One Directions ‘Best Song Ever’ Is Available To Pre-Order – Get It Now!

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One Direction 'Best Song Ever'

Have you gotten over the shock news of yesterday yet?

One Direction sprung a huge surprise over everyone in the world by announcing a  BRAND NEW SINGLE called ‘Best Song Ever’, which was made available to pre-order from midnight last night.

We certainly weren’t expecting that, were you?

The song was written by Ed Drewett along with John Henry Ryan, Julian Bulian and Wayne Hector. Ed is a British singer-songwriter famous for having written two of The Wanted’s biggest hits – ‘All Time Low’ and ‘Glad You Came’, and was recently interviewed by our sister site OnePopz.

We got to hear a short clip of the song yesterday in the official movie trailer which you can watch again below:

The EP on iTunes contains four songs, three being mixes of ‘Best Song Ever’ and the other being a live version of ‘Kiss You’.

  1. Best Song Ever
  2. Best Song Ever (Jump Smokers Remix)
  3. Best Song Ever (Kat Krazy Remix)
  4. Kiss You (Live Version From The Motion Picture “One Direction: This Is Us”

Have you pre-ordered the song yet?

The official 1D Facebook page started teasing us with a few messages yesterday, starting off with:

The guys have some very exciting music news for you later today. STAY TUNED for the announcement… 1DHQ x

Followed by a message from Nialler, revealing details of the new single:

Hey guys… we’ve got a little something we wanted to share with you… Nialler xx

But it wasn’t until 4:35pm that we were treated to the new movie trailer:

Anyone fancy seeing the full length ‘This Is Us’ trailer? You do…?! Ok then… 1DHQ x

Twitter went mad when news of the song and trailer broke, sending the hearts (and ovaries) of Directioners into overdrive.

The name of 1D’s new song is pretty intriguing, and reminds us of a recent video we made:

We have to admit that we felt a little teary watching the movie trailer – did anyone else feel like that?

  • Lucy stephens

    true it is the best song ever

  • Tiana Napolitano

    yes the song: best song ever truly is the BEST SONG EVER!!! lOl

    • Andrea Quezada Hernandez

      can you play it on youtube plz!

      • Tiana Napolitano

        i dont get u, i can play it on youtube but even if i did, u wouldnt b able to hear it coz i’d b at MY house! :) LOL

  • Sristy Aggarwal

    The song sounds amazayn!…can’t wait to hear the full song and album!:):D

  • Nicole Styles

    Not in the usa…

    • Ania Lynn Prather


    • Maddison Strubhar

      I started freaking out and crying even before I started watching the video! 😀 haha

    • 0BEY T0 1D

      What’s not in the usa?

      • Megan Payne <3

        Best Song Ever isn’t available or preorder in the USA is what they mean :'(

        • 0BEY T0 1D

          It’s probably not ready to come out yet in the US.

          • Megan Payne <3

            What do you mean “not ready?” :(

          • 0BEY T0 1D

            Like it’s not out yet in america.

          • Megan Payne <3

            Aww. well okay, i guess so.

    • Grace

      wait, you cant pre-order it if you live in the USA!?!?!?!?!?!? NOOO!

  • Stini2526



    BEST. SONG. EVER! lol Zayn’s checking Harry’s ass

  • 1Dis4me

    Omg!! I was crying soooooo hard! I’m so proud of our boys!!!!!!! Love you 1D!!!

  • Abigail

    How do u get the song?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? It sounds AMAZAYN!!!!!!:)

  • Karlzz1D

    Not in the US. Are you serious. Errmm. As I cry myself in the corner now. I’m not okay.

  • Megan Payne <3

    Anddddd it’s not available in America. :'( whyyy management whyyyy?! I was so excited… On another note why did the unwanted’s songwriter write it…?

  • Angie malik

    Awww Zayn and his mum :'(
    I’m so proud of them and of being directioner :’D

  • ~HoranEyes

    It’s not in the USA… and I woke up so happy and ready to pre-order it. Going to go cry now…

    • madi

      i know…. i know the pain… living in Washington isnt fun anymore…

      • ~HoranEyes

        Haha! :) Guess we’ll have to wait till july 22!

  • andi45


  • Am an Emblem

    Ur right

  • Victoria Cortez

    ahhh this is the best song ever…!!!I just pre ordered it! who ever is American I”ll pre order it for you why cant it be pre ordered in America ?

  • ilovetysimpkins

    eekkk! i HATE my local theater/cinema!!!!!

  • ilovetysimpkins


  • $@mantha

    … Why does the UK get all the good stuff? USA is not fun anymore:(

    • Megan Payne <3

      Yeah pretty much stopped being fun when one direction came around :/ then you’re like “what do you mean it’s not available in my country, this is America!!”

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    But I saw the movie trailer like two times and it’s amazing how they gotten this far. And I was smiling all through out.

  • Cady Smith

    i wanna cry right now :'(
    can wait for the new single “Best Song Ever”.
    when is it out? :(

  • Grace

    is the pre-order only available in the UK or something?

  • melodymusic862

    The thing that gets me….”Barbara!”

  • Harry’s Cupcake

    Every time I see the trailer of the movie I am crying

  • Jasmine Kate Agosto

    soo excited !! :-)

  • Annika Vergara

    Oh em. I can’t wait! 😀

  • Katie Hiner

    i did the first time i watched it.. but after the 5th or 6th time just barely… hahahaha