Is One Direction’s Reality TV Show Finally Happening? Source Reveals Filming Has Begun!

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This is one of those rumours that keep coming back.

We looked back through our site’s old stories, and the idea of a One Direction TV show was being teased back in 2011!

One Direction's Reality TV Show

We reported back then that ahead of the boys releasing their debut album, Syco and Modest Management were teaming up with production company Fulwell 73 to “follow them round over the next couple of months” for a documentary on the band.

Well, nothing really happened, did it?

Until December 2013 that is. Suddenly, the idea of a One Direction reality TV show was back in the news, following the success of similar shows “Chasing The Saturdays” and “The Wanted Life”.

A ‘source’ told the Daily Mail at the time: “Producers have met with the band’s representatives and it’s pretty much a done deal.”

However, a spokesperson for the TV network supposedly set to air the show said shortly after: “I don’t think this is us, I’m afraid. It’s not something I’ve heard of.”

Anyway, the idea was back shortly after as Simon Cowell said during the Britain’s Got Talent auditions in February 2014: “I think there’s something in the works, a possible TV show. We’re going to be talking about that in the next couple weeks.”

Since then, things have been quiet again – until now!

A source close to the production company set to make the show has told us at that some filming has already been done, but the main shoot is yet to come.

“We’ve already filmed a few small bits of the band working on their fourth album, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

“The band break from the Where We Are tour mid-July after finishing the European leg, and we’re doing the main block of filming before they fly to America.

“Simon [Cowell] wants the show to go out towards the end of the year, before One Direction release their new album.”

Exciting! We can’t wait to find out more, and see the show!

  • Musharrafa Zalgaonkir

    #firstcomment i like the idea of a reality show but not at this moment because they are already being followed by cameras and the whole of last year so i say yes but i also want them to have privacy

  • Azin

    Omg! This has to be the bestest news I’ve heard this year! Can you imagine watching ”1D tv show” instead of PLL or TVD?
    Still I think it’s not true! Like the second movie!

    • βασιλικη τζιορα

      I agree so much with you!!! I hope it comes true!

      • ειρηνη τζιορα

        Me too

    • Melanie

      You do realize that most, if not all “reality” shows are scripted right? They’ll purposely make the boys fight to create drama and get more views

      • Amya

        So true. I hope not thought, it’ll hurt to see them fight, even if its fake

  • Kerry Arase

    I don’t want them to end up like
    “keeping up with the kardashian”

    • Stini<31D

      so true

    • Forever Directioner

      I agree. Besides if they do a show, I would want it to be like the Jonas Brothers did it. That was a great show.

  • rashmi

    I wish it will come in all countries #indiasucks i live in india

    • directioner_untill_death!


    • directioner_untill_death!

      same…. i too live in india and suffer! -_-

    • ♥ Tania ∞

      oh gosh same!

  • Lilli♥1D

    I hope You guys are wishing you were not with me when i read the title, coz tha scream..Ooohh so loud.

    And i reaaaaaally hope it could come to all countries
    Because i dont want to be feeling those feels again, like when all Directioners are enjoying their selfs watching and im there like “Did it end? What happend?” It just sucks!
    Oh, and guys did you check the 1Dreamboy 2? Its the first thing that i can use in my country..Yay.

  • luvmahboys

    is it weird i dont want it to happen? i mean i would love to see the boys but its just not them…I like how the boys are different and i want it to be that way…I am not hating i love them to death but it just doesn’t sound right and all “one direction”

  • Anonymously Harry

    I want this to happen. But now i know people are gonna talk about the whole privacy thing but obviously the boys have a say in this. They can’t just be pushed into it and forced to do this. So it’s really their choice. But anyways I REALLY HOPE THIS HAPPENS and that its on internationally not only the USA or only the UK globally so everyone can watch it.

  • LouBear

    First of all, hah sources my butt. I think my big toe is just blathering off again.
    Second of all, I honestly don’t want this o happen. I feel like this is a little too much. I love the boys to death, but I just don’t think this is a good idea… If it happens, there’s nothing i can do about it I guess… I’ll give it a chance and watch it if I can, but I still don’t really support the idea.
    No hate, I’m just giving my opinion

  • Kathryn

    I can’t watch it because I don’t have cable :(

  • Piano MASTER!

    Yes finally I have a reason to watch tv!!!!!!!!!!!

    • βασιλικη τζιορα

      So true! 😉

  • 1D family (kristen mcdavis)

    Let’s not get our hopes up, remember what happen with the movie…. but I think that it would be really cool if it happened!!

  • Jazmin_Loves_1D

    Im not going to believe anything that comes from a source so, I’ll just wait

  • ♡directioner♡

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that CANT happen!!!!! Anyone remember Big Time Rush?! They broke up. They had a TV show. The Wanted….had a TV show…..broke up. TV SHOW R DUMB PLZZZZZ DONT LET THIS BE TRUE PLZZZ

    • Amya

      Yesssss so freacking true!!! I don’t want to see my favourite boys in the whole wide world ( other than my precious Kitty :) ) break up. Plus it’s not like them at all. They already get like no privacy, they want even less

  • ♡directioner♡

    Sources STFU

    • 1d


  • 1d

    Didn’t they say that they wouldn’t want to have a tv show? It’s tooooo much plz don’t have one plz!!!! They need “me” times to be just normal guys!!!

  • 1d

    I want more one direction like every other directioner but I don’t think this is the way to do it

  • abby Bartlett

    i love the idea but having a 1D tv show could break the band apart but it will be cool to be able to see my guys on tv

  • Infinity

    UM no. What are they even gonna film? Unless its like btr than idek

  • Xiomara

    I wonder if it will air in america because the rumors last year said it will be aired on itv which is British Mtv.

  • Julie

    If itz on TV already then what channel is it?

  • Kceara KnowsItall Malik Tomlin

    I’m not saying this is a good thing and I’m not saying this is a bad thing on the good hand fans will more about 1D and it will be fun to see them on the big screen, on the bad hand 1D does deserve their privacy for all they do and they work hard plus a T.v. show they’ll be worn out and Big time rush and The wanted broke up because they had a T.V show, we all love 1D and would hate to see them break up. Maybe a 1D movie every 2 years is good enough for now. Idk though

  • Love1Dgf

    I don’t think this needs to happen. The boys need privacy, and, although I would enjoy watching it, I would much rather they don’t film it. I am worried that they will fade out as a band, due to them giving too much to the fans. We really should not want this to happen.

    • Alice982

      I’ve thpught the same every time there’s been rumours about a 1D tv show. I want them to have privacy.. :/

  • Love1Dgf

    Also, it is a SOURCE, so don’t freak out. I am sick of the rumors.

  • mehnaz mourshed

    o_o I’m so disturbed by this idek why. Like, it would be cute, to put on your calendar what day their new episode is coming, but lets hope (for the some of us) that the show is nothing but a myth and that if it is true, don’t even dare make the show like Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Big Time Rush.

    • Alice982

      That’s what I was thinking to..

  • Katherine styles

    It sounds awsome I hope it works out

  • makayla


  • Teena09♥♥♥

    what channel guys ?…

  • Brina Carter

    i want it to be like this is us just we will see like every week

  • Amya

    I pray pray pray that it won’t be like “Keeping up with the Kardashians” because I hate that show, it’s way to stupid. But 1D isn’t a better looking and funny so they should be good.



  • Saffi_x

    Cant wait!!!