One Direction’s Niall Horan Slammed For Ghana Tweets

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Niall Horan has been the latest subject of Twitter rage this week.

As if having his account hacked this week wasn’t hassle enough for the poor 1D star, he was then blasted for giving Ghana a ‘negative image’ and not portraying it’s true image.

Niall travelled to Ghana with the rest of the band for Comic Relief.

MTV Video Music Awards 2012 - Press Room - Los Angeles

The star tweeted about his trip:  “I’ve seen the slums right in front of me! This is no joke! They really need your help! Poverty is real !”

Most people saw the touching side to the tweet, realising that he was just trying to get the message out there and help the cause.

But, African TV actress Ama K Abebrese hit back at Niall, criticising his one-sided views.

She appeared to be unhappy that he was only tweeting about the slums, and not the beautiful country that he was visiting.

“@NiallOfficial n @onedirection Your tweets about the slums and poverty of Accra, Ghana was very touching…….however … Next time, also tweet about the luxury hotel and VIP treatment and beauty of the country you enjoyed.”

She understood that the trip was for charity, but disagreed with the negative image that he was portraying.

The actress tweeted: “I live in the beautiful city of Accra, Ghana, and there is so much more to it than slums and poverty.

so next time, please be #Balanced #ComeBetter There is more to Ghana, so much more.”


As you can imagine, these tweets weren’t taken lightly by Directioners, who were hauling abuse at her over the social networking site.

Some of her followers egged her on and encouraged her to retweet their comments, but she didn’t want to “entertain negativity”.

Despite all the drama, everyone knows what Niall’s real intentions with the tweets were, he didn’t intend to upset anyone.

We know that you’re all for a good cause Niall 😀


  • Aastha Ginodia

    She needs to get a life if someone is gonna find a mistake in everything he does its just sad he was trying to help he is a nice person who was trying to bring awareness in people is that so wrong?? People like this really annoy me get a life chick!!!! AND LEAVE NIALLER ALONE!!!

    • Luv1DSwifty

      When I was reading this article I was routing the girl on but when I read ur comment I changed my mind about the girl

      • Aastha Ginodia


    • Idrys

      The guy doesnt even know your name! Omg! She wasnt even picking on him! Shes just saying there are two sides to everything. Dont just say the negetive. Say the positive tooo. Im sure each of you have good sides and bad sides…how would you feel if someone who just met you only tweeted the negetive things about you. Africa is not all bad like people think. If eveyone stopped saying just the bad sides,people would know this. How would ypu feel if someone went to your country and came back to call it a slum!

      • Aastha Ginodia

        Look she could have been nicer about it! Thats all i’m saying i get her point of veiw i’m and Indian and people think the only thing thats there here is snake charmees

        rs and forests and well snakes bt i would have been nicer about it i am sure that Africa is a beutiful and wondergul and an awesime place i don’t blame her for defending her country just be nice about it he did not call it a slum he just said he saw slums there he went fir red nose day he was trying to rause awareness what sense would it make to write about the luxory hotels? Thats just stupid! Then
        wherever he goes he should tweet about the hotels and the VIP treatment yeah tweet about the place the beauty of the country just my opinion

        PSi know he dies not even know i exist but i respect and look up to him and will always defend him unless he actually did something wrong which is not the case this time if someone said “OMG! 1D is sooooo gay they suck!” i don’t know about you but a true directioner would stick up for them also if they do not know that he/she even exists

        • Idrys

          you have admit that half of the people on here commenting are only doing it because the like the guy. Im not saying one direction is bad. No one is. I like thier music. But how would he feel if i went to Ireland and all i had to say about it was that the people are poor.(its an example) im sure Indian people are wonderful people but nobody sees that. All they see is snake chamers and thats because when people like NIALLER who have millions of followers come to India and all they have to tweet about it is “wow snack chamers right infront if me” shes not saying he called Ghana a slum. But is that really all he had to say to his million followers. Shes upset because thats what everyone does. The only thing i ever see in tv about africa is people living in the forest and children with flies on them. If youre an african its painful to see that because 80% of Africans dont live that way. There are many bright and wonderful people with wonderdul ideas in africa but no one would give them a chance because of what is shown on tv. Poverty is everywhere even right outside our doors. How would you feel if your continent was constantly looked down on. Its things like this that make people think they live in trees and cant speak english. Which is so wrong, put yourself in her shoes. You probably would have been angry.

          • jamie

            I see your point but im pretty sure that if anyone felt it necessary to even mention the “luxurious parts” in Ghana then they would’ve! Those arent the places that need help. Apnd yes if i went to ireland and there were so many poor people then ofcourse i would talk about that. And im pretty sure niall would thank me for noticing that not everywhere is just afree luxurios ride and some people need help.

          • jamie

            I see your point but im pretty sure that if anyone felt it necessary to even mention the “luxurious parts” in Ghana then they would’ve! Those arent the places that need help. Apnd yes if i went to ireland and there were so many poor people then ofcourse i would talk about that. And im pretty sure niall would thank me for noticing that not everywhere is just afree luxurios ride and some people need help.

          • Aastha Ginodia

            Ok i get your point! What say we just like forget about this and make peace with eachother? What say? 😀

          • Idrys

            Ofcourse. I see your point too. Its ok. We still love one direction, and we dont love Ghana any less.

          • Aastha Ginodia

            Exactly 😀

  • Bri1DBieber

    Who does this piece of work think she is talking about Niall!?!

  • i_luv_1D_14

    She seriously needs to leave niall alone out all people she choose niall seriously he was just opening the eyes of people by telling to help out so he was being nice he didn’t mean anything bad so back off seriously !!!

  • Brenda Boyce

    Im seeing these comments and me saying this doesn’t make me any less of a directioner , he may be you’re idol but you need to stop thinking ‘oh Niall can do no wrong ‘ ‘Harry can do no wrong’ no their not perfect everybody does wrong and i agree he shouldn’t have put ‘slums’ as his word choice you need to stop be followers

    • FabulousNails

      I am not saying that the boys are always right, but here is the reason why I find this actress was completely wrong in this case:

      What I find ridiculous is that she wants him to speak about the luxury hotel he must have stayed in when his trip was about raising awareness to the problem of poverty in certain parts of Ghana/Africa…

      What is her aim? Does she hope that it will bring more tourists?
      Their trip there had only one aim: show those poor districts to motivate people in England to donate.

      Just because this actress is lucky enough not to live in the slums doesn’t mean she should overlook that many people live in slums (all around the world actually) and might need help!
      I think her tweets are actually very selfcentered (to a point even kind of selfish), but I’m sure it was not her intention.

      It seems some people have a problem with the vocabulary. Considering the kind of true poverty they must have seen there, I don’t believe anyone would use euphemism.
      Besides, “Slum” is not slang or bad language to my knowledge, or is it? I am not a native speaker… I thought that it was a perfectly legit word to describe a (sometimes huge) neightborhood in which people live in (absolute) poverty…

      • Aastha Ginodia

        You are completely right!!! 😀

        • Olivia Keany

          Ya! That is true she is kinda self-centered!

      • Loving1Dx

        I agree with you:)

      • jamie

        THANK YOU!!!! you are a genius!

  • kaitlin

    Get a life I love niall and louis

  • Niall@Nandos

    What a Diva She Thinks Life About Being A VIP OMG What Wrong With Her Nialler Right They Do Need Help

    • Aastha Ginodia

      Hahaha true!

  • Gg

    Aaaawwwww poor Niall :,'(

  • chloe 1D lover

    poor niall

  • Darcy Styles

    that was a little rude to put ‘slums’

  • Aishah Collison-Cofie

    My parents are from Ghana so I see where this girl is coming from. I agree that he shouldn’t have said slums cause how would you feel if someone called the country you love deeply the “slums ” and I also agree that she did overeact . She should have seen that Niall was just trying to help.

  • Olivia Jones

    His choice what he says, you ain’t his momma!! Leave him alone!! Tell me your opinions on this:
    Who has more authority to tell him what to do- his mom? Or this chick?
    Tell me what you think

  • Mrs.himanimalik

    She should seriously get a life Niall was only saying whts true there is poverty in Ghana nd he was just trying raise awareness people like her are SOOO annoying !!!

  • Karen Rodriguez

    yeah it has all that luxury b.s but instead of the country investing on the luxury why not help all those poor people besides they didn’t go to see all the luxury you idiot they went to help & visit those kids.

  • Karen Rodriguez

    she soo worried about niall talking about what he saw & not all the “luxury” they didn’t, yet those kids are dying everyday she should be grateful they did that instead of trying to judge him for what he wrote !

  • Sally


  • Ellagould

    What did Niall do wrong but i think he shouldn’t of affair to them as slums but it isn’t a big deal we still love BILL!!!!!!!!!!<3

  • Hallie Lavin

    As I’m reading this Im having very mixed feelings, I know that he meant it to be for charity but word choice is key here, I love Nialler but I think she has the right to speak up for her home country and city. Africa is a beautiful place. Some of you guys are saying that he was “just trying to help!” and “she’s so over reacting!” but if it was your home country or city or whatever, what would you say? please don’t hate on me for my opinion!

    • Idrys

      Thank you you are right. I agree

      • Kezia

        Thank you!

    • jamie

      I would say “even though i live in nicer part of Ghana, i totally know what you mean so thank you!!!”

  • Maanpreet:))

    she just wanna get cheap publicity!

  • Anita Rzewski

    he was just saying their is poverty in Africa! and there isn’t only poverty in Africa, there’s poverty everywhere! and he didn’t say there was ONLY poverty in Africa. I think she over reacted to the whole thing. he really didn’t mean it a bad way

  • Selena Gomez


  • Ella Jackson-Cappuccino

    I think Niall tweeted something from his heart because he had
    never seen anything like that and was just reflecting on the things that
    he saw that really stuck in his memory!But there are lovely beautiful areas of
    africa that he didn’t write about but i think that Ama k aberese should have said it in
    a kinder way he was just puting the message out there why be so harsh!

  • Selena Gomez

    Niall was just being nice.. “Ama” who every u r are a biachhhh

  • Selena Gomez

    Nobody talks to my boyfriend that way!!!!

  • Skylar1D

    Why is nialler in all this tweeting crap?! He’s so sweet,that girl acts like he has no heart! He didn’t mean it in a bad way,he just wanted people to help! Someone needs to smack her in the face and say,”check yourself!”


    She needs to chill he was trying to help her country and she wants to be all rude about it!!!!! Whats up with that!!!!!

  • Kira Martinez-Releford

    She should SHUT F*** UP He is try to HELP that
    part of the country so let him do that otherwise it would be pointless to say
    OMG please help Ghana its such a rich place and beautiful -_- UGH

  • Smores2946

    She acts like he wa trying to insult Ghana. Everyone knows that Ghana has beautiful safari views like the rest of Africa, but not many people truly know the slums. To come from a star especially asking people to help it and improve so maybe one day instead of slums it can become something more, she should’ve respected it especially considering that she lives there she obviously sees these things. I think it was kind of rude for her to do that, but it probably wasn’t her intention to make it sound rude, but still. Nialls intentions were good, and he was only trying to help those poor people that can’t stay in the luxury VIP hotels.

    • Idrys

      The africa you see on TV isnt really what is it.

  • lea rodriguez

    Poor niall she should just shut her FACE

  • 1dlol1d

    Leave nialler alone he didnt do anything unlike u he is caring

  • Kylies

    He’s trying to get people to help donate to charity out there. Explain to me why anyone would go and donate time and money if they thought it was the most amazing thing in the world and luxurious. She honestly isn’t helping the country by doing that. Maybe she should stop bragging about how beautiful it is where she lives and actually DO SOMETHING USEFUL.

    • directioner 4eva


  • Let Me Love You 1D ♥

    her fault for being so dramatic.
    its obvious we’re going to be protective over Niall. We always do.

  • Directioner❤❤❤4eva

    We all knew what he meant! She was just trying to find something to cry about!!! She didn’t need to suddenly go all “oh your being offensive!” It was obvious Niall was just trying to be kind and supportive and anyway she is an actress so yeah she is going to get all VIP treatment and hotels but what about the average citizen!!!! Niall was just trying to support the charity; he wasn’t talking it down!!!

  • 1D~Lover

    Aww it’s sweet that there going to help for charity and they she has to go complain? Nialler Is So Sweet.<

  • 1d_sister

    Try understanding Niall’s intention first!

  • Kezia

    Hey ik were directoners and we wanna stick up for are love niall, but im from there and when I read it ,it kinda hurt. Because everyone thinks it’s like a poor nothing place…but its much more…Dont get me wrong I still LOVEEEE Niall..but it hurt…but ik it wasnt on purpose..but the girl shouldnt have been so rude alsi

  • aleyda espino

    I think niall did nothing wrong besides how many people u think started helping after he tweeted tht, the comment may have sound mean because of the word. He is from ireland didnt u think tht maybe slum is another word for poor or something….

  • Jazmine

    Poor Niall

  • Idrys

    Omg! She wasnt even picking on him! Shes just saying there are two sides to everything. Dont just say the negetive. Say the positive tooo. Im sure each of you have good sides and bad sides…how would you feel if someone who just met you only tweeted the negetive things about you. Africa is not all bad like people think. If eveyone stopped saying just the bad sides,people would know this.

  • Brittany Cope

    I understand her reason. But really it was just a simple tweet to encourage people the help those in need over in Africa… Im sure if he saw some of the poverty in the US that he would tweet something similar

  • Sierra Lopez

    she needs to understand that all he was trying to do is show that people need help. wow its hard to think someone would take a tweet like that in a totally different way.

  • jamie

    Oh my god! Poor niall!!! I can just picture his sad reaction when he was simply trying to be nice. Plus the “luxurious” parts of Ghana dont need help. I think shes ashamed of the place she lives in! If i was her i would say “oh thank you! I live in anicer part of ghana but i totally know what you meani want tohelptoo!” Or something like that.

  • booger

    Well he don’t know that:)

  • megan horan

    Niall would never do anthing bad

  • megan horan

    =D/ look im dancing yay

  • Trisha Stypickson :)

    ….Life….she really needs a life….wow

  • Cherisse Bacani

    are you kidding me? I was born in Italy but am filipino so I also know a thing or two about poverty. In the Philippines there are some places that really need help but there are also others that are really beautiful. What she said about Niall looking at Ghana so one-sided just means she’s reading way too much into it. One Direction went there for charity and to make a difference. They were raising awareness and trying to make people understand the gravity of their situation. Talking about the luxurious hotels would just defeat the purpose of their trip there.

  • jacob katoa