PICS: One Direction’s New Album Will Be Called ‘Take Me Home’ !

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iTunes, we love you!

Not because you’ve got all the amazing songs for us to listen to, not because we can get top tunes quickly & easily on our iPod / iPhone thingies, but because you’ve accidentally revealed the title AND cover of ONE DIRECTION’S BRAND NEW ALBUM, ‘TAKE ME HOME‘!

Check out the artwork below!

The cover appears to be the deluxe ‘Yearbook’ edition of the new album, in the same vein as the first album ‘Up All Night’ which had a standard and deluxe edition.

The album was temporarily revealed on iTunes before it was quickly removed, and with the album set for a November release, this has whetter our appetites even more than before.

Quickly after the event, and possibly to disguise the slip-up, Louis said on the band’s official Facebook page:

“So pleased to tell you that our new album is called “take me home” can’t wait for you to hear it! More news soooon! Louis :) x “

Before the album was removed, the expected launch date was listed as November 9th, and even a track listing was available to view, though it didn’t feature any song names.

There were 12 tracks in total though, with 4 bonus videos on the deluxe Yearbook edition.