PICS: Perrie Edwards Takes Zayn Malik On Romantic Trip To Disneyland For His Birthday

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Ok, Zayn and Perrie are literally THE most perfect couple EVER!


Just when you think their relationship couldn’t possibly be any cuter, Perrie goes and gives him the surprise of a lifetime!

Ahead of Zayn’s big 21st birthday this weekend, Perrie whisked her fiancé off to Disneyland Paris earlier this week while they both had some time off from their hectic schedules.

Ok, so maybe the holiday was really just because Perrie was dying to go, but it’s still cute :)

They stayed in the lavish Disneyland Hotel, and looking at some of the pictures doing the rounds on Twitter, they appeared to be having the best time ever!

How adorable does Zayn look in his Mickey Mouse jumper though? And we’re mega jealous that they got to meet Mickey Mouse himself! Whaaaaat!

We’re sure that this has got Zayn mega excited for his birthday on Sunday, and we can only expect some more cute surprises from Perrie!


As much as we’re jealous of all of these pics, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside just seeing how genuinely happy they both are :)

How cute are Zayn and Perrie?!

  • skyler rose

    awwwww thats soo cute #zerrieforever

  • zayn_lover

    Argghhhhhhhh *soooo jealous*
    The only reason i love perrie is that she makes zayn happy :/

    • Lillian Farrell

      U dont think that they are a match made in heaven? Cause i doo!!!

      • Anamilet Artis

        I definately think theyre a match made in heaven! (:
        I mean,Just look at them *-*
        Theyre perfect ^^

    • Zayn Lover

      Me too! I’m jealous! But I’m glad that Zayn’s happy!

      • zayn_lover

        yh :)

  • kelly <3 louis!!!

    oh god… i stand at the same place where zayn is on the last pic

    • Anamilet Artis

      You was standing at the same place before him or after?

  • Dawn Sprague

    That was so sweet of her to do that for him. I hope they had a great time.

  • Malin

    I loooooove Zerrie!!! ♥ They’re so adorable! ♥♥

  • 1D Costi

    that’s so sweet!!!!

  • hania malik

    Zerrie is perfect

  • hania malik

    The cutest couple ever

  • Anise Aarden

    AAAAAAAAHHWWWWW THAT’S SOOOOO CUTE!!!! i really like Perrie, she’s just so lovely! #zerrieforever! #ZaynAndPerrie!

  • SJ

    Not Jealous at ALL… I’m happy for Zayn, and am glad he gets to spend time with Perrie, and have such a cool 21st birthday to remember with his fiancee…

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    They’re so sweet…. And cute! I really really really REALLY ship them! I honestly think that they don’t deserve to get any hate! ESPECIALLY Perrie. They’re a perfect couple! I SWEAR! Hahahaha! I’m not jealous at all cuz I love them…. xDD

  • Breshna


  • Lauren

    The most adorable couple ever! They should win awards for being the cutest<3 #zerrieforlife

  • <3Niall'sGirl<3

    best.. couple.. EVER!!!! hehe i love them #zerrieforever

  • zoe is a directioner

    they are cute #zerrieforlife

  • Zayn Lover

    I’m so jealous! But I’m really happy 2 see Zayn happy, that just makes me feel happy! Zayn’s happiness means I’m happy too! AND I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE A BIG THANK U TO PERRIE FOR MAKING ZAYN FEEL HAPPY ALL THE TIME!
    I love u zayn!<3

  • Anamilet Artis

    Omg I ship them 100%
    Theyre sooo cute together .<

  • DarcyX

    Who knew that Mickey Mouse was a directioner! I bet he was really freaking out in dat suit! X

  • Silvia Cantu

    They are the cutest for me

  • anna-loves-1D

    aaaw so cute! I love Zerrie soo much <3

  • Jazmin_Loves_1D

    Awwww, that is soo sweet! #awwwzerrie Squee cx

  • Matthew Redden

    Anyone know where Zayn’s jumper is from?

  • Alessia Enea

    At the last pic are they kissing or talking

  • lexig 76

    They are soooooooooooo cute together I ship them alot perrie is a very lucky girl

  • SarahDirection69

    That’s so cute! They make the perfect couple it hurts! :) but they are so adorable together! #zerrieforever

  • hug_me_niall_1

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww #zerrie4ever

  • Stini2526

    aww i hope they had fun

  • 1DcrazymofoKevinbatmanperson

    I love zerrie! Super cute!

  • Lia Foma’i

    Omg zayn stepted where i steped by the castle!!!!!!!!! #dying

  • Lynnie Lucas

    Shut. Up. That is so cute. Hard core zerrie feels

  • Ally

    Omg they r so cute together #zerrie:)

  • Mickey Tommo

    So cute:) i love Zerrie:)

  • Riiaa Horan


  • Niall horan

    Mickey Mouse is so lucky he met zayn lol they are so cute together

  • Kopal Srivastava

    I don’t know y bt I don’t lyk perrie..

  • zayn malik <3

    I love Zayn! He’s so cute and with Perrie he is happier than ever! 😉

  • 1Dfanatic

    Um the only thing I want to know if he doesn’t want to be swarmed by fans for a change then why go to Disney?!? I just want to know I am a proud directioner and I accept their personal space and their coices #zerrieforeva

  • lexig 76

    It’s soo cool they saw Mickey Mouse he’s the hardest to find out of the others

  • ZarMaz

    That’s was cute :’D

  • country girl…

    I love 1D and little mix i wouldn’t have put them together but now when i look at them i think what a great couple they are luv u zayn for ever…<3