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One Direction Fact Files


Harry Styles factfile Zayn Malik factfile

To go with our existing pages of Harry Styles facts, Zayn Malik facts (not forgetting the other three!), we’ve put together some cool factfiles-come-wallpaper images for you to download.

Each factfile features some hot photos of each One Direction member, along with their essential stats. Download your favourite or download all five of them!

Click on each photo below to open up a larger version, and then you can right-click the big image to save it to your computer.

Ain’t they just SWEET!

If you have any more hot 1D facts, then please post them in the comments section below.

Which One Direction fact file is your favourite?

  • Eva

    Happy Birthday Zayn your 1 year older (20)

  • Maaike

    Happy birthday everebody
    Ik kan geen engels

  • joumana

    i love you harry i very love you

  • true directioner! :3

    i LIKE Zayn Malik, not love because i havent met him…<l3 YET!

  • hathee anis

    i lv zayn malik<3<3

  • Directioner Forever

    They are all amaZAYN!

  • Directioner Forever

    Guys it is not true that harry sleeps naked …I am sure!

  • Zoe B.

    Harry is so perfect!

  • kathy orpilla

    i Love aLL ne d

  • 1D forever❤

    I’m glad Zayn wants to quit smoking not only for his fans bu because it’s better for him too!

  • directioner ilove you

    los amo 1d I love you zayn

  • Eugee Canalla


  • Guest

    Aww! <3 As for me, Niall is the cutest one! :*

  • Samantha Wollacott

    I just love liams fear of spoons.. its sooo cute:3

  • khadija

    hay zayn i love you soooo muche

  • Brady


  • Directioner

    I love all of them<3<3<3 Look how cute they are!!!<3<3

    • Megan<31D

      awww thats a really cute pic!! i love the colour coordination too!

      • sally

        i love one direction!
        did u see that girl on t.v who didnt know they’re first song??
        wow that must be embarassing for her..!

    • sally

      one direction rock!

    • zniam


  • Meriel Candelosa

    i love you zayn

  • maria vigil1D


  • Deema Soub

    I loved all of them ,,,,but the best 4 me is zayn’s fact file :)

  • Rebecca Tinsley

    rebecca harry styles hot

  • Rinad gamal

    i want to know zayn malik’grandfather name cause i am from egypt i talk arabic it’s our language

    • Rabbia Sajjad

      Azaad Malik

  • Rinad gamal

    you have to know that the best member is harry styles

    • saara

      All the same

  • martina

    I Love You One Direction <3

  • reghan

    i downloaded nialls profile

  • Karoll Caicedo


  • xdirectionerx


  • grace

    I love 1d they mean everything to me and there cute and fit

  • grace

    Omg 1d world should be built near were I live

  • Burcu

    they are very cute ı love all of them too

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