PICS: Harry Styles NOT Spotted With Mystery Blonde

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First up, why are all the other news sites reporting that Harry’s “on the rebound” and “out on the town with a mystery blonde”?

All true Directioners will know that the “mystery blonde” is actually Sam Teasdale, sister of 1D’s stylist Louise.

Harry Styles with Sam Teasdale

Harry in the car with Sam Teasdale

Hazza was papped whilst walking with Sam and getting into a car. These are the first photos since his split from Taylor Swift, and with Harry being one of the most high-profile stars in the world, any picture makes a story.

Harry styles walking with orange beanie again

Unfortunately in this case, Harry hasn’t fallen for someone else quite so soon.

That will happen next week 😉

  • hannahhhhhhh

    why can’t we just go back in time when the Directioner world wasn’t so damn complex and emotional…

    • Directioner7

      It’s all the emotion, the pain, the stress, the complexity that makes us who we are, Directioners. It makes it all worth while. You know, its all those little things. :)

      • Hannah

        I gotcha!!!

      • 1d_sister

        EXACTLY! Perfectly put in words!!!!
        It’s love!!!! and in love… we have complex and emotional stuff!
        Coz without these little things…. it wouldn’t be called love!!!!

    • Cat

      Amen to that!

    • Mackinze Burdett

      I miss the younger One Direction when they first came out with the Up All nIght album. It was simpler time and we will always love them no matter what! It’s what makes us Directioners. Keep calm and be a DIRECTIONER!WOOPWOOP!

    • Sally

      The emotion has always been there, but never the worry. I worry about them going off some sort of physiological cliff like so many other famous celebrities. But in the end, they’re all just good guys, and we have to trust them.

  • Andrea

    Beta not be his new gf

  • Jodi Arboleda

    harry looks so sad in that pic;( awwwww

  • This Is Us

    OMG 2 SINGLES IN 1 BAND? Awesome! Remember the times when they were all singles like the x-factor video diaries? Good old times……….without tattoos…………..

    • Hannah

      They like them so… And if they don’t, well it’s a little late. The word permanent tattoo means that it’ll be there until they get it either removed or God knows what.

    • Me

      Harry seems sad in the pics after the breakup wich no one acctually confirmed. So you should feel for him. I mean that is what an directioner would do ( not saying you are not one)

  • Janine Hope Puyat


  • Janine Hope Puyat


  • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

    Who’s she?
    she’s so ugly!!
    ewww! :@
    And why harry is with her?!?!?
    what about taylor??????

    • KristenDirectioner

      Thats 1D’s Stylist A_A

      • Sotiria Stypayhorlikson

        Stylist’s sister <3

      • Mrs.Ghazal Malik


    • Guest

      WTF!!!Wat about Taylor omg do ya like Haylor thats ewwww … srry but yea……and they breaked up :’)

      • Me

        First of all learn how to spell well. Second No one knows if they broke up. Third What is “ewww” with a relationship? Fourth Do not curse.

      • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

        yeah I love her cause you,perrie’s fan,always make me cry and I love who you hate!!
        I HATE PERRIE :'(

    • Me

      So mean. She is not ugly! Plus he is not with her. But what is he was. Maybe Harry thought she was beautiful. I do. And it is not only look that matters. It is what is in the inside. And what is inside you is not very nice..

      • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

        Go away!

  • Sotiria Stypayhorlikson

    What happened to us directioners? we are supposed to support them with all we got, just like we did when they were in x factor right? or am i gonna be known as a directionator for actually stating the truth? so what if he dates her, if Harry is happy then we should be for him! and that goes for every other relationship our boys get into <3

    • FabulousNails

      Some reactions to this pic prove that the problem was not really only the fact that it was Taylor… The problem is that part of this fanbase is in an uproar whenever Harry is linked to anyone.
      I think people like to imagine that Harry is available, and whenever he is linked to a girl, she get abused on twitter and hated on by some people. And then there is this part of the fanbase that says “we just want him to tell us the truth,then we would accept it!”, but I’m not sure it’s that simple. The only think that Harry can seem to do right is remain single, and I think it’s very unfair.

      At least, Harry has dipped his toes in the water… So the fans know he will not remain single.

      What about Niall? The poor guy has seemingly always been single, so I think that the reaction when that changes will be also quite something.

  • EmmiH

    The funny thing is, Haylor has never been confirmed. This holiday argument has only been confirmed by ” a source close to the couple” and I don’t even start about this rumored splitting and dumping.

    Just wanted to remind you how little we actually know about Haylo and their relationship. Sorry to be a spoilsport… :)

    • FabulousNails

      I completely agree that nobody knows anything (well, I think that they were together though LOL).
      While some signs may point in the direction of a split, a source (?) is telling people his version of the split, and now adding the new rumour that Taylor was too demanding… it’s gossip IMO.

    • Hannah

      You have a point. :-(

    • 1d_sister

      yeah… you have a point!
      it’s the media thats running with news like forest fire!
      but then why did Taylor leave him like that?

    • Me

      I know right! It seems like directioners only hear what they want to hear. If it was about Elounor splitting they would say it was false until someone confirmed it. They just want to hear that Taylor broke his heart that is why the news is so big..

    • Skylar1D

      I agree with u,we need facts from Harry or Taylor,then people can judge all the want,true directioners,will stand with Harry and what he wants to do.:)

      • FollowMeLZLNH

        I agree

        • Skylar1D


      • Sally


        • Skylar1D

          Is that good thing?

          • Sally

            Yep:) We always need to stand with Harry. Sorry, that wasn’t very clear was it!

  • Tamii

    harry looks so young next to her! and i dont think they’re in a relationship

  • Miko Sim

    I hope harry is fine after the break up… Curse TAYLOR… UH HE US HAPPY, I AM HAPPY… IF HE IS SAD,I WILL BE SAD AS WELL… ANYONE AGREE? ?

    • Jazzy

      I do

  • aiesha styles

    Like really mystery girl omg hahaha
    ya so i just wanted to move past this crap and say in 3 days its zayns bday!!!!!!

  • Crystal

    lol that will happen next week? well, if that does happen…hes a definite MANWHORE XD

  • Catherine Spalla

    Please don’t start dating just anyone who comes your way

  • Catherine Spalla



    WOW!!!!! Don’t they look up things before they write a story about it? Guess not!!!!!

  • Perrie Anderson


  • heishly

    Does anyone else notice that ALL the gossip and rumors is directed towards HARRY.The media should leave him alone.He hasnt done anything bad and yet all the media can do is write about how much of a ‘manwhore’ he is.F**k you media!

    • FabulousNails

      They keep on linking him with any woman he is seen with..

      But the media runs with those stories because people are interested in them, they click/buy and read them.

      Harry was thrown under the bus from the start when it comes to his private life IMO (remember that 1st Allan Carr interview was already foccused on that. I love it, but it gave the tone to what followed)… And the other band members seem to have escaped this when I am pretty sure that they have not always been angels. OK, Louis and Liam having long term relationships was probably bound to make them less a target.

      • heishly

        I know he’s not perfect.Nobody is.But it pisses me off when I talk about 1D and adults start telling me that he’s a manwhore and that he’s been with different women and whatever and they insult him.They have even told me he’s been with Kim Kardashian,and I’m like,’Where the hell do you get all this false info?!Because none of what you just said is true.’and they think I defend him because I’m jealous or can’t accept the facts.Is not that.Is the fact that I know he gets hurt by all the rumors that are spread about him being a manwhore when I know its not true.And the fact that most of the time I hear rumors about 1D,almost 90% of them are bad rumors about Harry.And it pisses me off.BTW,I don’t mean to offend you or anything.I’m just mad towards the media :)

        • FabulousNails

          I’m not offended by what you wrote, I sadly agree with it.

          I’m sure that the boys had no idea that their hints at Harry’s success with women would lead to that. But the media has jumped on it and has never let go of that ever since…

          And if the adults you spoke to are that invested in believing and spreading gossip, there is very little you can do about it. I used to think that people knew that gossip magazines spread unverified stories, but I have found out that some people really believe anything they read.

          Let’s just be glad that some people realize that gossip is 80% false!
          And let’s not forget it, even when it relates to people we don’t really like… 😉

          • heishly

            *sigh*True,true 😛

      • Sally

        Now that I think about it, Harry HAS had the hardest time when it comes to vicious rumors. He isn’t a “man whore” or a “womanizer” He is that cute boy with the incredibly beautiful voice that we all fell in love with as soon as he started singing “Isn’t She Lovely”

  • Darcy Styles

    What did Taylor do?! He looks horrible!!! Bunny Boiler!

  • ραιgє

    um actually people you can see a baby arm 😉 at the side of the picture i see it :)

    • Isabella Styles ;)

      Me 2 weird

  • Mrz Nancy Malik

    Omg Harry looks sad in those pics.. I love u Harry..

  • mimi deria

    Aaaww Hazza you look so sad ! :( ..

  • Veronica Boyce

    I love Harry and all but can we get some news that’s NOT about him??

    • FabulousNails

      Considering all the gossip is about him, good luck with that!
      But I totally understand your point of view!

  • 1DirectionLuvr


  • Niall@Nandos

    Owww Poor Baby Must HeartBroken.I Kind Guessed From His Cute Lil Face Because She Not Smile

  • Niall@Nandos

    It Must Have Been Hard For Him To Say In His CUTE FUNNY ACCENT we breaking up because her face is so ugly. YOU GO BOY SHE A HEART BREAKING FREAK your No.1 to break up with Taylor WOOP WOOP !!!!! You are ExtraordinHarry

    • Me

      He was the one that broke up with her. (according to all the websites) And Taylor is more beautiful than any of his other girlfriends. (Sorry but they were all beautiful!)

      • EmmiH

        I love it that there is somebody who has something POSITIVE to say… :) If you have nothing good to say, just keep quiet IMO.

  • Lainey

    Darn now taylor is going to right a song

  • meloveshazza

    People shouldn’t say to harry that he shouldn’t of broken up with Taylor, it was his choice, and if it feels the right thing to do for him, we directioners should be suportive of that. Poor Harry getting all those negative comments! :'(

  • Hannah

    Was I the only one saw the baby arm in the second photo?

  • Augusta

    ”That will happen next week” :DDDD dying

  • disqus_uzrCYyFVUU

    I really don’t know why the press make up all these stupid story’s about them and there life it ain’t fair on them :( x

  • amazing#1d

    What will happen next week? WHAT!?!?!!!??!!;,;!!;?!?;!!?

  • Georgia Woolley

    Am I the only directioner in the world tht thinks Harry should b happy all u guys seem to do is wish he would break up wiv every gf he gets???

  • Loving1Dx

    Harry looks so sad:(

  • Jazzy

    Man…. so sad to see my baby have his first viral breakup I feel for him 100percent no matter what I will always love Harry even if he dated Taylor’……… Tru onedirectioner

  • Kristen Hunt

    he is already in a relationship……a secret one…….with louis……i will never stop shipping larry stylinson <3

  • cheekymonkey

    Without love we would just be some crazy girls that’s hormones are going all wacky,but no because we actually love our boys for who they are and not just because of their looks they are perfect just the way they are and have fantastic voices.

  • minnie juarez

    poor harry

  • Danielle

    I would like to no and to see harry that’s all I’ve really wished for u no I no that whoever is directioner has the same feelings

  • Nikki

    This is stupied they r just freind hanging out come on

  • Julie1188

    Aww my baby looks sad :(

  • alexa<3s1D

    Hmm wounder waat there doing jk=) but seriously im miss the old 1D with no gfs dont u agree

  • directioner 4eva

    man ohh man, he just had to go date taylor…….ewwww

  • disqus_sf5czOFTrJ

    I hope that they don’t end up getting together cause if they break up then it mite ruin Harry’s and Louise friendship :(

  • 1D~Lover

    Wow there has been Alot of news about Harry lately lol just sayin(:

  • LUV 1D

    I lik Harry as a single man !!! I LUV u Harry <3