One Direction’s ‘This Is Us’ Movie Premiere Set For London

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Exciting news! One Direction’s movie premiere date has been revealed!

This Is Us - One Direction's new movie - poster artwork

Their first blockbuster movie ‘This Is Us’ is due for release at the end of August, and we cannot wait!

And now, the boys have released a date for their red carpet premiere… and it’s in London!

Oh em gee. One Direction all suited and booted walking on the red carpet? Wowzers.

The boys will launch their premiere in Leicester Square in London this month.

Their official Twitter account tweeted today: ‘We’re excited to announce that the world premiere of @1DThisIsUs will be in London on August 20th! 1DHQ x.’

We think that the movie is perhaps the most exciting event to happen in our lives, and we just HAVE to be at the premiere!

The 3D movie will document their lives on the road, leaving nothing unseen. Except for the parts involving Taylor Swift, of course.

The boys have been followed around on their tour by cameras 24/7. Harry Styles spoke of the experience: ‘I think it’s always going to be scary when you’re allowing someone to come in and kind of film everything that you’re doing.

‘It’s always a little bit nerve-racking…’

We’ve had all sorts of teasers for the movie, and we’ve been counting down the release ever since we heard about it.

We just want it now!

  • Nikki Horan

    Dang… Of course I have to live in America. :(

  • Kassandra Salina

    Of course I have to live in Canada :(

    • Julie Pedro

      Same here

  • 1DL❤ver

    Of course I have to live in Greece but I’m sooooo excited I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • catluver1402

    man, i leave in america :( but i cant wait for the movie to come out!!!!!!!!!
    im gonna start fangirling again!!!!!!!

    • Aleenah is a kitty..

      In america it only releases 10 days later. In Switzerland I have to wait for another month until it is in cinemas …

  • Kat Styles

    Awwwwwwwwww I live in the US! :(

  • Melissa

    I live in the USA! And I get to see the movie tommarrow! (:

    • Genesis Horan

      Wait wut?

      • genat haimed


        • Ailynnn

          Tomorrow ? U kiddin me? How?

          • Melissa

            Yes tommarrow August 3rd I have the tickets

          • Ailynnn

            Wow lucky you.

          • Melissa

            I know it’s was so amazing!! I cried within the first ten minutes! :((

          • Ailynnn

            I’m Jelly I wish I had my tickets too 😉

          • Melissa

            It’s was really Good I’m not trying to show off I’m just telling you guys how it went it was really sad and funny the beging started with them at the xfactor ! It was so sad

        • Melissa

          My friends sister in law works for this company’ and they give her tickets to primeres! But I’m going tomarrow! Ill post a video on instagram

      • Sarah Payne

        She is lying in the USA its relesed august 30th

        • Genesis Horan

          Oh okay

          • Melissa

            I’m not lying! Tommarrow Saturday August third I get to see it I have the tickets! && everything follow me on Instagram I’m going to post a video of me going inside

        • Melissa

          No I’m not!! I have the tickets follow me on Instagram tommarrow I’m going to post a video of me going in I have the tickets if you don’t believe me

          • Genesis Horan

            How did you get the tickets early then?

          • Melissa

            My friends sister in law works for this company and they give her tickets to primeres I have the tickets

          • Sarah Payne

            Okay sorry :)

          • Melissa

            It’s fine! I have an Instagram I put my ticket on their my names @melly_jellie ill tell you guys how it’s went!! Tommarrow (((:

    • Julie Pedro

      She’s probably lying

      • Melissa

        I’m not lying follow me on Instagram I’m going to put a video of me going in I get to see it tommarrow I have the tickets and everything if you don’t believe me

    • liz

      how my friend, how?

      • Melissa

        My friends sister law works for this company and they giver her tickets to primeres! I post a video on Instagram !(((:

        • liz


          • Melissa

            It’s fine if you don’t believe me I just wanted to share with you guys you can call the theater I went to where they showed it if you don’t believe me It was so sad in the begging they showed the at the xfactor and niall crying! ;(

          • liz

            ok ok i have to believe you then

        • liz

          but good for you if its true

    • Melissa

      I’m not lying!! I’m so telling the truth! Follow me on Instagram @melly_jellie I’m going to put a video of me going in

  • Stini2526

    i live in usa but i did buy my ticket for the 30th yes

  • Dona

    I feel like a just had a tiny heartattack. I just cant wait for the movie:):):):):)

  • ashlee

    Rated pg-13 😉

    • Riel Whittle

      Is it?

    • Genesis Horan

      OMG yes! Dis da craic ive dreamt for!

    • marcel

      u hv got to be kidding me!!! y?!?!?!??!? i’m twelve but tall, i’ll pretend to b 13 or 14. most people say i look 16 or 17 anyway

      • Aleenah is a kitty..

        great i’m 15 and always get mistaken to be 11 oh the joys…

        • marcel


        • marcel

          you would look fifteen if u looked like me when you were 11

    • Annika Vergara

      Yeeeeeey! 😀

    • Leeyuum’sGirl❤


    • Tyler Symes

      I’m shocked they didn’t cut it to a PG movie for all the kids to see it.

  • Shanna Farrugia

    I just can’t wait for This Is Us ! I’m going to need a tonne of tissues and I’m just gonna’ die. <3

  • genat haimed

    I love in the USA :( I can’t go to Britain ;(

  • Meghan

    I can’t wait to see the movie! Wish I could go to the premiere :(

  • HanaHoran

    I live in Egypt :( the movie will be out on the 11th of Septembre!

  • Narane (:

    I live in canada but im so excited

  • Sonia Malik

    I was born in the wrong country.

  • Nadine

    i live in kuwait im gonna see it on august 29 CANT WAIT! i swear i have been counting down since forever!

  • Melissa

    I get to see the movie tommarrow I’m not lying :( I live in the USA and I’m seeing it tommarrow idk how to prove it to everyone I have the tickets

  • marcel

    isn’t it ironic that in at the top of the pic they have their names and they are in order of my favorite boy to my least favorite? i am very sorry liam lovers but he’s at the bottom of my list, but not to worry!!! i still love liam!!

  • Leeyuum’sGirl❤

    Another reason why it sucks to live I’m America sometimes :/

  • smsm-twix


  • HuongV.95

    hey :) I’m so excited that the premiere is going to be on August 20th ! I would love to go there. 😀
    I’ve never been on a premiere. Can somebody tell me if I need tickets or something to go there ?

  • Makebelieve

    This was a great excitement to all the people in london…

  • asal


  • patricia colver

    great there wont be that much screaming in the theater