Niall Horan

  • Ellie

    We have so much in common! I have brown eyes

  • sara

    nail i love u but i am your fan for ever and tell your friends to keep up

    BY SARA CAKLOSOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love Niall Horan xx

    i have blue eyes and I love Niall Horan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you lots Niall xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Atika Yusriani

    i love his eyes… ^_^

  • Sakineh Kazemi

    i have black eyes

  • Annaliese Boubert

    i dark brown eyes

  • Kylee Payne

    I love Niall!
    ~Lovin’ Niall!

  • allie

    hay i have green eyes

  • Nola

    I love niall!!!!!!!!!

  • sara lee


  • Amy

    lol hey

  • samin

    whats up Nialler

  • erica

    love brown eyes

  • Ally Runyon

    niall going to your/my hometown in 6 months <3