Perrie Edwards Deletes Her Twitter Account After Death Threats From 1D Fans

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In shock news, Little Mix star Perrie Edwards has closed her Twitter account after receiving a series of death threat from One Direction fans, upset at the fact she was dating Zayn Malik.

Zerrie, as they are becoming known as, have been dating for a while, and the latest photos this week of Zayn leaving her London home have drove some fans over the edge, prompting them to send Perrie a torrent of abuse.

Here’s a few selected tweets discussing the matter:

@zaynmalik and Perrie Edwards. | If rumors are real, if you’re together, I’m so happy for you, lots of hapiness and I love you :’) ♥♥

Perrie Edwards deleted twitter, have a sook you’re dating the sexiest guy in 1D forgive me but I don’t feel sorry for you

Let’s deal with it. Zayn and Perrie are seeing each other & probably a couple already. It’s been awhile since Zayn is not in a commitment.

We’ve said it before, and here at we do not condone any form of abuse – no matter how upset certain fans may feel. Zayn and Perrie are just two normal human beings, and deserve some slack.

Directioners, what do you think about this news?

  • Vrinda

    I think that Zayn Malik dating her is AWESOME 😀 but if people on twitter calling themselves “Directioners” They’re not because if they were then they would be supporting his relationship :) not sending Perrie Edwards Death Threats:( Well I certainly am Happy for them so, GOOD LUCK :)

  • Lama zeneddin

    Oh my god !!
    I’m really disgusted right now :@
    why would anyone send death threads to her only becos she’s dating Zayn ??
    I mean seriously that’s not showing love to Zayn cos he loves
    Her and if we really want him to be happy then we should give him his own time where there r no fans chasing them or where
    He can date who ever he wants !!!
    P.s I’m really happy for them <3 they look
    Cute together :)

  • Brittany Malik

    Poor Perrie. Im devastated that they are dating, but im also happy for Zerrie. But people need to cut her some slack. Im sure if the people who were sending the death threats were dating Zayn, they wouldn’t want people to be sending them death threats. If that made sense xD

  • Eliška Valentová

    I am a fan of 1D from Czech republic! I think Perrie is not the type of girl for Zayn, but I love Zayn and I wish him the best, because she has lucky that he chose her. So Perrie, stay happy and do happy Zayn. I wish I was lucky as you.
    Good Luck.

  • Kristle Tomlinson

    I’m so sorry for Perrie and If she’s hurt, I’m hurt. She’s Zayn’s Girlfriend and you should accept that. Do you think you would ever be his girlfriend? Your chance is 1 out of 10000000, so stop just stop that’s called cyber bullying. Don’t you know the difference between what good and what’s wrong? If your a Directioner you should accept he has a girlfriend.

  • katie

    i think whichever ‘fans’ posted death threats need to grow the hell up and accept zayn is a teenage boy and wants to date girls. perrie is perfect and i love her and little mix and one direction, so for people from my two favourite bands to date im chuffed.

    people need to realise that it may sound cruel but none of you are ever going to date the boys as the people hating are like 12, so grow up and be happy for them once in a while.

    poeple are taking it two far sending death threats, urgh. you would never want to be treated like that so dont treat perrie like that.
    you would never say it to her face either, so stfu.

    thankyou goodbye.

  • Lauren

    i feel soooooooo bad! thet both should date who ever they wants to date!!!!!

    1D TICKETS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • victoria

    I’m happy for zayn, he has the right to make your life ….. I love you zayn

  • Trinity

    People don’t do that on facebook so that proves facebook is better :)

  • Najmox

    IM super jelly of perrie. But i would never send death threats to her because zayn loves her, so ill try to like her. It was prob the fans from icarly

  • sylvana

    i dont know what to say honestly im happy for him but part of me is broken bcuz lik eit says in the song more than this when he holds her close i die inside cuz to me it doesnt feel right cuz LITERALLY CANT LUV HIM MORE THAN THIS!! and im sure she doesnt luv him as much as i do cuz i luv him to the max! and i cant luv him more than this so im really depressed but i wouldnt send death threats thats just crazy ! so im happy for him but im still broken

    • hekla

      Wtf did i just read..

  • aya

    please guys dont suck up and say ‘omg zayn im happy for u’ because we all know ur boiling inside and u really just wanna slap that bitch down already lol

    • DirectionerAllDayEveryday ;)

      lol that may be true! but we still have to be supportive

  • Emma:)


  • One Directioner

    Some people are just plain rude. They don’t know when to stop being mean! :( If you truly loved zayn or anyone else from 1d, you would learn to LET THEM HAVE A LOVE LIFE WITHOUT CRAZY PEOPLE RIPPING THEM APART. It’s sickening and breaks my heart to hear such abuse towards Perrie. I love you Perrie! ZERRIE FOREVA!!!!!!!!!!

    lol <33

  • DirectionerAllDayEveryday ;)

    DIRECTIONATORS dont want them together, DIRECTIONERS love and SUPPORT the boys no matter what, and we are always ready to welcome anyone the boys love into the 1D fam, this is ridiculous and they are still our boys but cmon, jus let it go!

  • DirectionerAllDayEveryday ;)

    well, no disrespect …but shes not the prettiest crayon in the crayola box o.o

  • Antonia

    Honestly I am jealous of her, like most Directioners would be. But the fact of the matter is that it’s horrible to send death threats. If two people like each other they should have the right to show it, no matter how upset people get.

  • naill and harry and liam and louis and zayn lover

    i hope you directioners feel the pain because u really sound rude to be sending death threats to zayn’s girlfriend. like wtf u guys need to really grow the heck up and feel happy for zayn because he really likes this girl and u guys are what like 6-12 like grow up its not like you have a chance now because i bet all the boys read that and now they r probably are hating you . so if i was you i think you should applazies to zayn and his gilfrined it is not right to be teasing and to be sending death threats. so bye love you zayn and perrie and the rst of the band lou yous <3

  • Bella

    As long as Zayn’s happy, I’m happy.
    I feel really bad for Perrie, these were obviously Directionater. If they were true Directioners they would of been happy for Zayn, because he deserves to be happy. Sure, I wish I was Zayns girlfriend or any of the boys girlfriend, but never would I stup that low. I’m a loyel Directioner, and I se up


    i love 1D but why are all the fans so uglyy?? lol


    well most of them at least, excluding me peeeaace

  • Anna Garza

    Wow I can’t believe some people can be so selfish as to try to put their own desires and jealousy in front of someone else’s happiness. I mean all those people that were saying mean things were saying how they were doing it because they were very dedicated fans, but if they were really fans at all then they would want every single member of One Direction to experience as much happiness as possible!! That’s how you show that you’re a true fan.

  • badadamalik_1D

    WOW!! that’s so mean :(( if you are a real directioner you have the guilt to do such things like that.. i really feel sorry for perrie.. because both of them are just inlove with each other.. but there are a lot of people who agains to their relationship.. that really feels sad to me… :((

    to all who threat perrie edwards. pls stop it we have no right to judge their relationship, because they both love each other so plss.. stop doing those selfish things that youre doing to perrie’s life right now.. so plsss stop..

    if zayn is happy with perrie. i’m happy too..
    and im so happy for their relationship.. love them both <3

    i love zayn malik and perrie edwards.. :)

  • Bieber_trina

    Yah I think Directionaters did this directioners will never do that because we are true directioners

  • Yewonsiwon

    I think it is dont think it is right for people to send her death notes

  • Ahmednadia

    I think its so sweet them dating and having such a good relationship and I love them both and even if they are dating its not like any of us are Gonna go out with a member of 1D so I’m just really happy for them xx :) true directioners would do that to zayn and also think how perrie feels

  • :)

    I think people should leave them alone. Seriously, isn’t wishing the boys the best of life a part of being a Directioner?? If Zayn and Perrie are happy, we couldn’t ask for more :)

  • Katie OneDirection Tweedy

    some fans take it too far! I dont see why people dont wnt Zayn to be happy-if hes happy with Perrie let him be.

  • Kk

    AHHH no offense but she ain’t pretty at all!!! Sorry but i CAN’T accept you!

  • Kkkk

    I DONT CARE ABOUT ANY NEWS OF PERRIE SO STOP PUTTING UP PERRIE NEWS i mean i feel bad for her and all but i just can’t accept her…I wouldn’t pass the line by sending her death threats neither!!?? So this is 1D Blog and website not perrie edwards !!

  • kritney_3181999

    i feel if zayn happy when he with perrie so let they happy together

  • Real_Mrs._Malik

    Im one of them !

  • Tumblr girl

    she didn’t delete her account cause of the hate, all of little mix decided to use one account together, she tweeted the reason why before she deleted it.

  • Maddie

    Honestly, I think the “directioners”, or anyone for that matter should be ashamed of themselves for sending Perrie hate.I’m not saying she’s perfect, I’m also not saying she’s ugly. Why can’t you all except that Zayn is happy? If he isn’t Happy then he wouldn’t have proposed to her? For real, I have seen tons of people say that Zayn isn’t Happy and Zerrie is fake, Zayn is a Man now and he can make his own decisions. That means he doesn’t need us deciding who he is going to date or marry. He has is own taste and he thinks Perrie is gorgeous and he loves her. Also, many if you have said something extremely rude then said something like..”it’s my opinion.” There is a huge difference between giving your opinion, and being an asshole. You need to learn the difference. Do you not understand that Perrie has feelings too? She has insecurities just as well as you do. Just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean her feelings just disappeared. Maybe you should consider that before sending hate. Just saying.