Perrie Edwards Made Zayn Malik A Cute Photo Collage

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Quite possibly our most favourite couple of the celeb world, Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards.


The pair always seem extremely loved up, however Perrie Edwards revealed that she’s ‘not really romantic’ with bf Zayn.

It has been suggested that Zayn is the romantic one in the relationship, but it seems that Perrie can be just as sweet as her bf.

Fellow Little Mix band member has confessed to Capital FM that Perrie did once make Zayn a really romantic present.

Jesy revealed: “Perrie used loads of pictures of them, from when they first got together,

“that is romantic”. She added.

So, if Perrie wanted to keep it hush that she is an absolute romantic cutie, then Jesy has just spilled the beans on her.

But, it’s not as if it’s a secret that they both like a good bit of romance here and there.

They recently celebrated their one-year anniversary with a romantic getaway in Paris.

The pair marked the special day with a kiss and a cuddle in front of the Eiffel Tower.

We’re happy to see that they have put Zayn’s cheating allegations behind them and moved on.

Because we think they’re perfect for each other!

Are you ready for the green-eyed monster to come out?

Because here’s a whole bunch of super cute pics of Zayn and Perrie being all loved up and stuff.

[nggallery id=15]

  • Maddison Strubhar

    aww!! that last one is so cute!! GAH! They are ALL CUTE!! 😀 <3 #Zerrie

  • Ɗɨʀɘ¢Ŧɨσиɘʀ ά ۷ɨɘ ∞

    The Perfect couple <3

    • sammi lemone

      How do u get that cool font in your username?

  • yasmeen <3 1d

    Truly, madly,Deeply they r foolishly completely fallin… My perrie knows how to make zayn romantic keep it up cute girl
    And I have to say that u both r really very good couple

  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    She is the one who makes our Zayn happie..!
    Wish them gud luck in future…And hope they stay FOREVER!
    #Zerrie <3 <3 <3

  • Tanisha Battles

    They are so cute together :)

  • Hazza’s Juliet.


  • SingerChick

    Adorable together

  • Chassity LaRaye Varnold-Styles

    Awww Thatsss Cuteee 😀 <3 Perrrfectt! <3

  • shannon varnold

    awww zerrie is the most cutest couple ever <3

  • xKelly12

    They are so cute!

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  • Olivia Clayton

    Awwwww thats soo the cutest couple ever!!

  • Jennifer Ramos

    Perfection <3

  • Msssjkandla

    Aw I love Zerrie so much :)

  • Niall&andthenandoscrew

    Perfect couple <3

  • Sarah Payne

    Zerrie=cutest couple ever!!!

  • Kelsey Albertini


  • Amanda Acosta

    Those couplr selfies are just… <3<3<3<3 Hah xx

  • Tildisen<333

    They are soo cute togheter <333 But I get a little bit jelalous; P


      Ya same /w me!!!!! Perrie and El r soooooo purdy!

      • Tildisen<333

        Yeah they are perfect! <333 Maybe it's gonna be some baby Zayn or baby Perrie in the future?;)

        • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

          Ya!!!!! And WE CAN B THE BABYSITTERS!!!!!! That’ll b amaZAYN!!! XD

          • Tildisen<333

            But we are cheap and can come ANY time!!!;)

          • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

            Ya! We’ll even come for FREE!

    • hailey

      Im jealous but they are the perfectcouple!

  • 1D_Is_My_Life

    She is so beautiful<3 I ship and support Zerrie<3 They are the perfect couple


    They’re the PUUURREFECT match!!!!!

  • Valentina

    I want that kind of relationship..

  • allie


  • laurablank

    awww that’s so cute

  • Craig Feist

    I love Zerrie! Cutest couple EVER

  • perrie edwards

    dont u guys luv it

  • Angie malik

    Why can’t ZAYN be mine?? :( well at least he’s happy with a sweet talented beautiful girl :)

    • JSRRamsaran

      u and me same sister
      but im totally happy that he is with a wonderful girl who makes him happy
      but i wish he was mine
      just wish…

  • Koop

    They r so cute

  • Ya$hika

    Wow xx, I love seeing them together, the cutest couple!!:-)

  • Cee16


  • Nicole

    Im dead

  • Perrie Is Perfect ♫♪

    no doubt,why zayn is inlove with her ♥♥

  • harry1000

    Perfect i wish they would get married no offence to zayn girls

  • Anizza Sakilan ♥♡

    they’re really cuteeee :)

  • CynthiaaGee

    No offense perrie & die hard zerrie fans , but i don’t ship it. Its not that i don’t like perrie , she seems sweet & all but i don’t like them. Thats just my opinion

  • ZarMaz

    OMG their deep n true love makes me jealoussss :'( Perrie u are one lucky girl lol

  • Directio-Mixer

    Aww ♥…..They’re so sweet together ♥

  • daniele velasquez

    There so cute!!!

  • ZouisBasically

    i love Zerriiee!!!!!!!!! <333

  • Mrs.Malik

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    sooo cute ahhhh!!!

  • #onedirection

    Perfect 😀

  • SexyCurlyHairedOneD

    I’m gonna have a boyfriend like Zayn one day:) P.S. I LOVE ZERRIE!!! The perfect couple ever!<3

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  • Elley

    i love zerrie best couple ever!!!! <3<3

  • NarryFeels1d

    Those Duck Lips Thoe <33 Cx Omg They're Cuute <33

  • Nelly Lopez

    Best Celeb Couple EVER!!!! (:

  • Eya Edward

    I wish them happiness. :)

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Cutest couple ever… But I would love zaynie babe be mine …. !!!

  • niastyles

    Awww adorable

  • lenaa

    I hate Perrie to death. :) And Zerrie is FAKE. Zerrie shippers are BLIND. :-) It’s the truth & I don’t care if you hate me now HAHA!

    • Tildisen<333

      I just feeling sorrow for Zayn when you saying that:/ I don’t think he would like you so much if he knows that you push her down just becuse she is his girl friend. She is certainly a wonderful person and it is she who has made him so happy. It is his choice and I think he chooses the one he loves and is very happy with. They are just in love <3333333333

      • Tildisen<333

        And you would not dare say it, where if you were not anonymous.

  • Darcy Styles


  • Abby

    they’re cute together but i never want anyone from 1D to get married, im afraid that might mess up the band. they might split up! D: but i like zerrie together

  • emily


  • Aylin Morelos