PICS: Niall Horan and Harry Styles Greet Fans Outside Their Netherlands Hotel

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Last night One Direction performed their latest concert at the Ziggo Arena in Amsterdam, and as usual it was a complete sell-out smash hit!

Before the gig, Harry Styles and Niall Horan emerged from the hotel they were staying at, the Des Indes in Den Haag, and spent a few minutes posing for pictures with fans, signing autographs and generally being two really cool guys.

Check out the bunch of photos below:

Hazza shows off his tats to the waiting paparazzi.

Harry comes out of his Dutch hotel to hundreds of waiting fans

“SAY CHEESE!”. Harry poses for a pic with possibly the luckiest directioner in the world.

Say cheese! Harry poses for a pic with a lucky fan

Ain’t he pwetty! And he gives us another great close-up of his tattoos.

Harry Styles talking to fans in the Netherlands

Time for the Irish hottie Niall Horan to emerge from his hotel room. FIT.

Niall signing autographs for Dutch fans

Hellooooo sir! Niall sports his ‘Paris Saint-Germain’ cap whilst posing for pics with fans.

Niall talking with fans in the Netherlands

FIT BOD ALERT. “Niall you been working out?”. “No I just always look this hot”.

Niall Horan leaving his hotel in the Netherlands

Wanna see some videos of the concert though? Just in case you weren’t lucky enough to get tickets (just like MILLIONS of other directioners).

Ok, there’s a good bunch on YouTube already…

Here’s ‘Kiss You’:

And here’s the possible next single ‘Rock Me’:

Tonight the lads are playing their next gig at the Koenig-Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen.


  • Lolo Awad

    lucky fans :) , I’ve been a fan from the beginning , and I have no chance to meet them , coze I live in Jordan . but when I see the boys with fans or in a video from their concert , I feel happy <3 forever a directioner <3


      Awww that’s really sweet!

    • sammi lemone


    • Ellzy

      Bless you… What an amazing outlook u have… You are the sort of directioner that we should all look up to :) x

      • Mimi Deria

        I agree 😉

      • Sarah Payne

        I agree

      • Lolo Awad

        thank you , I’m 22 years old and I’ll always love one direction and you directioners are my friends <3

        • niallateit05

          cool! so were like besties with the same interests!Cool!


    I love u 1D can’t wait til u guys come to the USA!!!!!

  • Stini2526


  • icametocelebrate

    Is that the same girl with both Niall and Harry?

    • Sarah Payne

      I think so

  • Tanisha Battles

    They are so lucky

  • Alondra

    LUCKY THEM!!!!

    • haileyhaileyhailey

      where were the other boys?

  • Cait

    lucky girls :(
    i wish i was one of them

  • xKelly12

    I was at this concert <3<3

    • Lauren


      • xKelly12

        I’m very lucky! I got the tickets 2 hours before the concert from people who could’nt go. So me, my best friend and my other friend went to the concert. It was so crazy! We were so sad because we had no tickets. And then that happend. A miracle <3

  • sammi lemone

    Is it just me or did one video lead to another video and pretty soon five hours of your life have disappeared hahaha

    • Lauren

      Haha happened to me loads of times!

    • Valentina

      hahahahaha totally!xD

  • Lauren

    Such luck people!! And hazza and nialler are soo sweet for coming out!

  • Freya

    is it me or did I just die watching those 2 videos?

  • Sonñet

    Gahhhh those dimples

  • Valentina

    I want go so bad to their concert so I played that game in magazine and the award is ticket to their concert in Germany.I’ll know results 8th of May…wish me a luck?:) I really can’t live without them and knowledge that if I don’t win the ticket I’ll have to wait next year is a bit disappointing..

    • Mimi Deria

      I hope you win the ticket and Get to see the boys <3 😀

      • Valentina

        Thank you so much! Ly <333

    • Sarah Payne

      Hope u get it praying for u

      • Valentina

        thank you so much! I love you!! <3

        • Sarah Payne

          No problem love u you too!!!! :)

  • i_AM_miss_tomlinson

    I live in kitchener ontario so I will never get to see them!!!!!! BOO

  • Cassi Horan

    even his chest hairs are sexy

  • Perrie Is Perfect ♫♪

    I wish The Boys live in PHILIPPINES :(

  • SingerChick

    What do they mean by ‘Rock Me might be the next single’?? Oh and lucky you directioners!


  • Samantha Parkin

    Harry’s arms make me wanna die. Ugh ;___; They’re all so fittttttt

  • Tildisen<333

    Most find tickets to the show in sweden! … I want so much… <333333

  • Ailynnn

    Are liam and Danielle broke up again? Just heard the news. Is this true? Can someone update me?

  • Chassity Styles(: x

    OMG!! HARRY&NIALL LOOKED SOOO HOTTTT!!!!!!!!! 😉 Those Lucky Fanss!^_^

  • ddlf

    OMG OMG OMG i have harry’s same…CELL PHONE i can’t belive it’s the same color too

  • ClarisseMei–CM

    Ahh … lucky directioners!! Im jelous! Hehehe .. I WISH I mean I WANT to see them in person! =))

  • Directioner♡1D

    Why I love them soooooo much??They’re sooooo sweet(k)

  • JΔNE

    I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!

  • ghazal


  • Nadja Malik

    Is it true that Rock me video is coming out in June?

  • Angie malik

    Ughhh it’s not humanly possible to be tht hott gosh!! I LOVE 1D!! ❤❤

  • Ya$hika

    They are crazily loving towards all of their fans and all the directioners, I love one direction!!!:-)

  • sarraaahh:)

    This always makes me happy:) to see videos of them because I can never go to a concert cause I don’t have money to buy such expensive tickets… anyways I love you guys I’m a dedicated Directioner!! Thank god for the internet and YouTube!! 😀

  • Alice

    Harry’s pecs >

  • Elena

    we are one big family :) the directioners family!<3

  • alexoulablue

    i never met them because i live in greece

  • Aylin Morelos

    awww ther sweet

  • Banessa Perez

    I want a pic with them!!:'(