One Direction Zumba – The Next Big Thing? :)

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One Direction Zumba

Who can believe it, there’s just 1 WEEK to go until One Direction get back on the touring scene, with a massive gig at London’s O2 Arena.

To get in shape for their gruelling schedule, the lads have apparently taken up Zumba classes in order to get fit.

Harold, Zaine, Paynis, Louisa and Niallo have been taking part in early morning sessions, and a source told The Sun:

“The lads are not natural movers so them dancing to Latin music is a sight to behold. But they know it’s good for fitness, so they’re putting in the work.”

As well as bit of Zumba, they’re also indulging in a few spinning classes – as well as being told by Modest Management to calm down their late nights and partying.

Poor lads.

One Direction Dancing

It was only last November when Liam dropped a MacBook on his toe, and with both Niall and Zayn also having been on crutches the whole lot of them need to make sure they’re in tip-top condition.

#1DWORLDTOUR – not long to go now!!!

  • sara

    I’m so excited for the boys and the TMH tour, but I won’t go.. poor me :I brb crying

  • Hannah Dineen

    Awww my boys xx

  • ash

    london fans…! u all r sooo lucky..!:(:( n yayyyy first comment..!!!haha

  • Nia malik

    I wish j could see them on the tour ):

    • Anne Julia Nepomuceno

      Same here:(

  • Hazza

    Omg i wanna go im crying ;(
    How many of u lucky people are going???? :)
    This is of the times i wish i were british!!!!!! :(

    • Sage horan

      I’m not going to the show in London but I’ve managed to get tickets to a show in perth australia

      • Hazza

        Omg im jelous of u!!!!! :*

        • Sage horan

          Are you going to any concerts

          • Hazza

            No they’re not coming to India and my parents won’t let me go out!!! :(

  • zayn malik fan

    I’m so gonna get the DVD when it comes iut

  • Mrs. Horan

    They are always thinking about the directioners, so sweet.

  • mahnoor

    Everyone like my page on facebook fans of Harry styles and zayn malik

  • Sarah

    Ooooooh!! I want too!!! God! Why i am not british??

  • Laura Horan

    OMG 6 MONTHS UNTIL I SEE THEM!!!!!!! Aaahhh i cant believe im going to be in the same building with them! And im going with my best friend who is also a directioner, its going to be the best night of my life!

  • Ella schwartz

    ya………….. 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 MONTHS TILL I SEE THEM

  • Arifa Suleman

    Payniss! Oh God…Dyying…sounds like you knowww

    • 1d_sister


  • Ciera Kelly

    5 more months till i get to the see them

    • Sage horan

      Oh my gosh same!
      I’m seeing them in perth Australia

  • LOLA

    Literally started doing zumba more 😉

  • Patii

    Hahah great thing. 😀 1D♥ I wish I could see them on tour.

  • Hannah

    Im so sad I cant see them on their tour. I play volleyball and on the 15th of June I fly into Florida. Thats around when they finish their concert in Miami, then fly to Louisville then Cincy, all while I’m in Florida :(

  • Sage horan

    I can’t wait I’m seeing them in your in perth australia

    • Sage horan


  • Arianna Gonzalez

    I am Latina!!!!

    • Genesis Horan

      Me Too Puerto Rican!!! And Italian!!!!!

      • Sarah Horan

        Omg me to but mostly italian

        • Sammy Cuellar

          Me too! I’m Mexican and Italian!

          • Genesis Horan

            Lol that’s cool but I have more Puerto Rican than Italian and some Spainard!!

    • Camilla Conceicao


    • Camilla Conceicao


  • Genesis Horan

    I feel so dumb asking this question but was Niall really on crutches and if so why???(Someone please answer this)

    • Sarah Horan


      • Genesis Horan

        Uh tanx.

  • Emily

    Awe man I just LOVE one direction…….. Directioner forever ❤

  • Nicole Styles

    Wish I could go! But when they’re at Latin countries, they’ll know a little bit about their music! ¡Me gusta esa idea! ¡Los AMO!


    I can’t wait to go the concert eeeeek

  • gest

    Im dyyyyyinggg inside!!! I don’t have tickets, im not British, ok well I have one up side I am Irish, but back on track, I will never see them with my eyes, not live anyway, my friend is going but shes taking her cuzin!! G2g im starting to cry/die ×_×, 1D 4EVER♡♥♡♥

  • 1D_Forever_<3

    Sucks that 1D isnt coming to where I live :( Makes me wanna cry. But I’m sooo happy for them <3 =D

  • Olivia Jones

    Lol! I mean think of th doing yoga! The instructor says to touch ur toes and louis is in the corner trying to touch the ceiling

    • AlyssaLoves1D

      Ah yes.Sweet, innocent,confused Loubear

      • Olivia Jones

        Def gurl!!

  • AlyssaLoves1D

    I would soooo PAY to see them taking those classes 😀

  • Louis for life

    Lol did u see what they did for Liam. I was laughing for 20 mins

  • I’mADirectionerWBY

    Haha I just remember when Liam dropped that pc on his toe <3

  • Kathryn Peterson

    lol I do zumba fitness wish I was doing it with them especially niall

  • Directioner

    I just realized that my name is like Zayn’s and my eyes are like Harry’s
    I’m zaineb (Zèŷnęb—zayn-eb) :) totally in love with both of them

  • Caitlyn Styles Keough

    hahaha how ironic I do zumba and I couldn’t believe my eyes when after zumba I come home to this

  • Elizabeth Velez

    I wish i could see them :(

  • jamie lam

    Haha cool!!! :) Zumba fitness!! Good luck one direction

  • Directioner

    Why Zumba? Wtf? Hip Hop is better or Starmoves.

  • Lexi_Chex_Mix


  • ann^^directioner


  • Nicole Styles

    Me: Mom, can I go sign up for Zumba?
    Mom: Why?
    Me: Umm, I think it looks fun and since I like dancing.
    Mom: All right.
    Me: (in my mind) YES!!!!!!!!! Wtf omg YES!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hazza

      Lol my mom used to go to Zumba classes first so maybe I can ask her!!!!
      But I know I am not gonna meet them here!!!! :(

      • Nicole Styles

        Lol ikr!!! I love to dance and yea, sadly, I won’t meet them there! :(

  • amazing#1d

    Hahaha!! Felling sorry for people who arent british!! Oh who am I kiding? Im ecstatic! !!!!!!!! Waayyy!!

  • Emily Frances Dozal

    be mine niall 😀 love you guys
    … but i proberly not going to see them :(

    email me though at least…. ? eye + heart = niall!!!

  • Camilla Conceicao

    Hey 1D, did u know that I can teach you?

  • Camilla Conceicao

    Hey 1D, did u know that I can teach you?

  • Directioner

    I wish i could be see them.. I

  • Antonella1D

    oh yeah to soy latina !! mas especifica Chilena <3 Come here please:c

  • Gabriella Clifford

    I really hate zumba coz my mum is ADDICTED to it. she told me one direction was doing it and I nearly died! lolz

  • Gabriella Clifford

    I really hate zumba coz my mum is ADDICTED to it. she told me one direction was doing it and I nearly died! lolz