PIC: Harry Styles Gets A New Tattoo! #HaveAGuessWhatItIs

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It’s been a while since we’ve been able to report any of the boys getting new ink. But it seems like Harry has broken the inkless-streak.

Harry, seemingly keeping up with the nautical theme of the massive ship on his bicep, and the few pieces that bandmate Louis has, got a rather large anchor on his left forearm, just by his hand.

Harry Styles and his new anchor tattoo

Now, correct us if we’re wrong, but didn’t he have a tattoo there before? We’re pretty sure the anchor actually covers his ‘I can’t change’ tattoo! We don’t quite know if it covers up any of the other small tattoos he had dotting his skin around his left hand, but only time will tell.

There’s probably some meaning, like keeping him grounded or something like that, tied to this large piece. But we don’t understand why he’d cover up the previous tattoo. The old tattoo wasn’t horribly done, so maybe he just didn’t like it? We have no idea.

All we really know is that it’s an anchor, it’s rather large for where it is, and that it seems to tie in perfectly with the massive ship by his shoulder.

Maybe he’ll have them tattoo a giant rope connecting the anchor to the ship? Who knows!

Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love the ink that all of the lads in One Direction have. But sometimes we’re just left wondering why :)

We’ll need to update our Tattootastic Guide to Harry Style’s Tattoo’s pretty soon won’t we!

Tell us what you guys think about Harry’s newest tattoo and why he might have covered his old ‘I can’t change’ one.

  • Craziest Mofo

    LOVE it! Matches his ship tattoo but don’t like the fact that it covers up “Things I Can’t”.

    • Infinity

      same i just wish it didnt cover up his i cant change tattoo

      • Craziest Mofo

        Yea, I feel ya

    • Mrs. Horlinson

      it doesn’t cover up that tattoo . it covers up “I Can’t Change”

      • Craziest Mofo

        Oh lol, I feel stupid xD I get confused as they both have “Can’t”, ya know? xD

        • Mrs. Horlinson

          lol yeah i get you XD

    • angie lovern


  • anna-1D-Bastille

    I love this tattoo it really is a nice one :) and Harry’s just sooo cute in that pic <3

  • Dawn Sprague

    That one is pretty cool, but I think he has way too many. He looked better without the tattoos.

    • Gone Mad 4 1D

      I think he would look better either way! Harry is so cute!

      • Anamilet Artis

        Same here girl! ^^

  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    Harry covered up his “i can’t change” tattoo bc he saw pictures of him from 2011 and discovered he lied…

    • Sidney Wawak

      No ones gonna call u swift ! What kind of pictures? What about lies?

      • A_Dedicated_Directioner

        Well..i said ‘change’ meanin his hair..nd of course his addiction towards tattoos…They r great…bt coverin up his ‘I Can’t Change’ tattoo…idk
        That was one of my fav…Umm…bt i jus hope there’s some reason behind tht! :)

        • Anamilet Artis

          Yeah He’s A pic I found
          Its totally covered up //:

  • Styles Harry

    It’s great! Love it!

  • Reshma Tomlinson

    but i thought the ‘things i cant’ tattoo was on the underside of his arm, between elbow and his hand

  • Bella

    I wish he didn’t have as many tattoos, he looks better without a ton. I didn’t mind them at first but now they are a bit too much.

    • Mrs. Stypayhorlikson

      No offence but I think you should accept him as he is. I’m not trying to be mean but they’re his decisions, I respect them, and I love them. Please don’t take offence.

      • ~ Kate ~

        Mrs. Stypayhorlikson- please shut up! nobody ask for your imput!

        • angie lovern

          dont be rude she is right

        • Anamilet Artis

          OMFG :p like wth??

        • Mrs. Stypayhorlikson

          Last time I checked this was posted as public

        • Mrs. Stypayhorlikson

          And you don’t have to be rude I was stating my opinion. Maybe you should rethink before you say something. You could ruin someones day. And I was’t trying to be mean either

      • Sydney

        I agree w/ both of u. I think we should accept him (and love him) how h is, but I do think he would better without some of the tatts

  • Zena

    Honestly I don’t like that it covers his whole wrist… a smaller one would be nice, I love his tattoos anyway

  • 1DcrazymofoKevinbatmanperson

    I love and support Harry in everything he does. But another tattoo? Seriously Harry? Ah but it’s cute! Gotta love him!

  • Directioner Mrs.Styles

    It’s Amazayn I love everything about Harry

    • Helene Wilt

      It’s 2014… Did you seriously just say that?

  • Tessa Gilbert

    I love anchor tattoos!!

  • swiftdirection

    It looks a bit awkward being so big but I love it nonetheless

  • lexig 76

    Only harry knows the meaning behind his tattoos, the world will never know…

    • Anamilet Artis

      Lolz unless he told the world the meaning :p

  • Stini2526

    i like it and maybe he did not like the saying

  • Alessia Enea


  • joanna

    I think its awesome!! maybe he just thought it was the best place to put it??? Idk! Its his body he can do w.e. he wants….

  • Nitepony Ramirez


  • Sidney Wawak

    I think it’s cool! But to many tats. But I still love every single one of them as much as I love every inch and centimeter of that boy !

  • Lianne

    I love tattoos on boys!! (don;t know if I like that one but whatever love the ink)
    The picture haha not his most attractive moment, but we all have those pics unfortunately.

  • SarahDirection69

    Isn’t his ‘I can’t change’ tattoo on the inside I his wrist? Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I lose track of all his tats! Lol

    • Anamilet Artis

      Lol ikr he has so many tats its hard to keep track
      And here’s a picture you can see for yourself ^^

  • SarahDirection69

    Do not hate me for this Elounor shippers, bcoz I am inbetween both Larry and Elounor. But I realised Louis has a rope and Harry has an anchor. An Louis has a compass and Harry has a ship. This has got to be more than a coincidence. Although maybe they are completely innocent and picked out tattoos together! Sorry that I brought this up

  • 1Dfanatic

    Harry will look hot no matter if he has a lot of tats or not

  • Whitney Burnette

    I like tattoos..have one myself that I am working on and adding a little to it….but I feel like a whole bunch is just crazy…yeah they mean something but I feel like there is a point that is reached when there are too many and he is pretty close

  • directionner

    I love this tato *o*

  • çhårłõtte


  • Rose Winters

    You know his ‘I can’t change’ tattoo? Well I think it says that because he’s gay. But no one could figure it out. I did haha! But anyway. You know the song ‘same love’ by macklemore or something? Well in the song its says ‘I can’t change’ because a gay person can’t change that they’re gay. When that song came out, he got that tattoo. I don’t want to believe it but it seems as though it is true. He knows we’re on to him. I think thats why he covered it. Why else would he cover it if he wasn’t hiding something?

    • Anamilet Artis

      Shut up with the Larry Sh*t >.<
      Its annoying

      • Helene Wilt

        Don’t tell her to shut up she was only stating her thoughts. I think it makes sense and I’m on the fence about Larry vs Elounor… What’s annoying is when people fight about it

        • Anamilet Artis

          But Louis and Harry arent gay
          So its really stupid when people say they are

          • harrygirl1Dadele

            So true!! People should stop making them feel uncomfortable spreading lies and dumb theories,it’s hurting both Harry and Louis and El as well :(

          • Anamilet Artis

            Thank you Finally!,someone who understands

          • Helene Wilt

            Technically, you don know if they are or not. All you know is what they -and/or management- want you to know. I’m not saying that they ARE gay or whatever, but I’m simply saying that if someone believes they are, they are entitled to that opinion. Wither you think it’s annoying or not. As for me I’m pretty sure Harry is with Kendall… does it mean that once Harry didn’t have some feelings for Louis, No. But it also doesn’t mean that he did. I’m just saying that you may be annoyed with the people saying it happened, but they are probably just as annoyed at you for saying it didn’t.

          • Anamilet Artis

            Well Louis And Hazza Said in many interviews that theyre just friends.And It hurts when you are best friends with someone of the same gender as you and then people go around saying that you guys are in some relationship when in reality you’re not.How would you feel?And if Harry and Louis were gay and interested in guys they wouldnt be dating girls.And you will see that Larry was never real when Louis getsmarried to a girl(could be Eleanor) And Harry gets married to a girl.And Also If Harry and Louis were “soooooooo” interested in guys why would they be describing how they want their girls to look and how they want a girl to cuddle with and ect.???Im done here -,- Bye

          • Helene Wilt

            One, there is a such thing as being bisexual, and two I’m not saying they are oh soooooo in love, but simply that it is possible they HAD something. Yes they have girlfriends now which means Larry is not together. I know that, you know that. But don’t expect everyone to believe that they’re not. If they want to believe it they can. It doesn’t mean they should ridicule the boys about it but damn you don’t have to get so heated about it. Oh and ps, that pic could easily be photoshopped. I would know.

          • Anamilet Artis

            First I never ever said there was no such thing as bissexual.Im just saying that Louis Loves Eleanor and If he said Him and Harry are just friends then listen and dont say that its more than that cause they never have said that.Come to me when they Say theyre Gay or bisexual.Kay??Okay 😀 Ps:I could care less for the damn picture.Its the interview and tweets that say it all

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDwKcxxPteY katie_styles

    NOOOO NOOOO NOOOO!!!! I SAW THIS PIC LAST NIGHT WHEN I WAS HAVING A SLEEPOVER WITH MY TWO FRIENDS AND WE STARTED CRYING!!! OMFG MY EMOTIONS ATM!!! I WISH HE DIDN’T COVER UP HIS I CAN’T CHANGE TATTOO!!! WTF HARRY YOU’VE COVERED UP SO MANY!!! you guys!!! i cant change was like him saying that he wouldnt change for people but since he covered it maybe something happened…OMFG with an anchor!!! guys maybe he covered it up with an anchor so its like weighing him down!!!! ._. oh my god…..but i do love his ship tattoo and his things i can things i cant tattoo <3

  • ♥ mrs 1D ♥

    I love it♥ and I also love the fact that he covered the “I can’t change” tattoo cuz maybe he can now 😉

  • ThroughMyEyes

    If I were 1d’s friend, I’d ask harry what his ‘I can’t change’ tattoo meant, and why he covered it up.. :c I wish I were their friend!! #IWBF

    • ThroughMyEyes

      Lol idk what I did on that ‘#IWBF’ xD

  • Anonymously Harry

    I wish i could just ask him what all the tattoos mean. And why he covered up the “i can’t change”. But I think he looks adorable no matter what he does.

    • Mrs. Stypayhorlikson

      I think its because that song that’s about being gay and stuff and a lyric in the song is “I can’t change, even if I tried” And he probably thought there would be too much drama. But that song has been out for awhile so idk

      • Anonymously Harry

        Oh ok I guess that makes sense thanks. But that’s one thing that pisses me off. The fact that he has to cover one of his old tattoos because it might be too much drama.

        • Olivia

          Ikr! I was thinking the same thing!

      • Anamilet Artis

        I dont think that song was about him
        I just think Macklemoore wrote that song for all the lgbt’s out there
        And the girl who sings in that song is a lesbian btw

        • Helene Wilt

          It doesn’t have to be about him for him to get a tattoo with the lyrics

          • Anamilet Artis

            I know,
            I never said he got the tattoo because the song was about him

  • Mickey Tommo

    I thought that his tatoo ‘i can’t change’ was on his other hand?

    • Mrs. Stypayhorlikson


    • Anamilet Artis

      nope just look (:

  • Ashleigh

    Harry covers his I can’t change tattoo with an anchor? I mean don’t get me wrong but is he trying to say that he did change? Or something? Haha idk why I’m asking none of us will know besides Harry I just had to ask. I think it’s kinda weird tho that he coves his I can’t change tattoo with anchor anyone agree??

    • <3Niall'sGirl<3

      thats a good question.. haha

  • nala

    Maybe he thought he had to many and didnt like them. Mabye he thought that he was getting more mature and those were younger silly tattoos mabye there were so many that he just had to cover them up with a bigger tattooto make it look like he had less tattoos

  • JadeLovesOneDirection

    I love harrys tattoos even though they are a little random they keep me guessing! Its like a mystery I want to solve with him! And if you don’t like his tattoo your loss its his body, he is an adult and he can do what he wants! Personally I love them!

  • CarrotsAllDaWay<3

    its been so long since they’ve done anything about Louis! :’c

  • <3Niall'sGirl<3

    ahhh come on harry no more tattoos! D: ur perfect without them (not that he isn’t still perfect)

  • Olga

    Не ну нахрена? И так блять исписан весь. Скоро двадцать лет, а ума нет! Гарри, ну зачем тебе эти тату? :(

  • helga

    i love him with tattoos or without it he’s perfect with everything :* :* :* <3 <3 <3 #icelandisthebest :) #ilovethe1Dboys

  • angie lovern

    actully i liked it he look like a sailor hi ho hi ho lol

  • harriet♥

    I still love him with or without tatoos. Its his body, he can do whatever he wants with it. But what seems to bother me is that, why would he cover up his i cant chage tatoo?

  • Despina Marcou

    I love it

  • hdhdjfggxhzhdh

    That’s cool I hope he evidences he likes it unlike that lock on his wrist

    • Anamilet Artis

      that lock on his wrist still is there
      Look real close…

  • Amarikp

    Getting tattooed expresses him self.

    • Anamilet Artis

      I know right :)

  • kelly <3 louis!!!

    nooooo stop it harry please!!

  • Anamilet Artis

    these are all the tats Harry covered up except that small lock
    And Harry is getting alot of tattoos but I WILL support Hazza and his decisions because i love him <3 And with or without tattoos,He''ll always be hot,funny,and ExtrodinHarry! <3 (:

  • Jaden D.

    New tat….woot woot

  • gigilove143

    I like it I guess…. it does match with the ship tattoo he got

  • Anjali Styles


  • Kirstie Fiona Rose

    It looks sooo good on him! I just wish he didn’t have to cover up the “I Can’t Change” tattoo. Haha, it’s a bit ironic how he changed a tattoo saying he cant change! LOL. But still Harry looks good with or without tattoos! Just sayinnnn…

  • lola

    i love you

  • lola


  • Laila Grace Horan

    l-o-v-e it

  • I love Niall

    Harry what is wrong with you”you do know that you cant make them go away right I love Niall and hate you

  • Suvi Tuomola

    c’mon he covered the i can’t change tattoo because he doesn’t have to change anymore since they’re leaving modest