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PIC: Niall Gets A Sexy Mankini For Christmas!


Cheeky blonde chappie and Irish superstar Niall Horan woke up on Christmas morning to find a fetching mankini amongst his Xmas gifts.

Niall tweeted:

“Hahah the lads,you’ll never bate them! Sean,dylan ,brad and shano bought me a mankini ! dopes.”

We managed to sneak a cheeky pic of Niall as he dashed out to the freezing Irish seaside to try his mankini on.

Niall Horan in his mankini



Do you reckon it suits him? LOL!

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  • Savannah Styles

    Never knew he had hair on his chest. Eeeeew!

  • Savannah Styles

    He’s a hairy monster. But when you look at the face, does not look like Niall’s face is suiting the body. I looked. But still, he’s not SEXY with it.

  • Tiana Napolitano

    isnt that photoshopped?? he doesnt have THAT MUCH hair on his chest (GOOD) :)

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