PIC: Harry Styles’ NEW Tattoo!

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Looks like 1D’s Harry Styles is becoming addicted to the tattooist chair as he gets another MASSIVE ink on his arm!


Harry went under the needle again in Los Angeles, accompanied by new love Taylor Swift.

The design features a ship on his arm, and it seems to be identical to the one that features on a guy in Taylor’s new music video – coincidence? I think not!

Supposedly, the design is believed to symbolise someone’s life and if they’ve travelled through rough seas, struggled along the way but are a free spirit.

Harry spent four hours getting the ship drawn into his skin, before being joined by Taylor.

A source said that Taylor spent an hour in Shamrock Tattoo Shop while her new beau got inked.

During the time they were inside, Harry’s security moved his suitcases into the car Taylor arrived in. They left together and were happy to speak to a few dozen fans who had waited to meet them.

Another source reported: “They looked really happy together and Harry couldn’t take his eyes off Taylor.”

Aww, isn’t that sweet. Young love, eh? 😀

So, how many more tattoos do we reckon Harry will get? Is there any stopping him?

And how many more will Taylor be choosing for him? ‘Cause we reckon she’s had some say in this one!

  • 1d_sister

    I love his new tattoo!!!
    It’s meaning is simple but effective!!!
    Young love that’s what!!! I’m starting to like Haylor…
    But still, I get tensed and worried when I think of the future… when Taylor will write some crazy break up song about him!! C’mon! We all know its gonna happen!!!
    I’m starting to think of something…
    I think before Harry turns 19 he’ll have 19 tats!!! That’s gonna be lovely!!!
    But if Taylor asked him to get this tattoo, then I’m really mad at her!!!
    Harry’s going under her charm…
    I’m kinda feeling low today….
    I just had a HORRIBLE dream about Taylor and Harry!!! It was crazy!!! Cats featured in it too!!! (You should be knowing that I HATE cats)
    Whatever!!! Love this new tattoo

  • NiallersPrincess

    Taylor slap yourself. You better not be changing Harry!

    • 1d_sister

      I have a bad feeling that she is…
      And the worst part is that Harry doesn’t see this… He is getting changed

      • Niknaz

        Noo..I don’t want another Harry.. :( I want that CRAZY one ..!! 😀

        • Mrs.1D

          I agreee with h:(

          • Niknaz

            Yeah..everyone agreed :D..!!

        • 1d_sister

          Yeah me too!!!

        • Chassity LaRaye Varnold-Styles

          I Totally Agree! I want The Old Hazza Backk :(

        • http://twitter.com/ErinStone8D Erin Stone

          Me too!

        • http://www.facebook.com/kira.martinezreleford Kira Martinez-Releford

          I AGREE XD

      • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

        People will see whatever they want… If they don’t like the relationship, they will see signs that Taylor is a terrible influence on him. If they don’t mind, they will disagree.

        People usually find what they are looking for.

        They guy is 18, he is going to grow up and change, he can’t forever remain a 16 year old X factor contestant. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing IMO.

        He seems to be a good person, and I don’t see any sign of that changing.

        I don’t see how a 1 month relationship could have changed him that much either… But overanalysing fans see things thanks to a couple of pictures and 2 interviews, not that it’s a new thing (Robsten -_-;;;).

        I’m sorry if that was blunt, but the pattern seems very obvious to me.

        • 1d_sister

          I totally agree that they are very cute together and seem happy in love.
          But a change remains a change no matter how hard you try to hide the fact.
          He eventually will grow up and change even more. Lets all just hope that he just changes in a positive way. And hey, I love the couple!!! Just facing the fact, girl!
          And I appreciate the effort that you took to make me understand this. Writing such a huge comment isn’t easy! :)

          • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

            It’s nice to see that not everyone is this hostile to Harry having someone in his life. I’m not even a Taylor fan per se, but seeing him try again for a stable relationship seems like a good sign after the previoous fiasco, it means he has healed… and he wants to build something and is growing up.

            Sometimes, when I read comments from some fans, I think “With fans like that, who needs ennemies?”.
            I really hope that he stays away from the Internet because it seemed like people’s opinions affected him when he was younger. Hopefully he has grown a thicker skin too…

          • http://twitter.com/1DNiallsBabe1D ✖Kɪʀѕᴛy Jᴀɴє✖

            I don’t want our boys to grow up :( there just going to grow further apart from us fans and eventualy break up XP

      • Guest

        I don’t think Taylor is the thing that changing him. And I don’t think it’s bad that he is changing. Of course I wish that they could be more open in interviews like in X Factor, but we are overreacting. He is still the Harry Styles we know and love.

        • 1d_sister

          I hope he remains the Harry that we know and love. I’m saying this not bcoz i wanna over react or something, Sally!
          I’m saying this coz I can’t face the future in which both would be separate and Harry would have been changed!

          • Guest

            True. Sorry, I meant no offense:)

          • 1d_sister

            It’s alright!
            But remember one thing. We all should always support him no matter what…
            He’s our Hazza and we should support him through every positive thing. :)

        • Angie

          BUt Harry stayed to spend time with Taylor for Christmas! of all days Taylor chooses Christmas. I mean Harry has a family to go to that he rarely sees! And all of the boys already left to UK after the xfactor and Harry was seen skiing with Taylor. and Taylor is known to date plenty of guys and make songs out of them. She called Niall some rude name and Harry doesn’t know about it. In an interview, an interviewer asked Harry about Taylor, before that question all of the lads were laughing but when Taylor was brought up they became serious. Even Harry missed band meetings bcuz of spending time with Taylor. and in a picture they were holding hands but Taylors hand was tight Haryy’s hand wasnt holding, Taylor had a happy face, Haryys looked serious. She has somewhat changed Harry!

      • zoe1D

        i wish she would back off abit too clingly

        • 1d_sister

          Exactly! That’s just her style!! Hate it!
          She doesn’t understand taking things slow. And when the other guy wants to take it slow, she just calls it quits and writes some dumb song about him!!!

          • zoe1D

            i gotta agree with u DAMN STRAIGHT aahha

          • 1d_sister


      • http://www.facebook.com/kira.martinezreleford Kira Martinez-Releford

        I Agree with you all

    • Chassity LaRaye Varnold-Styles

      I Think She Is. I Dont Think Harrys The Same.. He’s Changed Since He’s Been Dating Taylor Swift.

    • http://twitter.com/Sophiaismyidol Alana loves Sophia

      tottaly shes just terrible!!! U know Miley Cyrus is called a slut but shes been dating a guy for a while and is engaged on the other hand Taylor is called sweet and loving but shes had 13 boy friend in the past 3 years

      • Sophia

        what else is new

      • 1d_sister

        It’s hard to believe that Harry is dating this b*tch!!

      • Darcy Styles

        what else is new? that’s why she has albums!! she’s probably going to have a new song in like a month called ‘Over Curly Hair and Dimples’ i swear, i’m serious!!!

    • Mrs.1D

      Haaaahha thats true

    • http://twitter.com/1DNiallsBabe1D ✖Kɪʀѕᴛy Jᴀɴє✖

      SHE IS! I hate her

    • Darcy Styles

      SHE IS.

    • Kayla

      The saddest thing ever was when Louis said he missed the OLD Harry (before Taylor)

      • 1d_sister

        So true but soooo sad!!

  • laiia

    Taylor is so stupid!!!

  • Directioner forever

    Harry :O ?<3

  • Niknaz

    I thought Taylor doesn’t like boys who have tattoos..!!

  • Ella <3

    Ahhhhhh!!!! < me screaming, that's how un-happy I am about this tattoo! I will always love Harry no matter what he does and I hope Taylor had nothing to do with this

  • 1Direction234

    Harry, one day you are going to regret getting 1,000,000 tattoos. When you get older you will be sick of looking at them and when you get wayy older they will look first because you will have wrinkly and saggy skin. Tattoos are permanent you can get them removed but after you get them removed you can still see them so I suggest you hold off with the tattoos.

    • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

      I kind of agree that he might regret some tats later in life, especially at the rate he is getting them…
      Let’s hope it won’t be the case…

      • 1d_sister

        I hope he completely understands what he is tattooing !!!

    • Darcy Styles

      i agree, but it’s his own choice…

  • Maria

    has he tattooed a heart over the star??

    • Emmie Horan

      The star is on the underside of his arm, so no :)

      • Maria

        ahh right! thank god :)

  • Heishly

    That’s big ass ship he got there…

  • Heishly

    I reall REALLY hope that Taylor wasnt the one who convinced him to get it,because thats just stupid if he did :/

    • 1d_sister


  • Marija

    uuuuuuuuuu new tattoo love it!!!

  • Alison


    • 1d_sister

      Hi! Firstly, love ur name.
      Secondly, Haylor is not the worst! Jelena is/was

  • http://twitter.com/Sophiaismyidol Alana loves Sophia

    Taylor is going to ruin Harry then break up with him the write a song about him!!!! THATS WHAT SHE ALWAYS DOES !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Taylor is going too far already >:( she is bad for Harry.. Worst couple ever.

  • http://twitter.com/hunt_maris Maris Hunt

    Taylor is going too far.. Haylor – worst couple ever

  • http://www.fb.com/1dsfans Mrs.Ghazal Malik

    Awww I love haylor forever!
    haylor together and forever! <3

    • yanie king

      Zerrie iw WAY WAY better 😉 just sayin

      • http://www.fb.com/1dsfans Mrs.Ghazal Malik

        hmm maby!


        but haylor is forever together and they should marry!

        just saying 😛

    • Sophia

      no just no

      • http://www.fb.com/1dsfans Mrs.Ghazal Malik

        yeah they’re beautiful couple!

  • http://twitter.com/Unavailable_16 Megan19XX♚


  • Mrs.1D

    I heard that taylor is only using harry to get connor back-_-

  • yanie king

    I seriously cant stand their relationship but its harrys choice who he dates

  • cora tomlinson

    I really think harry getting a little to meny tats I love him but it bugs me and so does Taylor.

  • Guest

    I like it, it suits him.

  • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

    Ink is permanent and a girlfriend is not but if this is he’s decision we should be happy? Right

  • sexystyles15

    Wow harry think wat if she’s using u babe think

  • kathy james


  • mkoontz99@me.com

    Taylor Freakin SWIFT u change harry bak off

  • kaa

    ugh. well i lov eTaylor AND Harry

  • http://twitter.com/LaniTaylor1 Lani Taylor☺♡


  • Mrs.Malik <3

    Harry+Taylor=Haylor?! Nooo harry is being drifted away! havent u noticed Hes changing and soon hell be gone so i dont think its working out for us directioners!!!! “/ oh and the tattos are ight but dont get over rated!!(:

  • http://twitter.com/Depressed1713 Megan

    Taylor. Leave Harry alone. You go through bf’s like I do socks. Seriously..Your 23 WHAT DO YOU WANT in an 18yr old? Just like you dated Connor Kennedy..He was 17 and you were 22….Thats illegal…JS!

  • directioner 4eva

    Geez, well the kid can do whatever he wants, but that tatoo……omg that tatoo is TOO big and TOO much. My gosh, by the time it is 2014, he would be covered. Simon has to do something to slow the proses of these tatoos. Like I would not mind if he got that one, but getting it like 1 month away from the last one…..

  • Sophia

    This picture is reality.

  • nikkirocx 11

    Guys he’s what like 18 if he didn’t what that tattoo he wouldent get the darn thing and if him and Taylor really like. one another they wouldent try 2 Chang anything ’bout them

    • Sophia


  • http://twitter.com/KarlaSantos_29 Nιαll ιn мy ѕнower

    So… Haylor is confirmed now? :/

    • 1D lover

      Yes Haylor is confirmed

  • zoe1D

    STOP JUST STOP, it’s too much!


    I think haylor is cute but i think taylor is changing harry a little butt i suppor haylor none the less

  • NonHaylorShippaa

    He’s changing because he’s in love, k? Blinded by love. Let’s just continue to see what happens to Haylor…. I mean like, we can’t do anything about it right? o_O

  • http://twitter.com/love1dlovepink sarah

    I will not sabotage Haylor, but I will not support them at all.

  • NunuHoran

    Stop changing harry.. let him be himself.. poor harry

  • Love your Directioners

    I don’t really like haylor and autocorrect Taylor is 23 and Harry is 18 so Taylor makes this Haylor thing an old couple. I support them but i don’t ship them……

  • Jane

    When Harry is bored, he just gets a new tattoo,
    and when Taylor is bored, she just gets a new boyfriend!!

  • http://twitter.com/KrystalBell20 Krystal Bell

    Um judging by the photos of them today harry had a massive distance behind taylor and looked a bit distant! And harry is like addicted to tattoos and no offence i love him but some of them are very silly

  • SmileYourBeautiful:)

    Taylor leave Harry alone everyone knows your only working on another album

  • Sarah

    I don’t have any problem with tattoos but i prefer our cute and mamaboy harry!

    • 1d_sister


      • Sarah

        😀 tnx

  • http://www.facebook.com/megan.magee.79 Megan Magee

    I hope Taylor doesn’t end up breaking one direction up but if Harry likes her then I’m fine with it

  • kenzie

    Harry shouldn’t get to many tattoos…. at a certain point they get disgusting!!! :) some of them are cute tho… but not TO Many :)) I don’t really care for Haylor… I just worried that Harry Is in over his head this time. I think his heart is in this relationship more then Taylor. I mean I hope taylor likes him back cuz I know it would devasta’re him if they broke up. Talyor nees to rethink her life if she’s only using harry

  • Aylin

    I think tht represents harry but you know taylor always goin like tht

  • Directioner

    I’m heartbroken how could u taylor

  • Darcy Styles

    omg let’s hope that Taylor won’t separate Harry from the rest of the guys. Cause people are saying that’s how the Beatles broke up and 1D are always compared to the Beatles!!…..And i just read the second paragraph. she’s totally brainwashing him in some way!! That’s probably what Joe Jonas meant in an interview! When he was asked about Haylor, he responded saying “All i can say is good luck Harry” (Taylor Swift dated Joe Jonas when the Jonas Brothers were most popular…) i bet if Harry wasn’t ‘the Harry Styles from One Direction’ that she wouldn’t even date him if she saw him as a normal person.

  • Maria

    there is no way that is harry

  • http://twitter.com/AName0102 Anonymous Name

    Taylor should get a tat saying ‘I’m using Harry styles for a million bucks’ cuz that’s way she’s doin

  • phenomiNIALL:)

    I hate the fact that in a way it seems like Taylor is tring to change our luvable hazza!!!! And i really wish harry doesn’t get another tatoo, i don’t want him to end up like thoose guys with tats all over there arms

  • Nightshade

    Harry liam Louis and Niall don’t really fit with tattoos

  • Directioner❤❤❤4eva

    God sake if he is happy why can’t his fans!! If u were a true fan u would support him through everything!! He is obviously happy and enjoying it and if he wants a tattoo he can! If he didn’t want a tattoo that Taylor picked he would say it isn’t his character to let people walk over him so he obviously must have agreed!

    As for more tattoos I think he should thoroughly think it through as it is difficult to remove tattoos but he is young and enjoying life so it’s up to him ❤

  • OneDirectioner300

    I dislike Harry and Taylor being together.
    If I was to give Harry some advice I would say ‘Follow your heart.And if you really like Taylor dont let her go.’

    :) I am wise!

  • OneDirectioner300

    Hey Niknaz
    You seem quite wise with words so I am following you.You are the first person for me to follow so CONSIDER YOURSELF LIKED!

  • one direction lover xox

    UM i actually thought this realationship was going to work but not any more
    oh well harry mite as well be single forever

  • Taylor haight

    that is really cool

  • niki

    I love harry styles

  • imsister

    I bet he’s regretting that ship now that he and Taylor are over…lol