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One Direction Tumblr


So Tumblr is massive, and if you don’t own a Tumblr page, you’re kinda missing out.

We’re fairly new to the site but we love what it offers, especially because we just love looking at One Direction pics all day long!

And this is somewhere we can do that, and it wouldn’t be too weird ;)

So, this is why we decided to create our own Tumblr page!


We love sharing the best and latest 1D pics with you guys, but it’s not very wise to bombard the website with them every single minute of the day, but on Tumblr this is acceptable!

We’re all over it all the time, spreading brand new 1D pics and reblogging some fab ones :D

So follow us and we’ll try to follow you back and maybe reblog some of your stuff :D


 We mostly follow 1D crazy Tumblrs because that’s what we’re all about!

So here’s a few of our faves, why not give them a follow?



We especially love the mega cool cursor on this page, it’s awesooooome :D



We love how pretty all of her pics are :D

So, get yourself down to Tumblr… or you’re missing out ;)

Also, Tumblr is crazy on GIFs, so if you’re a fan of them, then why not check out our One Direction GIF Gallery?


  • Deigh Aledia

    i love temyong :D



  • Amancay Beliectioner


  • Jazmin785


  • Aamira Mohammed

    zayn is so hottttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Juuh_1D


  • Aya Asem

    i love zayn

  • mama direction

    I asked my dad if I could get one, he said no, then I relized what I had said. I had accidentally asked for instagram instead of tumblr, oops

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