PERRIE PERRIE: Nandos Launch A Special One Direction Themed Menu

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Those cool dudes over at Nandos have launched a special One Direction menu to celebrate the band’s gig in Washington tonight.

Each of the 1D boys have got their own menu which is a copy of what the lads ordered on their recent Nandos visit.

@NandosUSA tweeted the following:

“We’ve put together a special menu for #1DinDC. Come by Nando’s 7th St tomorrow to order @OneDirection’s favorites!”

Nandos special One Direction menu - awesome!

The menu says:

Five directions to mouthwatering Peri-Peri chicken! Taste your favorite’s favorite ‘One Thing’.

1. The Harry

A wrap with double chicken breast basted with Mango & Lime Peri-Peri sauce, with fresh green leaf lettuce, peppery sweet chilli jam, tangy yoghurt sauce, plus grilled pineapple and cheddar cheese.

2. The Liam

A whole butterfly-cut chicken breast without skin basted with our Medium Peri-Peri sauce with sides of olives and perinaise.

3. The Louis

1/2 chicken basted with our Medium Peri-Peri sauce and served with chunky, garlic-buttered red skin mashed potatoes and perinaise.

4. The Niall

A wrap with double chicken breast basted with Medium Peri-Peri sauce with peppery sweet chilli jam and tangy yoghurt sauce, plus five medium wings, perinaise, and spicy rice.

5. The Zayn

A toasted pita with double chicken breast basted with our Medium Peri-Peri sauce, served toasted with a delicious mix of crispy vegetables and mayonnaise with a hint of fresh cilantro. Sides of olives, coleslaw, and corn on the cob.

Which of the boy’s orders would you go for?

  • #1 Directioner

    Probably all of them, if i had enough money 😉

  • Stini2526


  • Brooke Horan

    Nialler’s (:

    • Fiona Irish

      I agree with u!!!! TEAM NIALL!!!

      • amber loves1dforever

        team niall yay!

  • Sharlin Kazi

    omggg why do i have to live in germany?! :(

    • mariiiaa

      Omg yess ugh and i’m not german but we don’t have nando’s in my country either so it sucks !!

      • Jazmine


  • Kanaanmoon

    I want to try Harry’s it sound amazing

  • Kayla

    I want to try the harry it sounds just extrodiharry ether that or zayns

  • freja horan

    Niall’s sounds nice I will deffo get that next time I go

  • victoria e

    I want to get every single one than go give them to fellow directioners cant wait to see the menu ill go tomorrow!!!!

  • Abigail

    I would try Nialls but I live in Ohio and there is no Nandos:(

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    I would eat every single one of those.

  • Riel Whittle

    Oh my gosh! I’m going to their concert there today! I must tell my mom this! I was planning on going to Nandos anyway :3 this just makes it special 😀

  • BloodyStylinson

    But like when you order it… “Can I get the NIall please?” asdfygjuhkgfdfghjk

  • Nia malik

    Is it only available in America ?

    • liz

      ya it is only available in the US

      • Abigail

        Not in Ohio:(

        • liz

          i meant washinton, i live in cali and i dont get it

  • ♥Mrs. Emma Tommo♥

    I would order Louis’!!!! 😀 <3 It sounds yummy

  • Nikki Horan

    The Louis sounds really good! Lol

  • Fiona Irish

    these boys eat A LOT! lol

  • Mrs.Styles

    I would love to try “the Harry” or maybe “the Zayn” they sound yummy :)

    • Tildisen <3

      Belive me, Harry and Zayn are yummy; P < 3

  • Jessica Einarson

    the Niall

  • Eliana HarryMou


  • Michaela


  • gabby

    I thought nialls would be the whole restrant

  • Ailynnn

    I would probably get like zayns and Louis’s

  • sarah

    “can i get a niall with a harry kids meal” lol

  • Maggie LaBerta

    “Can I get a Harry, with dipping sauce?” That doesn’t even sound right.

  • Lynny Lynn Lynn

    I thought Niall would have the most food items…xDDD

  • Riel Whittle

    I wonder if this was only yesterday or longer? I hope I can go there and get it since I live really close! Oh and for anyone lucky enough to be going to a 1D concert let me tell u it was amazing!!!! 5SofS were great! They got us all pumped up for 1D!!! And let me tell u it was freakin loud!!!!!!! Not that that’s a surprise but still! P.S bring posters…. And a electronic device and or flashlight. P.S.S I probably sound like I’m bragging and I’m really sorry about that! I’m just so excited please don’t be mad at me!

  • Anastasya Ho

    They don’t have Nando’s here in Indonesia, and if Niall knew I never had Nando’s he’ll freak. Wonder how they taste like anyway…

  • Phillip Yousif

    I would eat them anyday!!!

  • katie markillie

    id like to see the Louis 😀

  • arianna010502


  • Jazmine

    The Louis


    personally i’d go for Harry’s, closest to what i usually order .-. woah xD

  • crazy mofo

    Om1d amazing

  • Tildisen <3

    Wow, what a LITTLE Niall eats; P

  • mehnaz mourshed

    i’m really hungry now