Niall Horan

  • Ellie

    We have so much in common! I have brown eyes

  • sara

    nail i love u but i am your fan for ever and tell your friends to keep up

    BY SARA CAKLOSOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love Niall Horan xx

    i have blue eyes and I love Niall Horan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you lots Niall xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Atika Yusriani

    i love his eyes… ^_^

  • Sakineh Kazemi

    i have black eyes

  • Annaliese Boubert

    i dark brown eyes

  • Kylee Payne

    I love Niall!
    ~Lovin’ Niall!

  • allie

    hay i have green eyes

  • Nola

    I love niall!!!!!!!!!

  • sara lee


  • Amy

    lol hey

  • samin

    whats up Nialler

  • erica

    love brown eyes

  • Ally Runyon

    niall going to your/my hometown in 6 months <3

  • ShyShy

    I have like 10 things to say to Niall……(They are nice, no worries)

    1. You are skinny enough, don’t think you have to become any skinnier, you are perfect! Heck you’re famous!!
    2. I love that you believe in no sex before marriage!! *air five*
    3. I killed my fish by leaving him in my tent at camping with all the doors closed so he cooked in his water…..
    4. Why worry about your weight because when you die and you are skinny you will die starving when you could have had that last piece of chocolate cake……-wise words of Gabriel Iglesias
    5. You like Obama, Obama is from Hawaii, YOU SHOULD PERFORM IN HAWAII
    6. You should be proud you love the Lord, you should talk about God more in interviews
    7. I sing in my sleep too, I got slaps once from my best friend because I said I couldn’t sing then I sang in my sleep and she thought I was awake, apparently I sing better asleep than awake……
    8. I can’t play the piano for my life, I failed my test at school
    9. I have a anklet that says Irish Pride when I’m not even Irish because one of the teachers at my school said our group of 5 friends are like the girl version of One Direction and he said I’m like Niall because all I do is eat and eat and eat, and I talk a lot………sooooooo he got us anklets and the other four says British Pride while mine say Irish Pride
    10. Don’t worries, I’m the butt of all my friends jokes, even some of my teachers jokes…..It is kinda sad for me, people I don’t even know and see me in public make fun of me……half my teacher joke I have a twin just cuz on some days I have to take off for photo shoots or shows, then on free dress days at school I “dress like a dude”…..

    whelp…….I’m done with my rant, love ya Niall, hope you guys can come to Hawaii soon!!

  • emma wiley


  • Offline directioner

    Good thing I have brown eyes ,my eyes ate like liams well similar …