PICS: 1D Shoot Down 5 Seconds Of Summer… At Paintball

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Zayn, Louis and 5 Seconds of Summer playing paintball

One Direction have been up to their old tricks, getting up to mischief and mucking around.

While taking some time out from the Take Me Home tour, both groups of boys relaxed…or got cray cray rather, when they went to play paintball.

Quite the vicious sport really. But who wouldn’t want to be shot in the leg with a ball of paint hurtling through the air by a One Direction member.

Zaynster got properly decked out in the right gear, going camouflage. Whereas Louis went for a typical Louis-ish look – burgundy shirt and grey trackies.

Louis said:

‘Amazing day @bawtrypaintball! Loved it !

‘Great day out today @5secsofsummer @zaynmalik.’

The venue was so impressed with them coming along, they dedicated a photo album for them on Facebook.

One Direction at Bawtry Paintball

Their official account said:

‘@onedirection EPIC having @zaynmalik & @Louis_Tomlinson @bawtrypaintball today,’ a post on Bawtry Paintball’s Twitter page reads.

‘Cheers for coming dudes.’

Back to work now boys, the Directioners can’t wait to see you in Birmingham tonight. You’ll be able to catch both 5SOS as well as Camryn on the current tour. Both support acts are doing well and gaining a lot new fans.


#BrapBrapBrapBrapBrapBrap !

  • Sara Elshaer

    1st comment!!!

  • Nalani Ferguson

    I’ve alwasys wanted to play paintball.

  • Stini2526


  • Hannah Powis

    where they went paint balling is near where i live!!!! omg!! if i wasnt at school i would have gone

  • aliciaj

    Omg i cant believe i missed them i live near there

    • Ybarra Zeta

      that’s pretty exciting babe! that’s close, you should’ve seen them. xD

  • Girly1672

    thats is so kool for 5sos

  • Sarah Rodriguez

    Ive always wanted to go and paint ball and especially with 1D *crys*

    • LauraB

      Oh me too

  • FollowMeLZLNH

    Only 2 pics? The top said “PICS” i want moreeee

  • Directioner 4ever


  • Olivia Clayton

    That sound fun. Everything they do sounds fun. P.S who is the guy in the weird Star Wars looking costume?!

  • SexyCurlyHairedOneD

    Finally someone that is not jealous of the 1D boys. I love 5SOS!!!:) I’m glad he boys made more friends with another group and paint ball with the 1D boys? Sounds fun!! Hope you guys had fun!!!! Luv you guys<333

  • Jazmine


  • SammyStyles

    My friends, the hotness is too much to handle in that picture up there…

  • soontobemiss.styles

    So I’m learning rock me on the piano and my mom told me to stop playing that garbage. I’m not speaking to her. Its just not fair.