Perrie Edwards Gets Why Fans Are Jealous Of Her Zayn Relationship

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Zayn’s future wife Perrie has admitted that she understand why directioners get jealous of her relationship.

Perrie Edwards in the Little Me Video

Zayn, who turned 21 yesterday, proposed to Little Mix star Perrie Edwards last year. Amongst the many messages of congratulations to the pair from fans on Twitter, there were also a few jealous comments.

Talking to Now magazine, Perrie admitted: “When I was younger, and I found out [US singer] Jesse McCartney had a girlfriend, I was heartbroken.

“I was like: ‘Noooo!’ Then Dougie Poynter from McFly started seeing Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays and I was gutted.”

She added: “So I can relate, you’re a young girl with a crush on someone. You’re like: ‘Damn it!'”

Finally, Perrie praised the fans of One Direction and Little Mix, saying: “I’ve been really lucky, One Direction fans have been really supportive.

“I had so much positive feedback. Our Little Mix fans are incredible – they’ll support us no matter what.”

Over the weekend, Perrie celebrated her fiancee’s 21st birthday with a party at his house. Although most of Zayn’s bandmates couldn’t make it, Liam did attend, tweeting: “@zaynmalik happy birthday bro have a good one tomorrow thanks for having us sorry haven’t got ur num in this phone so had to say it here”

  • Joshua Tabuzo

    oh so cute!

  • ZarMaz

    She’s right…….it’s just an ugly truth 😐

  • 1DcrazymofoKevinbatmanperson

    Why wouldn’t Liam have Zayn’s number!? Or so it obvious and I should know why?

    • Lynnie Lucas

      He said in a live stream a while back that they don’t need each other’s numbers because they can just walk next door and say hello.

    • Anamilet Artis

      Lol I found that part super funny ^^
      Liam is sooo cute c: <3

  • hdhdjfggxhzhdh

    Perrie is right it’s the truth but I will always support them

  • Shivi luvs 1d

    I love you perrie you,jade,jesy, and leigh anne are an inspiration to many girls

  • Carissa Christiansen

    I hope that Perrie knows thats natural for the fans wanting to marry Zayn and not her! That’s how I used to be but then I realized that they r getting married for a reason they are in LOVE! Anyways I fully support then and congratulate then I think they r awesome and I wish the best and only the best for them and that’s what all directioners should think be sides that what we r supposed to do, support that boy s no matter what circumstances!

    • seona

      That’s the same exact thing I would of said those same word that you said I feel the same exact way

    • Julie


  • Belu

    i love perrie !! i love the couple!

  • Zena

    I love that she is engaged 2 Zayn.

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    Hey I feel her… and my mom does XD Hahaha! All girls will come to a stage where we fangirl over a guy that barely knows us… like WTF!? but admit it… it makes you happy :))

  • jimena

    I love perrie and zayn and im so excited for them to get married

  • katie_styles

    Thank you, thank you dearest Perrie for understanding my relationship with Harry and Niall and Louis and basicaly everyone in One Direction… #ZerrieForLife

  • Aya Asem

    yap :I

    • Anamilet Artis

      Thanks for following me (:
      @Aya Asem I followed you back 😀

  • zayn_lover

    yh well i do accualtlly not like perrie
    but its just cuz shes zayns girl …… n i love zayn
    maybe i was stupid for hating her :/
    zayns happy wat more do we want frm perrie <3

  • Anamilet Artis

    Ive always loved Zerrie Like crazy And even though I love Zayn,Like really what is my chance of him marrying me?! Im 13 :p
    Perrie is perfect ^^ And the best part is that she makes our Zayn happy (:
    I love you Perrie and will support you to the fullest <3 😀

  • JapanesePickleChii

    I remember thoose jesse mccartney days…awww.

  • lexig 76

    Why would fans be mad at them I’m a fan of both little mix and one direction and I support there relationship I SHIP ZERRIE!!♡♥♡♥♡♥

  • Abigail Directioner55

    I have always loved Zerrie! There so cute together and I’m so excited for when they get married! <3

  • Dawn Sprague

    I agree with what she said, I feel the same way about Niall. And yes, I know it will never happen but can’t a girl dream?

  • Julie

    She is so right! I mean who wouldn’t wanna have a relationship with zayn xD ya gotta love the both of them!

  • zaynmalikslovers

    I think Perrie isnt good girl….she is very chilish…..Zayn is very handsome….

    • Laila Grace Horan

      she does seem very childish, but she makes him happy, that the main thing Zayn happy.

    • Cedes

      How would you know if she isn’t a good girl? You don’t know her! So you saying whatever you think about her makes no sense. And as for her being “childish”, what’s wrong with that? Everyone acts childish. And she just turned 20. Excuse her if she doesn’t want to grow up so fast. She has a hard job and she’s a hard worker. She has the right to act goofy once in a while.

  • anna-1D-Bastille

    I love Perrie so much I think she’s great for Zayn and I really hope they’ll be together forever <3

  • country girl…

    Perrie is soooooo right….face the facts guys…. live life when u can
    ..don’t be sitten in da corner crying Cuz zayn is getting married. If u really like him u should be happy for him..Xx

  • Rylee Burgess

    I’m so glad Perrie undertands how we feel. Whenever you have this massive crush on somebody only to find out they have a girlfriend, it’s devastating and it think it was nice for Perrie to open up like that. Thats why I ship #Zerrie :)

  • Laila Grace Horan

    maybe they clearly hate her, i don’t hate her but i do NOT ship Zerrie

  • ツ❤Aysha Styles❤™ •1Ð

    This İs True

  • Anonymous

    i dont hate, i hate on hendall

  • Ellie

    zayn s fans must like because zayn loves perrie and she definitely is perfect for him