Our Moment Perfume Goes On Sale Today At Harrods Online

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The One Direction 'Our Moment' fragrance in all its glory

It’s been an exciting time in 1D world this week, what with the film and everything.

But even more exciting news now.

The One Direction perfume ‘Our Moment’ goes on sale TODAY!

But don’t all go rushing to the shops at once. It is only available at Harrods.com online.

And if you think you’ll go and buy it on there, again, you’re out of luck, they have had to set up a waiting list because the demand for the fragrance is so huge.

It will go on sale in  Harrods stores on Sunday before being available elsewhere on the 2nd September.

The perfume is priced at £21 for 30ml, while it costs£12 for shower gel and £14 for body lotion.

If you look at that and think it’s too expensive, don’t worry.

On the waiting list are people aged 16 to 68 so maybe your grandparents have bought you it for Christmas.

Also on the list 20% of those wishing to buy it are male. So be nice to your dad or brother, they might have pre-ordered it especially for you.

Are you excited to get your hands on a bottle of the boys perfume?

Or is it too expensive?

  • Lolo Awad

    I live in Jordan , they won’t sell it here , how can I get it ? please ,if you know how I can order it or something please tell me

    • Leeyum’s Gurl <3

      I’m Jordanian :) xx but I don’t live there :/

  • Kelly FabuLouis Tomlinson

    why Australia is not selling 30ml ???????

  • Stini2526

    wow and is it going to be usa

  • Leeyum’s Gurl <3

    When I read the tittle i was like YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAY abs then I read the article and went ‘oh -.-‘

    • Nicole Desa

      I swear -_-

  • niall lover

    I cant wate im so happy

  • i love 1d

    oh i can’t sell it

  • Taina

    I will buy it <3

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Can not wait

  • ILove Niall

    I hope my parents bought it for Christmas for me

  • neha khan

    I will buy it tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apoorva Sehgal

    I’ve got $20 in my pocket! 😛

  • Sonia Malik

    Grandparents? They died. Dad? Not a chance. Brother? Nope. *sigh* guess I’m not getting it.

    • Dona

      SAME HERE! :'(

      • Sonia Malik

        Only if they could give some out for free.. HAH. Never happening.. /: Sonia, keep dreaming.



  • Jacqueline Ramos

    Yay but I’m not buying it online and I’m actually getting the perfume bc last year my m wanet me to.buy me the Justin bieber perfume but I’m not a fan of him so I told my mom if I can get the one direction and she said YESSS omg SO EXCITED btw when does it. Come out I’n the us

    • Lolo Awad

      can you tell me how to order it on line ? please , I live in jordan and I want to buy it

      • Jacqueline Ramos

        Ummm I really really appreciate u asking me but hmmm it’s cuz I don’t know I think u can go to our moment . Com but I really don’t know. IM SOOOO SORY But of coarse u can order it but its just I don’t know how

  • Cristina Roman

    We could pre-order from Romania too?

  • Niall@Nandos

    I really want it!!!!

  • Niall William Malik

    Buying it!! Saving $$ now.

  • Emily MC Cathy

    my mother wont leave me get it grrr

  • http://www.onedirection.net/ Nialler4ever

    I am soo getting it! I went to London earlier this year, and realized that it wasn’t even released yet! So, I’m just gonna get it on the internet. So excited to smell it!

  • Freya Hawkins

    guys to be fair for a 30 ml bottle that is fairly priced so….

  • NiallHoranisPerfect

    Too bad I don’t use £… I use $

    • emily

      you can buy it even if you don’t use their form of money I do it all the time to get their posters you can order it online with any money

  • 1D LOVER

    I want that PERFUME