PICS: Harry Styles 19th Birthday Party – And The Stripper!

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Directioners, cast your eyes over this awesome bunch of pictures taken on Harry Styles’ birthday night out last in London. This was Hazza’s second night out on the trot after being spotted with Caroline Flack the night before.

The party started at Rita’s Bar and Dining before they headed off to Alibi Night Club with a big group of his mates including Nick Grimshaw, Miquita Oliver, Pixie Geldof and others.

Later on Hazza was seen leaving the club with some female friends – sure to get the tabloids buzzing.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for most Directioners there was no sign of Taylor Swift anywhere :)

Harry walking with a group of people on his birthday night out

Please stop taking pictures of me already, pretty please ?

Doesn't he look sexy - Harry walking to his birthday party

Doesn’t our boy look dashing!

Harry Styles being ushered down the road at his birthday party

Mr Styles can’t go anywhere these days without a massive bunch of security around him.

Hazza with Pixie Geldof in a taxi - we think

Harry pictured with Pixie Geldof leaving the club (we think it’s Pixie, right?)

Harry with best mate Nick Grimshaw and the policewoman strippagram!

Hazza with Nick Grimshaw and a certain Policelady – or is it?

Harry tries not to look at the stripper

Hmm maybe she’s not a policewoman after all – the imposter!

Wowzers! Harry and a stripper at his 19th birthday party

Harry tried not to look as the policewoman turned stripper dances exotically in front of him.

Harold Styles with a big fat camera on his 19th birthday party night out

Now it’s Harry’s turn to get his own back on the paparazzi. Smile!

Harry with Niall at his birthday party

Aww how cute! Harry and bandmate Niall Horan!

We wonder what he got for his birthday (apart from his lapdance of course).

Harold lef the nightclub about 3am before heading over to a private house party until 4.30am.

We bet he’s still in bed now, recovering :)

  • Floor Espinosa

    I love you Harry<3

  • I Luv LIAM!!!!

    Well he is old enough and those security are ugly

  • amber

    niall looks hot in this picture

  • one direction lover

    if that’s Wut he does on his 19th bday then I wonder Wut he’ll do 4 his 21st bday!!! I’m not saying that its true bout all that he does but some of it it true but WE STILL LUV U