Niall Horan

  • renee

    he’s sexy

  • mahineh

    hi i am monika and i am one of your biggest fans please reply back if you want niall

  • mahineh

    do you know me i am 8 and i go to elm park primary school see ya love ya!

  • Pilar Lucero

    Niall is Per-fect!

  • brooke

    niall i love u

  • iloveniall

    HI im a big fan

  • ღNiallJamesღ

    I Love Eyes and personality

  • Anggi Zachry

    brown eyes i have oh my good

  • ZarahHoran

    I have brown eyes + lefty!!!!!!

  • Shelene

    I Love Niall!!!!

  • jessica

    love you babe niall horon

  • jessica

    do u like pepole with blue eyes plz love me

  • Sandy Calhoun

    I love niall!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily Barbuscia

    i love you and i like youtin Mahone:

    they dream that im thinking of you,
    when they play this song,
    ill be thinking of you
    like all night ill be thinking of you.
    this is the teenage love,
    but i cant get enough

    I got a crush on you,
    I got a crush on you.
    I got a crush on you,
    I got a crush on you.

    i got a crush on you,
    but my heart’s one to break
    i dont know what to do,
    girl i know its no mistake
    youre just so beautiful,
    the sun dont need to shine
    and my world’s turnin ’round,
    but the chance to call you mine yeah,
    what do i have to do to that i can care.
    i will love you like no other,
    girl no other can compare
    ayy, its real like my breed
    only good is in the seed
    and unlike these other guys
    I really care about your needs
    dont stop here, smooth eyes,
    feeling indescribable
    how can a girl like you ever think that im reliable.
    It’s when you walk right
    by that i try for recognition
    but im lookin like a fool,
    makin single my position

    Austin Mahone:
    they dream that im thinking of you,
    when they play this song,
    Ill be thinking of you
    like all night ill be thinking of you.
    this is the teenage love,
    but i cant get enough

    I got a crush on you,
    I got a crush on you.
    I got a crush on you,
    I got a crush on you.

    walking down the halls
    just flashin my smile,
    into your direction im headin,
    but my words never compile
    all these late nights on the phone,
    girl i was wishin it was you
    when im in homeroom,
    math class, algebra 2 yeah
    im still starrin at these walls, the walls will never listen
    ive been daydreamin in class
    just to find your definition
    and you are harder than mohavi,
    youre tight and never sloppy,
    and friends are overwhelmin
    and people pourin water on me
    i turn my swag on,
    girl can you pay attention
    I’ve gone over this moments
    so much my heads feelin the tention,
    gut renchin
    butterflies crossin through
    all my veins and im tryin to take you out
    to show all guys im not the same

    Austin Mahone:
    they dream that im thinking of you,
    when they play this song,
    ill be thinking of you
    like all night ill be thinking of you.
    this is the teenage love,
    but i cant get enough

    I got a crush on you,
    I got a crush on you.
    I got a crush on you,
    I got a crush on you.

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  • youngdedy

    The cutest, The most honest, pure and etc #LOL !!

  • lotte

    zoooooooooooooooo hotie x niall is zoo hot

  • kate5_onedirection

    i sing in the shower, have brown eyes, eat a lot, left handed, and catholic. Niall, we were meant to be with each other! <3

  • anna5920

    I love u niall

  • anna5920

    are u related to niall

  • alexis

    OK I was wondering … If u cared enough about ur fans u would come to Arkansas I have brown eyes , hate my body , love to sing , I talk on my sleep , ur the only one direction person that I like …. Please if u care u would come to Arkansas and meet me and my sister Sarah ……. my name is Alexis Foster and I live in Griffthville ….. Please come see us know

  • laura

    i love 4ever niall horan

  • mikayla

    have one of yous seen 1d

  • fouzia


  • casey

    hi niall when u read this comment my skype name is caseyorourke11 i forgot yours xx

  • Directinor

    I have blue eyes and i love giraffas i swear (by accident) i love niall


    My Boy Is Growing Up. It Seems Like Just Yesterday He was getting ready for and audition.

    HES SO HOOTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eloise.maree

    im left handed lol and i have green eyes or blue

  • cadyn

    I LOVE NIALL THE BEST HE IS FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darynelle Adorable ☺

    Heyy . I’m a Directioner ! Follow me , if you want ♥

  • Darynelle Adorable ☺

    Niall ♥

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    Hello Niall

  • rachel

    Bye people

  • Emma Horan

    I love Niall Horan… any Niall girls want to make friends with me? xx

  • Emma Horan

    thats a really good pic of Niall xx

  • Natalia Francisca Concha Bonva

    who doesn’t like sleeping and eating that are the greatest things in the world and in life

  • kljadnofno

    me too

  • Katrina

    I have brown eyes! But they are so dark that you can’t see my pupil…

  • Rosie Batchelor

    hi is nial in this chat

  • Jacky Torres

    ME TOO!! XD

  • Tael our Hoskins

    i have hazel eyes

  • Widya Safitri

    his eyes very beautiful<3

  • oNE_DIRecTIonEr_cLOe

    wanna see NIALL

  • Andrea Wilson


  • elizabeth

    hola soy tu fan puedes venir a hermosillo sonora te lo agradeceria t.k.m. y hablo spanish y me gustaria conocerlos

  • elizabeth

    ven luego

  • directioner


  • oNE_DIRecTIonEr_cLOe

    it’s endless eating with a pizza

  • oNE_DIRecTIonEr_cLOe

    it’s endless eating with a pizza

  • Mayci

    I have hazel eyes! Mix between green and brown!

  • Annie Lynn Secoy

    i have green eyes^.^

  • ashtyn

    I Love Nialler a lot

  • 1Dfan4ever786

    My eyes are dark brown. Sometimes, you would think it’s totally black.

    • kia nutt

      That is cool one if my eyes are black and brown

  • kia nutt

    U have no idea how much I wish he would show my mom boys that sing aren’t gay and he is so cute

  • esther


  • Darycia Doll

    I have brown eyes 2

  • Nya

    My eyes change color

  • Paulii horan gallagher

    directioner forever

  • kinsey_haha

    I’ve got blueish gray eyes. ;-;

  • aracely

    hey you are the only itish band of the group

  • Kristina :)

    i have brown eyes,i love to eat and sleep,i’m lefthand,i love Barac Obama,i swear a lot,i feel awkward when I talk about my body,love geography,i talk in sleep sometimes…we are like the same person

  • Alexis3niall horan

    hi people

  • Forever Directioner

    Mine are blue-green. Yay =)



  • lola rose

    Niall’s not as cute as Liam though.

  • javiera alejandra salama

    i love niall= te amo niall

  • Kayla

    Niall James Horan. that is a perfect name for a perfect guy! And im not just talking looks even thought as you all know he has them. he has beautiful Safire blue eyes. And he has the perfect body. Before one direction I loved him sooo much when he didn’t make it solo I cried. I loved his rosy cheeks! Niall is an amazing gentleman and I really wish I could meet him I mean, he described a girl he liked in a video and I need to tell ya, HE DESCRIBED ME 100%!!! I have brown eyes, naturally straight brown medium length hair. I love food I mean LOVE and im never afraid to eat in front of guy! I also like horror movies and Grease. I would let him vent all day and even cry. I love snuggles and I would play with his hair. the lady and the tramp kiss is sooooo cute and im dying to try it soooo, Niall can do that. Also im only 4 years younger then him, im not the type of girl to act dumb, cuz just saying ITS NOT CUTE ITS SO ANNOYING!!! I WISH I COULD MEET HIM AND HUG HIM!

  • NiallHoran’sBae

    So what if u have brown eyes, he has blue. He loves green eyes….I have green eyes.

  • Kayla


  • iloveniall145

    hii niall is this really you? @direniallnandosctioner5120:disqus



  • Fatima Andrade

    I LOVE YOU NIALL <3 <3

  • SyraHoran

    I love Niall so much!!!!

  • SyraHoran

    I Have brown eyes and I love to eat and sleep a lot Im catholic I also sing in the shower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sky

    i have brown eyes

  • adamari

    i have red contacts

  • adamari

    never stop doin wat u want

  • SyraHoran

    I got brown eyes and i love to eat and sleep

  • BlaireGrace2

    Love singing in the shower hahaha!

  • Allysdirectioners

    i love you niall

  • Adrina


  • Adrina

    you’re the one direction 5 of the best of all pretty, cute as a person you are and also physically all from head to toe and head to toe you are my idol to follow what was in the world forever anever I LOVE NAILL HORAN

  • caitlin obrien

    hey niall xx

  • daisy

    brown i love him i wish we can have 3 kids

  • daisy

    i know im sexy

  • daisy


  • daisy

    i love youreyes then cutie hotie

  • Adrina

    is beutiful

  • Ravellie Horan

    me ! me !

  • Krissy Clayton

    I have brown eyes to!! I Love Niall Horan so much! I’m a forever niall girl! Yes very normal and that’s awesome!

  • Nooshin Horan

    I love giraffes and I sing in the shower.
    Oh btw I talk in my sleeps too.

  • Kaylee

    I love him

  • Ms. Chispa Malik

    ME TOO!!!!! :D

  • Ms. Chispa Malik

    We are exactly alike!!!!!!! Except I’m Rwandese not Irish, Im 13ish not 22 years old! But just take away what we r not alike and check out the way we’re alike! ;)

  • Evelina Krakyte

    Com to Lithiunia Niall Horan

  • kali nasser