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One Direction Movie Posters


It’s going to be the movie event of the decade!

That’s right, the very first One Direction movie, called ‘This Is Us’, will be hitting the big screen in August 2013, giving us all an amazing insight into the life of One Direction and letting us get up close and personal with Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam.

To help you celebrate the 1D3D movie we’ve brought you a bunch of great posters below, starting with the official one and then also featuring a couple we made ourselves.

Print them off and stick them on your wall!

Here’s our latest bunch, starting with a montage of all the boy’s faces in the background.

This Is Us - One Direction's new movie - poster artwork

The tagline of the movie is “Experience their lives on the road”, and wherever you live in the world you’ll be able to go behind-the-scenes with them.

New movie poster artwork for One Direction's 'This Is Us'

How funny is the video for ‘Best Song Ever? Take a look at our BSE inspired poster below, starring Marcel, Leeroy, Veronica, Harvey and Johnny. Who’s your fave?

THIS IS US! New movie artwork for 1D's mega documentary movie

Can you just imagine the moment when you see Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry on the big screen?

1D This Is Us movie poster - Cinema version

Here’s the official movie poster.

The official One Direction movie poster for This Is Us

Download this poster to capture the Brit-factor. Spot famous London landmarks in the background.

One Direction movie poster 02 - This Is Us

Here’s the first ‘This Is Us’ movie poster we created last year. “See One Direction Come to Life!”. Yep, it’s in 3D ;)

1D3D - One Direction movie poster - This Is Us

For this next poster we’ve used the promo photo for next year’s massive ‘Where We Are’ stadium tour. Exciting!

This Is Us movie poster - One Direction #06

We think this next poster reminds us of Godzilla. Just the font really. We’re not saying 1D remind us of a big scary dragon-beast :)

This Is Us movie poster - One Direction #05

Focus on the smouldering good looks of Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam by downloading the next poster.

This Is Us movie poster - One Direction #04

If you want more ‘This Is Us’ goodies, make sure you download our super-cool One Direction infographic.


If you’ve downloaded any of these and printed them off for your bedroom wall – then we wanna see! Take a pic and post it in the comments below…



  • harrystyles101


  • Sophia Nicole Bernas

    is one direction going in philippines?

    • Marco Campos

      Unfortunately, nahh. I really hope that they’ll come here one day :DD

    • Alison Tomlinson

      imposible teh, chicserifics kasi inaaway directioners. tas nakarating sa 1D. kaya imposible na.

    • Kyla Venneth Remigio

      some day

  • Micha Marie Curibang

    how much the ticket?

    • Eliza_Horan14

      The same price as any other movie…

  • sarraaahh:)

    AAHHHH!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!! :D

  • It’sASecret

    Blarg I wish I could afford tickets!

    • It’sASecret

      I mean, to an actual concert.

  • Angel Rimel

    me: Mommy I wuv you so berry much *bats eyelashes*
    Mom: Is this One Direction related
    Me: Yes *pouty face*
    Mom: How much is this gonna cost me
    Me: A movie ticket, slushy, and box of cookie dough bites
    Mom: Movie
    Me: YUP Please please please please…
    Mom: If I say yes will you shut up
    Me: Most likely
    Mom: Fine you can go
    Me: *passes out from excitement*

  • Håidÿ ƪǿvë


  • Ava Heffernan

    I am totally going to that I love Zayn.

  • Andi_Payne

    im gonna beg my mom to buy me, her, and my friend tickets. i bet your wondering “why is her mom going?” well thats because we are only 11. sad YES!

  • marley devon robinson

    can’t wait till they released on my country, well i hope so…

  • jayde > u

    me: *sobs*

  • Leila Bernal-Gamez

    Can one dricetion comming to c. Christi Texas I want Harry

  • Leila Bernal-Gamez

    Harry tell tell your manager that you never came to corpus Christi Texas and I want u and the others to come on tour 2014 Im 11 years old here’s my this is mine 4609201 and this my sisters 3624426456

    • Sara Grabowski

      Leila i am going to their concert in August 29 and 30

  • Leila Bernal-Gamez

    Please I have a lot of fans you all please for a free disguise for for yours and zayns deal I will not tell anyone promise

  • katie markillie

    LOL whats up with Louis in some of these? Lol….but in others he and the boys are, of course, as always, ADORABLE

  • katie markillie

    i think i love the last one the best :)

  • Eliza_Horan14



      YAY!!!! A FRIEND !!! :)))))

  • Acacia Brinley Clark

    coolll i gona see !!! :)

  • shianna






  • ayanna styles

    omg I luv the first poster

  • alexis

    Can’t wait to see it

  • Angelica Grace

    It comes out on my 18th birthday. :) Super stoked. Anyone else in Chicago going? Just wondering. :)

    • Yadira

      I AM!!!! Hopefully I see you haha

  • sumaiya nazeer

    luv u all.. Im waitng..

  • martina gauci

    i love you , you are heros, youan ausem band &so much more

  • neha khan

    omg it’s unbelievable

  • reyna

    i want see the movie where one direction going to be and i want to zayn so much he and the band have been a hero to me in my life.

  • mariviealejo

    i love one direction


    EHTS SO BIIUTIFUH …….. :;)))))

  • McKenzie May

    I got the 1D movie for Christmas and I watched it around 1 1/2 hours ago! It was amazing , amazing , amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better movie then the 1D movie! It was heart touching and funny which by the ways is the perfect combo. <3 It was amazing!

  • Aya Asem


    i watch best song ever


    i I have not watch best movie ever :'(

  • ツ❤Aysha Styles❤™ •1Ð

    This is 1D

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