Zayn Malik To Launch A Rap Career After One Direction

The One Direction boys have been planning their future. Of course, we’d like to think that their future is 100% in One Direction, but the harsh reality is that boybands just don’t last that long. There always comes a day when boybands decide that

Zayn Walks Off-Stage During 1D Show

Zayn Malik left his mates in One Direction to perform as a foursome this past week, when he walked off-stage mid-concert during the band’s show in Perth. It happened at Paterson’s Stadium in Australia on Friday night. One Direction were playing the 7th gig

Fifth Harmony Confess Their Favorite 1D Members

The gorgeous gals in Fifth Harmony are America’s hottest girl-band export, with their debut album hitting #1 in the US and in many countries overseas. Recently, the members of FH were asked to reveal which members of One Direction they are infatuated with the

Harry Styles Set To Open His Own Bar… In His Basement!

Harry Styles is making a very exciting addition to his house. Is it a new girlfriend? A gold statue of a naked Louis Tomlinson? No… It’s his own pub! At his big Hampstead house in North London, he’s preparing to invite his mates around at all