Harry Styles Set To Open His Own Bar… In His Basement!

Harry Styles is making a very exciting addition to his house. Is it a new girlfriend? A gold statue of a naked Louis Tomlinson? No… It’s his own pub! At his big Hampstead house in North London, he’s preparing to invite his mates around at all

Are One Direction Filming A Brand New Music Video?

Finally, it looks like we might be getting a new One Direction music video & single! It feels like SO long since “Night Changes” was released, and we’ve heard nothing about a third “Four” single since. In fact, the last time anyone mentioned another

David Beckham Has Inspired Harry Styles To Buy A Vineyard

Harry Styles is buying a vineyard. We know this isn’t exactly hot topic breaking news but c’mon, it’s Harry Styles. And we care. So, apparently Harry is thinking of investing some of his hard earned cash into buying his very own vineyard, after talking