Phew! Liam Payne HAS NOT Been Poisoned!

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Poisoned? What?

Yep, rumours were doing the rounds on Twitter yesterday that Liam Payne had been poisoned and was in hospital receiving treatment.

Not to worry however, as girlfriend Danielle Payne has rubbished the rumours.

Danielle tweeted: “@TommoIsHot he’s not in hospital. He’s ok :) xx”

Liam let his fans know that everything was ok too by saying he was off to get something to eat, just after saying that he was going to follow a few people – lucky buggers!

Liam tweeted the following three messages:

“Sunny days make me happy ! Whats everyone up to?”

“Goin to do some following….”

“Ill be back on later to do some more following ! Need to get some dinner #imhungry”

Get well soon Liam (from your imaginary poisoning), umm, we mean please follow @1Direction_X! :)