One Direction World Store In New York Is Now Open!

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Over the last year we’ve seen a few One Direction stores pop-up across the world, but now the biggest and the best is open for business.

Directioners, feast your eyes on the One Direction World store in NEW YORK.

The store is located at 2 Penn Plaza on 33rd & 7th Ave, and it’s now open for everyone to go visit!

However, it will only remain open until December 30th, so if you’re planning to a visit, make sure it’s before then.

You can buy 1D t-shirts, hoodies, posters, CD’s, DVD’s, accessories, jewellery and pretty much about anything 1D related.

There’s also a chance to buy a brand new One Direction Onesie, and you can even get your photo taken with the band in an interactive photo booth.

And for the budding singers amongst you, you can sing your favourite 1D tunes in a live karaoke studio.


Here’s a preview video of the absolutely massive store, just to whet your appetite a bit more than it already is :)

If New York is a little bit too far for you to go, don’t forget you can buy 100% Official One Direction merchandise online at our very own store.

  • one direction lover xox

    guys i have been to that store it is un beliveble
    i bought a onesie its class

  • Lexi Horan

    Bring dis store to Michigan NOWWW

  • Chelsie Edward Styles

    why isn’t there one in UK that is soooo unfair !!

  • jasmine

    i love Zayn so muck!!!!!!<3

  • Pichy

    Are they still open

  • Samantha Hess

    true very true

  • Samantha Hess

    they should make one in pennsylvania

  • FutureMrs.Styles

    is this in new york?????

  • FutureMrs.Styles

    they should have one i every state especially wisconsin

  • Jahnvi Patel

    Is this place still open someone plz answer

  • Eli

    closes on December 30 store? in January 2014 is not open

    • Eli

      I’m going to New York in January

  • alexis palomares

    yea i wish 2 i’ll go there everyday

  • Teri

    Open till Dec. 30… NOT HARDLY. Went to New York yesterday and the store is all shut down and completely empty. Very diassapointing for my 1D crazy daughter :(

  • <3Niall'sGirl<3

    Why in the world would they close the most awesomest store to be in?!? thats nonsense!!! D: i want to visit one of the stores and as far as i know NY was the closest one! D:

  • norma

    Why are you closing it down

  • Rosie Payne


  • Karin Stoker

    i love you gisy.

  • icrodriguez

    Ok i really want to go there. So badly!!

  • starsign45

    I really liKe it it it it is so or some