ms.styles

    I love them so much omg:):):):)

  • ms.styles

    I love them so much omg:):):):)

  • megan horan

    My dog looked like this when hey won

    • megan horan


  • megan horan

    Im proud to be a brit and a directioner

  • sarah

    i wish that I could have watched the Brits but the stupid cable company didn’t have Fuse…. WHATS UP WITH THAT!!!!!!

  • 1D~Infection

    I’m so proud of them

  • Sarah Horan

    Luv u 1D qnd good luck on ur tour so proud of. U guys

  • Emily

    I’m so proud of them, they did there best… Which they always do! I just got to say One Direction is over the top on my charts lol! Pls reply if u agree thanks!!! ❤

  • Zayn luver1

    I’m happy they won!! ( I could just cry )

  • Cuity Aya

    these guys rock

  • Rachel Styles

    Harry has duct tape around his knees…

  • Darcy Styles

    I love them so much!

  • mrsstylesiwanttomarryharry

    I will one day marry harry

  • lianne peralta

    i’m proud of them!!!!