Party-Mad Harry Blows $50k On Booze In Las Vegas

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Harry is well known for his love of the ladies, and it also seems he’s becoming a bit of a party animal too.

Recent reports have suggest that Harry spent a staggering $50,000 on alcohol at a pool party – including 100 bottles of Champagne.

A source told Heatworld:

“Harry bought champagne for every cabana. He bought Veuve Clicquot I would imagine 100 bottles. They cost minimum 300-400 bucks [they are actually on the menu as $525 each]. I love that he did that, not because he has the money, but because he just had a good time with everybody.”

What a party that would have been!

Hazza looks to forging a reputation for himself as the wild man in One Direction, so we’re expecting a few more stories like this in the future!

Some of the lads were apparently warned about their behaviour earlier this year, and after the recent photos showing Prince Harry naked in Las Vegas, our Hazza best be careful where he strips, lol :)