PICS: Harry Styles Brand New Tattoos! #SMCL

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Look at this brand new pic below – someone’s been drawing all over Harry again!

We reckon in about 5 years our Hazza won’t have a blank piece of skin left on him – what do you think?

His latest tat is the start of a new sleeve he’s getting done, and in the above pic you can see him with his eyes closed – probably wincing at the pain.

Looking closely, you can see a black star, some funny masks, a birdcage, the words SMCL – and an ICED GEM.

That’s right, Harry’s got an ICED GEM tattooed on him. Right.

What does SMCL mean too? Current speculation reckons it means ‘Smile More, Cry Later’, or ‘Smile More, Cry Less’.

We think it actually means ‘Sexy Monkey, Cute Looker‘. Yes that’s much better.

We’re not sure when Harry got the tattoo, but he was spotted going in to the Shamrock Social Club tattoo place in Hollywood earlier this month.

Look carefully at the next photo below and you might recognise fellow Brit crooner Ed Sheeran giving Harry a tattoo. Yep, we never knew Ed was a bit of a tat artist either! It’s a little padlock apparently.

Hazza’s last bit of ink was the Temper Trap lyric’s “wont’ stop ’till we surrender, pictured below.

Harry Styles, a human drawing pad!