PICS: 1D Grace Teen Vogue Covers For Dec & Jan 2012/2013

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They’ve hit the big-time with a number 1 album in 33 countries to complement their debut effort that charted at the top spot in 17 countries.

So to celebrate such an amazing achievement from such a young band, the boys have scored themselves a cover shoot for the front of Teen Vogue magazine for the December and January editions this year and the next.

We have to say, everyone looks damn good!

We have found some snippets of the interview that inside the magazine, with Zayn and Harry discussing their experiences with fans, staying grounded while being so famous and their excitement at future performances.

Harry said:

“One time, a girl dropped her phone in my pocket, and I found it and was like, ‘There you go.’ And she said, ‘If you’d had my phone, you’d have had to meet up with me to give it back.'”

On staying grounded:

“It’s nice to have people go to these lengths for you, but sometimes it’s hard to understand, because we’re just guys. We’re guys who would be at your school, who got this amazing opportunity.”

Zayn is particularly keen on playing the LA Staples Center:

“One of the first concerts I saw in America was there—Britney Spears—and I remember thinking, ‘This place is massive.’ Now we’re going to be playing there? I can’t wait.”

You can pick up the magazine when it is available at all good newsagents.