PICS: Harry Styles Growing Tattoo Collection

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Awesome news with the new single release date announced and the new album art work getting released – which looks brilliam by the way.

The only bad thing is we are still waiting to have a listen!

In the meantime, it appears that Harry wants to emulate super star’s David Beckham and Robbie Williams by having a ‘sleeve’ of tattoos and he has started his collection with the inscription of “17 Black”.

Apparently, it relates to a lucky gambling number that is frequently used in 007 films. Smooth Hazza!

We already know Harry has a tiny letter A on his elbow, which we reckon is in honour of his mother.

He also has some the lyrics “we won’t stop till we surrender” inked on his person, which are lyrics from a temper trap song.

A source said to The Sun:

“Harry is getting really into tattoos — he’s had numerous tatts over the past few months.”

“Some have deep meanings, while he just likes the designs of others.”

They added:

“The band’s management don’t seem to mind. His potential mother-in-law might, though.”

Would you like to see the baby faced, youngest member of 1D covered in tats? Would he still be as hot?