PICS: Bouncer Fails to Recognise Niall At Liam’s 19th Birthday

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Well, thats a little bit awkward!

So Nialler was trying to party it up at Liam’s 19th, but unfortunately for him the bouncer didn’t recognise him or even know who One Direction was! Unbelievable.

Apparently the doorman refused entry to the Irishman, and upon asking his manager if he should be let in, Niall was finally allowed to go in and celebrate!

His night didn’t start off so well either, tweeting this before he had even arrived!

“Why is traffic in london soo bad? Soo frustratin, haha also taxi driver loves classical music, smashin it up! Never heard so many symphonies”

Still, being rejected from your bandmates birthday when you are in the biggest boyband of the moment…is pretty hilarious.

How embarrassing for the bouncer! Like, horrifically embarrassing.

Liam arrived first at the bash with his stunner girlfriend Danielle. Harry Styles arrived on his own, surprisingly not with a girl / older lady!

Zayn decided to skip the fun and opted to stay in to watch Little Mix perform their new single ‘Wings’ on Red or Black, which has just been released.

Zayn we need to see you out with the boys more, otherwise haters like Perez Hilton will keep that rumour mill of you leaving band churning away!