Harry Styles Is “Getting Serious” With Nadine Leopold

Earlier this week, Harry Styles and Nadine Leopold sparked romance rumours. The couple were spotted spending some time together in New York, as they headed out for dinner and to a tattoo parlour together. Of course, their relationship has not yet been confirmed or

Happy 22nd Birthday Zayn Malik! Here’s Your 22 Best Pictures…

It’s Zayn Malik’s birthday! The Zaynster turned 22 today, and he’s celebrated it in style… By changing his Twitter icon to this amazing sketch! This is amazing ! 22 now let’s hope it’s a good un pic.twitter.com/8oaBQBYpHI — zaynmalik1D (@zaynmalik) January 12, 2015 We thought we’d

Sophia Smith’s Nudes Posted Online?

Rumor has it that certain nudes leaked on Twitter are actually pictures of Liam Payne’s long-term girlfriend Sophia Smith. Now, before we go any further, it has neither been confirmed nor denied that it is Sophia in the pictures, but certain directioners are already

Louis Tomlinson Disses The Voice Via Twitter

In a recent argument debating which is better—the X Factor or the Voice—Louis Tomlinson has taken sides! This sounds silly—of course he’s taken sides! One Direction got their start on the X Factor in 2010, so in a way, they owe all their success