PICS: Harry Styles Arrives In Heathrow Airport

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As he arrives at Heathrow Airport, Harry does what every good celebrity would and makes full use of his entourage, making them carry his bags…

Harry Styles at Heathrow Airport

The poor guy doesn’t look very pleased!

I guess that’s just another perk of being in the worlds biggest boyband.

After kissing in the middle of Times Square on New Years Eve, Harry and Taylor jetted off on a romantic Caribbean vacation to Virgin Gorda in the Virgin Islands.

But, that all had to come to an end when they had to go their separate ways to see to work obligations.

Harry Styles at Heathrow Airport

Harry landed in London looking sad without Taylor. But as he reportedly told her that he loved her after New Year’s, we reckon they’ll continue the long distance relationship.

The lovebirds are smitten with each other, and try to see and speak to each other whenever possible, not letting the fact that they are thousands of miles apart, get in the way.

As both Harry and Taylor have upcoming world tours, they may be forced to spend quite a bit of time apart, though.

This might be welcoming news to Taylor’s Dad, who thinks they are moving too fast.

Oh no, could this separation cause a strain on their relationship?

  • hugh

    i like Harry, i think that he is a cool guy, funny and warm hearted

  • boobear

    jeeh im the first one! I think they are happy with each other so let them go and let harry be happy

  • Skylar1D

    Taylor needs to back off,23 and 18,no I don’t want that to happen,Harry is a great guy,Taylor is a heartbreaker even her fans know that,she needs to stay away from him

    • 1D_Is_My_Life

      Yes she does. He is going to have his heart broken, not the other way around. We all know this is true.

      • Skylar1D

        Thank u,please tell that girl who is supporting the heart breaker,I don’t wanna see Harry hurt,no one does,if u were a true DIRECTIONER u wouldn’t support her,we love 1D for them,not their girlfriends.

        • 1D_Is_My_Life

          But I love Zerrie, Elounor, and Payzer! I just didn’t really like Haylor

    • abeautifulabyss

      Just like people say, age is just a f*cking number so get the f*ck over it. Taylor isn’t a f*cking heartbreaker so get your f*cking facts straight. And all of her ‘swiftie’ fans believe that if Taylor is happy then she should be since everyone in the world can be as well. But I don’t ship Haylor, then can be together if they want to but Harry can break her heart as well, not just Taylor.

      • Skylar1D

        U clearly don’t get it,look in her past,shes the one to hurt someone,Taylor and Harry don’t need to be together,You get over it.

        • abeautifulabyss

          No. YOU don’t get it. All you know is what sources say, Taylor gets hurt in all of her relationships as well. And they can be together if they want to. It’s their lives not ours don’t be selfish. So you get over it.

          • Skylar1D

            Please,Taylor gets millions for ‘heartbreaks’ if anyone is going to get hurt,it’s the guy dating her,she gets millions for it and gets over it within a matter of days.

  • disqus_sf5czOFTrJ

    I love harry styles and Taylor swift to me there great together we should just let them be happy ;D

  • Ira Ris

    I absolutely don’t ship Haylor. I love them both but I hate them as a couple. BUT however, I do believe Harry really loves her. He takes her to all these vacations and what they did at New Years Eve was freaking cute. Me, and other directionners should just give in with Harry’s decision and accept and respect it. As long as Harry is happy, we should be too. And yes, maybe one day they will end in break up and heart break, but which couple nowadays actually stays together forever?

    • Nicole Styles

      I agree with you 100% the only thing I don’t want is a hit break up song

      • 1D_Is_My_Life

        Same. Then lots of angry Directioners would be going after Taylor.

    • ILOVE1DX5

      Isn’t that the truth!!!!! I agree 100% Finally someone else who has something else to say BESIDES I hate Haylor!!!!! Really smart girl!!!!!

      • Ira Ris

        Thanks :)

    • FabulousNails

      Well, the Internet is burning with articles about them breaking up, but it’s always the same anonymous source… But several things could hint at it.

      If true:

      I hope it has nothing to do with the internet bullying, it would be devastating for Harry.
      Maybe it’s just lack of maturity on both parts though… or something else.

      I feel bad for him if true because Harry is not the kind of guy who enters a public relationship all that often, so it must have meant something for him.

      • 1Diswaybetterthanjb

        I agree but Harry doesn’t seem all that happy with her. Taylor has a bad reputation about breaking up with boys we just don’t want our little Harry to get his heart hurt

    • Maja Kušter

      I agree

    • Love1DMia

      But umm he didnt look so happy

  • 1Dlover

    Harry can be happy without taylor too! His life was good when he wasnt with her but now he just look everytime so sad :(

    • Mimi Flowers

      Maybe cus all the fans hate Taylor and he can’t smile anymore

    • 1D_Is_My_Life

      He looks sad in all the pictures with Taylor. At first when rumors were spreading, he looked very happy in them. Now he looks sad in newer Haylor pictures. I honestly think it is because Taylor is pushing him to do things he doesn’t want to do. No hate, just my opinion.

  • amazing#1d

    Is it me, or does Harry always wear that hat?

    • FabulousNails

      recently, he has been doing just that. There is a great sugarscape article about TOB (=the orange beanie) and his adventures…

  • horan girl<3<3

    Love you harry styles <3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Nia

    If you really loved Harry you’d be happy for them. Just like me with zayn and Perrie…though it is painfull xf

  • Eileen Stypayhorlikson

    Aw Harry. You should now spend time with your lads and family. How nice. You finally have time now!!

  • Music_Is_Life

    wow he does look tired..: maybe the fans should let him off the hook for a while..

  • disqus_uzrCYyFVUU

    Harry is the sexiest person ever ( followed closely by liam) ha ha ha :) He looks really tired he should really get to sleep :( x

  • janamalik

    yes! harry is in england!

  • Gea Deželjin

    I just saw one video. And they said that Haylor is over!! I m Swifty and Directioner . i dont ship Haylor and if they broke up im happy. I dont like them together.

  • mitthu

    I do ship haylor. I think they would be good together. And yes Taylor has gone with a lot of guys recently but that doesn’t mean she will do the same to harry. But if she does then there’s most likely a reason. Nobodys perfect.

  • Darcy Styles

    Why do I accept all the other relationships besides Haylor?! Harry isn’t even my favorite guy in the group (it seems that way because of my username, but Nialler was already taken) Niall is my favorite but I’d still accept his girlfriend when he gets one…but i just don’t like Haylor one bit!!!

  • lilian


  • Georgia Woolley

    Haylor fan xxx

  • Georgia Woolley

    Harry and Taylor r gud together I don’t see why u guys r gettin all hyped up about it xx

  • Jazmine

    Boo haylor

  • This Is Us

    I only respect Haylor cuz of Harry.

  • Karma

    Poor Harry if he really misses her , i think it is a publicy stunt their relationship. Look how much attention it gets! And whe I see a picture of them together I don’ t see them both smiling or I don’t seee the love . look up at google Zerrie qnd Elouner than you feel just feel it qnd you see the happynes in their eyes. That is what I misswith Haylor. So I think he just is releaved to be finally away from heer or he is just sad because the busy life begins again

  • MaryDirectioner

    Harry, ypu are better without hee.

  • chloe

    I luv harry too and I just want him to be happy

  • Kristen Hunt


  • Kristen Hunt


  • Hedayah Krakra

    See now talor made harry sad I new she would do that

  • FollowMeLZLNH

    GUyS I heard tht they broke up

  • mehnaz mourshed

    I just typed in Harrys name on Google and it said the Taylor and harry broke up. is it true?? cuz I don’t want to hear a mean song about hazza fro Taylor!

  • 1DirectionLuvr

    I hope it puts a HUGE strain on thier “relationship”. Me=not shipping haylor .I ♥Harry tho

  • Perrie Anderson

    aaaaw celeb love. So sweet

  • Perrie Anderson

    I like ur lecture Ira Ris interesting

  • 1D_Is_My_Life

    He probably is happy, but just doesn’t wanna show that emotion for the sake of the relationship, because he doesn’t wanna lose her. I don’t think Harry really likes Taylor, to be honest. Taylor likes being in the spotlight, Harry doesn’t. He is pretending to like the spotlight because he doesn’t want to lose Taylor. I have honestly lost all respect for her that I once had. But is Harry is happy, to me, that all that matters. Honestly, I don’t ship Haylor. It annoys me that Harry is all this site talks about. Even if the title has one of the boys in it specifically, it ends up being about Harry. No hate or anything. And lets stop talking about Haylor for once and about Zerrie or Elounor or Payzer. Again, no hate. No one has to agree with me.

  • Darcy stylessss

    Its confirmed…. they broke up.
    uts all over the radio and taylor ‘suddenly’ took a flight home….
    Lol i called it

  • Emily Souter

    Even though I am sad for harry I am also happy to see that harry is back with the boys and not all with Taylor all the time :) love one direction forever

  • Hannah

    They sacrifice so much for us fans. If you are a true directioner, you should want the boys to be happy. Harry obviously is. So stop the hate

  • Skylar Johnson

    They broke up, she went back to her ex

  • lea rodriguez

    They broke up duh

  • brittneyhoran

    I don’t ship Haylor. I love Harry and I love Taylor just not as a couple. I won’t send hate to them because even if I don’t like it, Harry is happy which makes me happy. Just that Taylor might break Harry’s heart but Harry does look sad as if he isn’t enjoying life. The only time I saw him happy was on the Kiss You music video

  • mrs niall horan

    people on twitter are saying that they broke up? is that true?

    • future mrs horan

      Yeah, there was a big announcement

  • Nicole Styles

    It’s welcoming news to me well sort of I don’t wanna see Harry sad but I think they’re rushing, Live While We’re Young, right?

  • Hannah

    If I saw any one direction member at the airport I would freak but I personally i love Liam