PICS: Harry Styles And Taylor Swift KISS At Midnight On New Years Eve!

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Talk about making things public in the most high profile way possible!

Last night at Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, Taylor Swift performed for the millions packed into New York’s Time’s Square.

Afterwards when the ball dropped for midnight, Haylor were pictured kissing right in the middle of all the crowds – crushing many Directioner’s hearts all over the world.

Pretty romantic though!

HAYLOR KISSING! Haylor in New York at Rockin' New Year's Eve Harry Styles and Taylor Swift on NYE

Harry had earlier been to watch Jay-Z and Coldplay perform at the Barclays Center before making his way over to Times Square.

When they kissed, thousands of onlookers watched as they were closely guarded by a member of the NYPD.


Harry and Taylor in a hotel lift

The pair then headed back to their hotel holding hands – probably relieved that they’d finally made their relationship public.

The pics have been doing the rounds on Twitter and within minutes of the news spreading, Haylor was a worldwide trending topic.

Here’s what a few of you are saying:

For Everyone Leaving The Fandom Because Of Haylor Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

not gonna lie right, but I really don’t understand why people even hate haylor you’re basically ruining someones relationship ok bye.

Shipping Haylor? — no thanks.

If you say Haylor ruined your New Years then you must have a pretty sad and boring life to be so focused and bothered by a relationship.

Only real directioners will learn to accept,respect and support Haylor. So…how many directioners are there now? Its easier to count now.

Ship or not to ship?

  • Andrea

    I cried when I saw this video I know I’m a directioner but I can’t take it anymore I’m happy for Haylor but im not happy but that’s just how I feel

  • Andrea

    I cried when I saw this video I know I’m a directioner but I can’t take it anymore I’m happy for Haylor but im not happy but that’s just how I feel

  • Brittany Cope

    I don’t ship haylor but I still love the boys and I’m not going to send hate messages or anything

  • Victoria

    Noooooooo I’m happy for him but later watch what is going to happen later you guys are not going to agree

  • Directioner4ever

    I respect Harry and Taylor’s relationship, and I also respect the others relationship. I respect that because they’re happy and they’re in love.

  • bavna sharma luvs u!

    I ship them!!!

    • bavna sharma luvs u!

      I ship them 110% but I do. Want Taylor to write and song about sweet Harry!

  • Gabriella

    Just reminding and the people who don’t like Taylor. She is a normal person and so are you. What are you guys so worried about?! she isn’t THAT bad and have you seen what she has done to starving families? she is NOT such a bad person. so when u post hate on her twitter she MOST likely to get hurt. Just because she is famous doesn’t mean she likes everything she hears or reads. Just think if you were getting ALL that hate, I think you would get VERY upset with what you losers are saying. All I’m saying is she is a normal person and when she gets hate mail she gets upset. It’s Harry’s life so don’t think that u can just say who he can and can’t date. Hope this taught you people something about it.

  • future mrs horan

    All those people hating on haylor obviously dont have a life. Their relationship is none of your business and i honestly dont see why you should care. Haylor has my full support because i am a true directioner.

    • sparkles

      just letting u know future mrs HORAN, that taylor called niall ugly and made him CRY. im a true directioner as well, but that doesnt mean im a swifty

  • BowtiesAreCoolOnHarry

    ok who even ships haylor i mean seriously do you even lift

  • Aylin Morelos

    I really dont ship haylor but you know there life, there buisness like its whatever… well for me. Im more of a zayn / liam girl but yeah i mean. Notbto be rude i personally love taylors music n imean harry has a coice but from what ive heard taylor has had a bad relationship with guys so i really doubt its going to be any diffrent theiir going to endup breaking up and she will have a new single but

  • Sydnee price

    Eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww omg Harry ! I officially hate Taylor swift . Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ship Haylor . EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEER .

  • Hannah!

    I don’t like taylor with harry… we all know how its going to end. But who knows? If he really trusts her… we should all be good fans and trust her too. If he’s happy… we should be! Plus shes just a person, dont send hate… you wouldnt want to have any hate sent to you for being in love 😛

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Ok tbh I don’t ship haylor
    But if Taylor makes harry happy then I’m happy for them

    But really I would begets send hate to them just cause of a relationship so Yh I didn’t do it too liam , Louis or zayn so y should I do it to harry
    Just be happy for the boys at the end of the day they are happy and we are just fans so Yh

  • Sera Morrison

    I think it shouldnt even matter who they date I think we should just let the boys date who ever they want bc its not our choice who they date if they want. to date someone we don’t like then we have to deal bc if they really like that person then we should respect it.the boys put a lot of effort on making us directioners happy and I think we should give them a chance by not bringing them down bc some of us don’t like who their dating.a true directioner would respect that.

  • Emily dearaujo

    I ship them but i swear! If she breaks harrys heart nd if they break upp nd she makes a song bout their break upp nd tht harey is mean or rude! i will hate her forever!!!!! Nd im giving Taylor a chance becauz im being honest rigjt now i jjst dnt like Taylor cuz shes datin Harry i relly never used to like her to tell u the truth but im going to hav to respect her like part of the 1D family like i respect Perrie elanour nd Dani!

  • Emily dearaujo

    I just want Harry do be happy so if hes happy wit tayllr than i am too! As long as Taylor doesnt nd NEVER hurts him! :)

  • Christine Says Hi :]

    I don’t ship it but I respect their relationship. I respect their desicion also. Ship and respect mean 2 different things but I wasn’t really bothered about the whole kissing thing

  • 1d_sister

    Finally, they r public!!!
    I love Haylor!!!

  • anonymous

    Someone just get taylor now she has no clue what fandom she is messing with

  • Gianne Claudette

    I love Harry. But i hate Taylor

  • Jhanna Ruth Baltazar

    Well, I think I should respect this “Haylor” thing. But it doesn’t mean that I ship them. Taylor, is in love with Harry and since December (Last month) he has moved on and I saw in the other news he says that Taylor is the one! I’m not sure that I am going to ship them or not. But I respect their personal biz.

  • Kaylie Foreman

    Leave them alone they are happy together!!if u was a true direcionor uwould suport harry with his choice!!.. Stop the hate !!

  • Crystal

    I don’t ship Haylor, but I gotta say, they kinda look cute together

  • Julie

    i don’t trust Taylor yet once she has proven that she loves him and is not in it for the publicity then i will definitely ship them but no sooner. El, Dani, and Perrie have all shown that they love the other guys so i trust them. anybody agree?

  • Juliet Bond

    Please, it doesn’t matter whether you want to ship them or not, our opinion isn’t worth crap. So kindly compliment and congratulate them, or shutup and get a life. Please and thank you. 😉

  • Georgia Woolley

    Ok guys look Harry and Taylor don’t care wht u me or anyone think if its not love Thers nothing we can do I love 1D to bits but lets face it he went out with Caroline flack and got more press then with Taylor so he don’t care about it he just wants a relationship I’m happy for them ther young good looking and rich so let them be xx just wanted to get my message out ther xx

  • Oreo4u12

    Since theirs haylor I can’t stop thinking about it when I here a Taylor swift song

  • Jari Styles

    It’s not like we didn’t figure that out already, it doesn’t take a detective to figure that out and I ship all the other relationships, but for some reason, not Haylor but if Harry is happy then I guess I’m ok.

  • Kristian Mason

    You guys should be happy for Taylor and Harry.It is a shame that some 1D fans are sending death threats.If they are happy,you should be happy for them. Happy New Year 2013 -I Luv 1D

  • Rebecca Wright

    I don’t ship Haylor, but personally it’s Harry and Taylor’s relationship not Harry, Taylor and the whole world. I don’t like Taylor, never have never will but just because he’s with Taylor, isn’t gonna make me love him any less.

  • breanna douglas

    Aww that is beautiful enjoy you guys new year!!!

  • kenia

    My cousin said that taylor like just forced him.she also said that harry never smiles when he is around taylor


    if harry is happy i dont really care i just want the boys to be happy

  • #1derectioner

    I think they make a great couple

  • Luv1DSwifty

    We all have to learn to put are selves in other ppl place would u like getting hate on by thousands of fans I think ur answer is no thanks stop hating on Taylor Swift and Harry Styles if they fall in love they fall in love u can’t make them fall out of love if ur a true directioner support them like me GO HAYLOR

  • Julia

    I love

  • Janet horan

    Harry lost like more than half of his fans

  • samantha

    haylor get a life my god that is sad

  • Nikki

    Harry should dump taylor because every time she has a boy freind & gets dump she makes a song about it

  • Elizabeth Allen

    My name is kat but i really dont like them together, yet if it makes HARRY happy then i’m happy for him

  • Yorkshire Tea

    A slut is always a slut it will never change

  • Ellie

    I totally ship haylor 100 percent. Because, apparently he is truly in love with her. It is his life and their relationship. We need to back up and let them be. If you guys haven’t noticed, they really do love each other.

  • Wilhelmina Ponon Swifters

    i love haylor :)