One Direction Won’t Get Out Of Control Says Simon Cowell

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Simon Cowell has revealed that he will not let Harry, Niall, Liam Louis and Zayn go off the rails.

Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam in their South American concert videos

He has admitted that he keeps a close eye on the boys, and will definitely intervene if it looks like they’re going down the wrong path.

This all came after Justin Bieber began to spin out of control, and American news network Fox raised the issue.

After a string of incidents involving Justin Bieber, Cowell was talking to Fox about how he won’t let the boys make similar mistakes.

He told the channel: ‘If I ever thought one of our artists was being over worked or over promoted you would just have to say to them “you’ve made enough money, take a year off”

‘You have to be sensible about it’

We don’t think that 1D are in danger of doing a Justin Bieber just yet.

After all, they’ve not been hours late for a concert, angered neighbours and lashed out at paparazzi.

And we don’t think they ever will. One Direction are wayyyy too sensible for that!

Let’s just hope that Uncle Si continues to look out for them and keeps them on the straight and narrow.


  • LKells

    awwh Uncle Simon, well i hope and believe that that boys will stay sensible! xx

  • #1 Directioner

    We trust you Uncle Simon!! ♥♥♥ Ty for Everything! :D:D:D

    • Stini2526

      i think the same way

  • Karlzz1D

    Our babies are way too classy for that c;

  • Nikki Horan

    I don’t think the boys would ever do something like that and get out of control. They have worked too hard to let their career and reputation slip away. I know the boys are much smarter than that. Even if they do become a little out of control, true directioners will always stick by their side.

  • Mahnoor Mubashir

    Ermm….so i’m taking u as a Bieber hater 😛 I’m sure as hell u don’t know the whole stories behind three of the enlisted things about Bieber.Huh well that’s pretty sad if u don’t cause if u did and u weren’t a bloody bieber hater u just won’t say this :P:P

    • FabulousNails

      I don’t think it’s being a hater to see that Bieber seems troubled right now:
      -The lateness to concerts is a fact that has occured several times,
      -the monkey thing in Germany,
      -his “friends” who take advantage of his house and give him a terrible reputation towards his neighbours when he is not there & seem to encourage him to behave a bit recklessly,
      -the regular drug use (have you seen his 1st video on instagram, he was high!).

      When I see 1D doing certain things, such as smoking suspicious looking cigarettes in the open, I am concerned because I hope that it’s just a very occasional thing and I hope that they don’t cross over to hard drugs that are very dangerous.
      1D party and drink alcohol, but they don’t do it on a daily basis, if they did, I’d be concerned for them too!

      I think the JB fans have the right to be concerned about their idol and his current behaviour, not to put him down but because it’s concerning for his health (mental state & physical health). I don’t think he fans are helping him by overlooking those obvious signs. As a non fan, I am concerned for him!

      • Riel Whittle

        But this site should at least view it as trouble. People aren’t perfect and celebrities are even more so in my opinion they get over worked and its lonely. I feel sad for him with all this hate around about him- and people are all the more willing to dish it out in him! People dream about these slip ups and take full advantage of them! And I’m saying this as a happy medium I like his music but I’m not a real fan or obsessed or anything like that

  • Chloe :)

    Yay! Uncle Simon to the rescue! :)

    • Guest

      Your profile pictures goes perfectly with the comment!

    • Judy

      Your profile picture goes perfectly with the comment!

  • #1liamlover

    Uncle Simon wilk do the best for our boys

    • #1liamlover


  • Abigail

    We belive and trust u Simon!!!!!!!!!!!:) I know the boys wont do the same mistakes Justin did:)

  • Harry’s Cupcake

    Girls and boys Justin Bieber it’s stubid and you all know that our 1D boys aren’t sooooo they will never do that Justin did!

  • MADDY!!!

    I’m really glad Uncle Simon knows what he’s doinnnggg :):) i love them so much <3