One Direction Fact Files

  • Eva

    Happy Birthday Zayn your 1 year older (20)

  • Maaike

    Happy birthday everebody
    Ik kan geen engels

  • joumana

    i love you harry i very love you

    • abbi chud

      no harry styles is mine I love him not u and what is his number as I have been trying to get in touch and if you give it to me (the real one) we can both share harry. is that a deal if so thank you

  • true directioner! :3

    i LIKE Zayn Malik, not love because i havent met him…<l3 YET!

  • hathee anis

    i lv zayn malik<3<3

  • Directioner Forever

    They are all amaZAYN!

  • Directioner Forever

    Guys it is not true that harry sleeps naked …I am sure!

    • abbi chud

      I know that it is not true because I have every thing about him at home and I know a lot about him.

  • Zoe B.

    Harry is so perfect!

  • kathy orpilla

    i Love aLL ne d

  • 1D forever❤

    I’m glad Zayn wants to quit smoking not only for his fans bu because it’s better for him too!

  • directioner ilove you

    los amo 1d I love you zayn

  • Eugee Canalla


  • Guest

    Aww! <3 As for me, Niall is the cutest one! :*

  • Samantha Wollacott

    I just love liams fear of spoons.. its sooo cute:3

  • khadija

    hay zayn i love you soooo muche

    • onedirectionrocks0206123

      yes you are

  • Brady


  • Directioner

    I love all of them<3<3<3 Look how cute they are!!!<3<3

    • Megan<31D

      awww thats a really cute pic!! i love the colour coordination too!

      • sally

        i love one direction!
        did u see that girl on t.v who didnt know they’re first song??
        wow that must be embarassing for her..!

    • sally

      one direction rock!

    • zniam


    • Rizki Aprilla Pratiwi

      i miss them :’)

  • Meriel Candelosa

    i love you zayn

  • maria vigil1D


    • abbi chud

      no he is mine as I am the best and I have all his pics etc. so back off if you want I can do u a trade I will let you say that as long as I have his number please because then I will let you say what ever about him as long as it is nice things coz I wont let him get upset.

  • Deema Soub

    I loved all of them ,,,,but the best 4 me is zayn’s fact file :)

  • Rebecca Tinsley

    rebecca harry styles hot

  • Rinad gamal

    i want to know zayn malik’grandfather name cause i am from egypt i talk arabic it’s our language

    • Rabbia Sajjad

      Azaad Malik

  • Rinad gamal

    you have to know that the best member is harry styles

    • saara

      All the same

  • martina

    I Love You One Direction <3

  • reghan

    i downloaded nialls profile

  • Karoll Caicedo


  • xdirectionerx


  • grace

    I love 1d they mean everything to me and there cute and fit

  • grace

    Omg 1d world should be built near were I live

  • Burcu

    they are very cute ı love all of them too

  • Emma edward Styles

    love guysss soooooooooo much

  • loll

    know iloves he !!! :)

  • abbi chud

    hi one direction how are you I am fine. harry this is for you…… I love you so much and I want to marry you no joke your the best I passed a quiz about you about one hour ago
    love you harry xxxxxxxxxxx <3

  • Adrina


  • Minakshi AJ

    Niall …my cuteee piee….<3