Paul Rudd and One Direction on Saturday Night Live!

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Paul Rudd is hosting Saturday Night Live this Saturday, December 7, with musical guest One Direction!


Paul has hosted SNL two times prior to this weekend, and this time around, he is promoting his new movie, Anchorman 2!

This is One Direction’s second time on the show, as we all remember when they first sang What Makes You Beautiful and One Thing back in April 2012 when Sofia Vergara was hosting.

And of course, we all remember Carlito, Pepito, Martito, Miguelito, and Dick…

Paul Rudd released a promotional video for this week’s SNL episode, getting all of us very excited! He and SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer made several separate clips, all starting off with the same basic intro: “Hi, I’m Paul Rudd, and I’m hosting SNL this week with musical guest One Direction!”

We definitely recommend that you watch the clip (posted below), as it includes Paul Rudd openly “fangirling” over One Direction (even though he pronounced Louis as “Lewis…”).

In addition, Paul Rudd and Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn made another preview that was published to the NBC website.

These clips begin the same way as the other ones, but include Paul trying to convince the boys to let him in the band. Definitely a must-see for all directioners.

The upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live is bound to be absolutely hilarious, especially with a host as funny as Paul Rudd.

If we’re lucky, maybe the 1D boys will be in a sketch, just like last time.

What two songs do you think they will perform? Will you be tuning in to SNL this weekend?

  • Stini2526

    im so going to watch it and the last video when paul falls lol i would do the same

  • Cat_stypayhorlikson

    Definitely watching that!

  • Summer Love

    can u say concussion… i’d faceplant onto the floor

  • Zayn Lover

    I’m definitely watching it! But I’m sad that Harry’s sick, I hope he doesn’t miss the SNL! LUV u Harry!<3

  • ♥ 1D ♥


  • earth

    harry wish u get well soon we care u so much

  • katie_styles


  • alicia

    i like how they are fangirling over one direction but he had to say Louis as Lewis but it ok?

  • Directionerx4xlife

    Ok that woman is officially the worst actress EVER!!!!
    And i like how he was fangirling and also knew what it was and still called louis lewis!