Only Harry Styles’ Mum Knows The Truth About Haylor

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One Direction - blast from the past

An early photo of One Direction, just check out Liam’s hair!

Everyone on the planet is gossiping about Harry and Taylor, asking whether they really have split, or whether it’s just a bunch of rumours.

After all, neither have actually said they’ve split.

So what’s the truth? Well it seems that Harry’s mum Anne Cox is the only one who knows.

And Taylor, obviously.

Harold was talking with British newspaper Metro, and said:

“I tell her everything and she knows the truth.”

@AnneFoxyCoxy is a regular Tweeter, and boasts staggering 964,000 followers (at the time of writing this article).

Mum Direction

Harry is close to his mum and loves nothing more than confiding his innermost secrets with her. Aww. Last year, a Directioner managed to find Harry Styles’ birth certificate and posted it on Twitter – something which Anne was none too pleased with.

Anne has even had a song written about her, as well as all the other One Direction Mums. Y’all remember that? 😉

  • Mary Suzanne Ordonio

    I love her mum 😉 <3 of course Harry Also! They're sooo sweet :)

  • Gaby

    stupid taylor bringing all this drama upon us!!! Why can’t they just tell directioners the truthh :( Harry should just say in an interview or something: “yes im dating her” or “no im not dating her” like ugggggg #stressed

  • 1direction#amazing!

    Awwww!!!!! Im pleased the boys are so close with there mums even though they dont spend muchvtime with them!

  • Frenchiesca Tomlinson

    -hello ppl louis mum Jay is pretty

    • niastyles

      I would say the same about harrys mum

  • Frenchiesca Tomlinson

    And so is Trisha she beautiful

    • 1d_sister

      wait wait wait!!!!
      This website says that Zayn’s mum is Trisha Malik.
      But other websites like wikipedia or ……they say that her name is Patricia Malik!!
      I’m damn confused!
      So many questions!!!!
      Who is Patricia????Who is his real mom????Who is Trisha?????
      Did his dad marry two women??? I’m not sure about this happening!!!!
      But if so, then whose son is he?????!!!!!!!
      Oh god!

      • directionerfromnarnia

        I think Trisha is a nickname… or?? :)

        • 1d_sister

          yeah….i guess…..:)

      • niastyles

        Umm its Trisha dont be confused wiki lies a hole lot

        • 1d_sister

          i think Trisha is a nickname….so yea….:)

          • Julie Sowders

            I looked it up Trisha IS her nickname

      • 1D_Is_My_Life

        Um, I think her name is Patricia, but her nickname is Trisha.

        • 1d_sister


      • Zdunit

        Trisha is her nickname Patricia is her real name so They use Trisha for short for Patricia

        • 1d_sister

          Oh! thx :)

      • Anonymous

        Trisha is short for PAtrisha

        • 1d_sister


      • Ally Jessica Mayers

        Her name is Patricia but Trisha is a nickname.

        • 1d_sister

          oh thx! =)

      • ZarMaz

        Patricia is the real name n Trisha is the nickname 😀

        • 1d_sister

          yeahhh =D

      • PerksOfBeingAFangirl

        Trisha is short for Patricia……

        • 1d_sister

          oh yeah thanku!!!!

      • Ally


        • 1d_sister

          dude! i get it!
          you really don’t have to be mean!!!

      • victoria<3 Harry styles

        Did u hear Harry’s brake up.

    • niastyles


    • I Luv LIAM!!!!

      For a moment I thought that was their girlfriends or sisters because they look so young

  • Najma Horan

    Aww harry and his mum are so cute<3 but I hope that the truth is that there is no future for haylor :(

    • i_luv_1D_14

      I hope …

  • ilove1d and iloveZayn

    Zayn and his mum are so beautiful i love you Zayn<3<3<3<3

  • hoi

    Karen…. okay

  • Ella schwartz

    Well tell us the truth!

  • Monlisarxxxx

    Aww…so cutee when they r with theyre Mums :’) And Awww Harry tells his Mum everything xxx

    • Anonymous

      To the max…

  • i_luv_1D_14

    I’m not chosing who’s mum is the prettiest because I love them all, I would like to thank all of the mum’s just for bringing the most five Amazayn , sexist boys to this world to make my life better ….

    And I think each one of them is pretty and cool
    I like them all ;D

    • Sarah

      Totally agree! I love all the mothers in the world and have respect for them!!

      • i_luv_1D_14

        Yep !! Same Espically their mother lol cause without them their wouldn’t be any liam , Louis , harry , zayn if niall (lol I’m weird i no ) I have respect for all mothers aswell

    • Loving1Dx

      Me too:)

  • leahdavidson

    No madder wat happens to Taylor and Harry we all should be happy for him! He has a love life to ya now!

    • Anonymous

      i totally agree with u!!!

  • 1D forever❤

    All of their mums are just…words can’t describe what they are but I’ll tell you it’s because of them we have One Direction here today!

  • zayn malik fan

    Zayn is smokin hot

  • Olivia Jones

    Aw that’s sweet about the whole song thingy about their parents!

  • 1d_sister

    mommy’s boys!!!

    • Sarah

      I actually don’t like mommy boyz but they are really lovely mommy boyz<3<3

      • 1d_sister

        i loooooove mommy’s boyzzz!
        ppl say that mommy’s boyz are sweet to girls!
        so yeahh! =)

        • Sarah

          Oh really??I didn’t know that so I like them from now<3<3

          • 1d_sister

            hahaha! lol!
            Yes, I guess they are sweet.
            That’s what people say…
            I mean, there’s no chance of me knowing coz I haven’t dated anyone yet… I’m just 13, you see!
            How is school? I really hope there is no pressure!
            My finals start in 3 weeks…
            They’re gonna be really difficult!!! Aaaargh!
            I don’t know… just say, “All is Well for a Directioner” and then every pressure gets eased…
            love uuu! <3

          • Sarah

            :-) don’t worry u have alot of time for dating a guy and i know u can do it perfectly cause u are a nice girl! And yes we are so strong u know ” what doesn’t kill u,makes u stronger” <3 ha ha we can do it:-)

          • 1d_sister

            you know, friends like you make me smile everyday!!!
            lovvve uuu!
            Yes, we are very strong!!! After all, we’ve given our hearts to the best 5 people on earth!!!
            and about dating a guy….hmmm….i dunno!
            I’ve just entered my teens!!! so maybe I’m toooo young for it!
            I might be a nice girl but I’m not cute or pretty or beautiful!!!
            I doubt if anyone will like me….hmmmm…..
            anyways, I’m strong like all of us!!!
            so no probs!!!
            lovveee uuu!!! <3

          • Sarah

            No don’t think like this u know most of the guyz who are worthed to be a friend don’t pay attention to beauty they like your personality and how u can make them happy and feel relaxed although u said u are indian!!!! I think indian girls are really cute and lovely!!!!!! I am sure u are wonderful and can steal a guy’s heart or more than !!! Just believe your beauty! Honey<3<3<3<3

          • 1d_sister

            Why can’t you be here with me because I really badly wanna hug you tightttttttttly!!!
            Thanks a lot for saying all this… =)
            you made my day,Sarah!!! :)
            Yes, there are some boys on this planet who hardly care about the looks and pay attention on the personality of a girl!
            I just hope that I find a guy like that…
            oh! you find Indian girls cute? some certainly are…
            Which place are you from??? :)
            Thanks a ton, again!!!
            I think that you’ve just made me stronger…
            Love you so much, Sarah!
            It’s really difficult to find such beautiful minded like you…
            I’m really very very lucky that you’re my friend…
            Love you,Sarah!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
            <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
            <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

          • Sarah

            Oh thank u very much unfortunatly i can’t be there but i can feel your love and I LOVE U VERY VERY MUCH!!!no i am not british or american i am iranian(if u know my country,iran)???!!

          • 1d_sister

            LOVVVVVE U TOOOO!!!!!! <3
            of course i know Iran!!

            middle east!!! =)
            i live there too! DUBAIIIIII <3
            have u ever been to UAE!

          • Sarah

            Yey ! Just one time but i never visit India! I really want to be there!!!!u know I love camel riding!!!

          • 1d_sister

            Especially, when the camel sits..that part is AWESOME!!!
            i had a disastrous embarrassment over there…
            I was really young and i was wearing a short loose top!!
            When the Camel sat…….my top just flew up and you can imagine the rest!!!
            So moral of the story…..NEVER EVER wear short tops to Desert Safari!!!
            When did you visit Dubaiii?
            What year was it?
            Did you like it?!
            I wanna go to Iran!!!
            My bestfriend’s brother has been there!
            He says it’s really nice and relaxing!!!Wow!

          • Sarah

            Oh really<3 ok I will listen! I was there in 2010 and It was really good I had alot of fun there!!! And Iran !!It 's a nice country and people there are really hospitable and have alot of delicious foods!! Although we have alot of problems with the government but tourists mostly don't have these problems and they say they like Iran!!<3
            By the way which city is your friend's brother living?? I live in Tehran!!:-)

          • 1d_sister

            oh! so you were there in 2010!
            So did you visit the Burj Khalifa?<3
            What else did you visit?
            What did you like the most?
            Yes, my friend's brother also mentioned that the people over there are very very friendly and polite.
            Oh and the food! Even in Dubai we have Iranian food kept in some buffets!!! It's so very delicious!! It's different from everything…i guess that's what makes it so epic!!! <3 <3
            Basically, he went there with his friends as a tourist…

            Mostly, it was Tehran where he stayed for a few nights…
            But I'm still not sure… I'll ask her again at school tomorrow!:)
            love u <3

          • Sarah

            Yes I visited burj al arab and I think it’s malls were awesome and also I love beach,too<3<3 ok ask and then told me his attitude!!? I really wanna see u here then I can bring u every where and show u my country<3<3<3

          • 1d_sister

            yeah!! Me too!<3 I really wanna be in Iran!
            I love travelling!!! <3
            i'm extremely sorry but i didn't get the 'attitude' part of your comment,
            can u please explain.. so sorry
            By the way, I asked her….It's Tehran where he lived..
            He's constantly touring along with his friends! Right now, he's in Manilla!!!!
            Wow! you visited the Burj Al Arab? what about Burj Khalifa?
            Yeah…the malls are really famous here! LOVE SHOPPING!
            personally, i hate beaches!
            the sand makes me go crazy!!! i just don't like it! :(
            But most of the people like Dubai Beaches!!! they could be good! =)

          • Sarah

            Oh so u don’t like swimming in sea!!!! Nope I didn’t visit burj khalife maybe next year I can come there then I will visit there!!:-) and from attitude i mean what does he think about Iran esp girls here????:-P

          • 1d_sister

            yeah….kind of
            i mean, i can swiiiim niiiiicely but not a very big fan of it!! :)
            so you can definitely visit Burj Khalifa nexxt yeaaar!!! yayyy!
            I’ll ask him when he gets back from Manilla!! 😛
            but he said that the people were extremely friendly!!!
            He must have checked the girls out!!! I’ll certainly ask!!! 😛

          • Julie Sowders

            Hey guys I just got done reading ur convo! U guys sound SOOOO nice and I could use some cheering up

          • Julie Sowders

            I know I have a few though…

  • ≫ ≫ ≫ ≫

    Now we know where they got those pretty faces from

    • Anonymous

      That’s so sweet!!!

  • Alexa♥s1D

    Awwwww they didnt tell us the the truth about haylor :(

    Bounes for all the haylor haters , on youtube look up “the haylor song ” by ashley, I think you’ll engoy that alllllooottttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv ya , ill see ya on the flip side :D♡♥♡

    • Sarah

      It’s awefully awesome! I love it<3

    • Sanmeet Sandhu

      loved it , thankx for commenting ,it really helped alot… You innocent Harry .

    • Julie Sowders

      I love it!

  • Jazmine

    They are so cute

  • Guest

    This doesn’t really say anything on the truth about Haylor. If u found anything it, please comment it cuz I didn’t read it.

    • Zdunit

      IT never said anything about we know the truth about Haylor the title said And I quote Only Harry Styles’ Mum Knows The Truth About Haylor. So read the title before you put SOMETHING STUPID ON HERE

      • 1d_sister

        you just made me laugh XD

  • Lauren VanD

    Is it just me, or does it look like Trisha could be Zayn girlfriend. Lol alittle weird.

    • 1d_sister

      LOL!! XD!

  • booger

    Ok well I guess that’s all good to know

  • Sarah

    Oh it’s so nice that Hazza is so closed to her mum and tell her e:-)very thing!! Love u mumy Ann

  • Eleanor Calder

    Of course Louis’s mum is amazing!!!!!!

  • Kenza MourjiStyran

    They broke up, they announced it on public radio 😉

  • Mrs. Styles

    My mother in law :’)

  • Darcy Styles

    Omg all their mums are beautiful!!

  • Directioner_Life

    Trisha is so gorgeous and so are the other mum’s!!

  • abby

    Who loves 1d if u do put a thumbs up

  • malisian

    they so beaut :) :) :) :) :) :)


    Aww Harry!!!!! =) <3

  • maya3319999

    I love that picture up there with Louis and his mom 😀 its so cute hahaha

  • ƒσℓℓσω мє 1∂!!!!!

    Just a perf pic !!

  • Harry’s Kitty


  • Ishita

    I wish I was hazza’s mother!
    I really really want to know…..:(

  • amanda styles

    Dear 1D mums… thank you for having sex :)

  • alexis

    Im confused

  • FollowMeLZLNH

    I love my mum but sometimes she can get annoying but I love her!!

  • Despoina Mananedakh


  • disqus_zsxc2W1vvB

    Frenchieska they are birth right Trisha is short for Patricia! 😛

  • Gisselle Cortez

    trisha short for patricia

  • abby

    Not even the boys know? WOW. That’s saying something; that this is a really big deal.

  • Sanmeet Sandhu

    Zayn’s mum is really pretty so as his dad … the result .. the best and Amzayn Zayn :* <3 😀