One Direction: Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn


    I love One Direction! Great 1D page! I love Niall he is so adorable and sweet. I love all the guys and I will support them always no matter what happens. Lots of love to One Direction!

  • Amber Sperberg

    I <3 1D. Great page you guys put together. I am glad you put every thing from there music to who they are. I will always support 1D. I love the page I do on it everyday to read up on what is going on. <3

  • Jessica

    I need to add my photo

  • Jessica

    Just wrote this it’s a photo that has what I wrote

    • joanna1directioner

      You have an,right?And so good from you to write this!ProudDirectioner#

  • Cherran Dea Rasmovicz

    I photobombed a picture with Chris O’Dowd from Bridesmaids in it.

  • Cherran Dea Rasmovicz

    Taco cat spelled backwards is taco cat

  • Cherran Dea Rasmovicz

    Yup that’s me photo bombing me In the back

  • Jessica

    Thats what I wrote

  • AJ Styles

    I love Harry! Obviously I’m not a carrot, I love all 1D. Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn are as adorable as Harry, but Harry’s just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable and sweet (all of 1D are)

  • Mj Styles

    Oh My G!!!my day is not complete without seeing their pics… :) hahahha <3

  • Karol Morales

    I Love One Direction!* ♥♥♥♥ ☺

  • camilinnn_1D


  • Kade

    One Direction sucks :D

    • Kaitlyn Summers

      Have you seen yourself?

      • OneUniman YOLO

        hahah good one

    • joanna1directioner

      You’re suck stupid!And if you’re insult one direction why are you coming to their net page?Haters are soo weird…

  • Kaitlyn Summers

    I love them sooo much <3

  • Joanna1DForEver


  • joanna1directioner

    Oh my gosh!I love one direction and please 1D come to Greece in 2015!!!We love you sooo much!You think that because Greece is a small country,hasn’t got any directioners or a few,but it’s WRONG!We are the biggest directioners of yours guys!Just google ”Greek directioners”and watch all videos we have done for you and pics.Love you one direction!PROUD DIRECTIONER FOREVER!

  • mariana garcia Aguirre

    ola fans deone direction nadams les quiero decir una cosa no quiero que se enojen pero yo se todo que no sean ruores y se ago que les va a interesar es sobre zayn malik y perrie edwards zayn malik es capricorio y perrie edwrds es canser

    • alejandra

      ooooo x dios eso no es sierto boba no ditga nada de one direon o ble van a pegar mija no se meta donde no le impota

  • joanna1directioner

    Guys why did you deleted the old chat???=((I was chatting with Niall there and now with this stupid new chat i’m just the only person that is on!Please bring the old chat back!!!=(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  • mariana garcia Aguirre

    hola fans de one dirction hoy sabran toda la verdad de liam a lian no le gusta estar en el grupo one y las que no uiero que yo les estoy ando l favor de que sepan la verded del grupo one direction y todas me tienen que siguir en instgra porque nesesito que le pongan me gusta en una foto o en muchas si qieren que sigan unidos tienen que seguir mis ideas yo tngo bunasy yo soy una diretrioner asi que andandoespara una lista

  • joanna1directioner

    Guys why are you delete my opinion all the time??I just said that the old chat was better than the new one because I had lots of friends there and I was chatting with Real Niall and if you guys don’t believe me then it’s your problem!

  • Terry Yabs

    hey what does this have to do about one direction cherran dea rasmovics but hey im new

  • serena


  • alejandra

    mala fama buena vida