PICS + VID: One Direction Arrive In Japan

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Oh these jetsetting boys, flying all over the world from one country to another.

England to the USA. USA to Ghana. Ghana to London. London to Japan. Wherever next? :)

They’re practically regulars at all the major airports!

Anyhow, nuff talk, more ONE DIRECTION PICTURES. Here, right now. For you…

One Direction in Japan. Konichiwa!

1D surrounded by hundreds of fans in japan Montage of 1D pictures as they arrive in JapanYep, it's those dastardly 1D boys in Japan"Please can we have your autograph!"

Hold up, we’re not finished yet. Want a peak at the absolutely awesome and kickass One Direction Truck? Check this out!

Wowzers! It's the One Direction Truck in japan!

Aww we wanna ride in the 1D truck!

Finally, here’s a vid filmed by a Japanese fan and posted straight to YouTube. Watch as the lads arrive at the airport:

They landed at Narita International Airport in Tokyo and Niall tweeted the following on arrival: “japan! This place is so cool! Can’t wait for next few days ! Gona be fun!”

The boys are in Japan to film a few scenes for their eagerly awaited movie due out this September.

Will you be going straight to the cinema to watch it?

  • directionerfromnarnia

    One Direction are everywhere!!! USA, Ghana, London, Japan!!! Watch it directioners!! Tomorrow they’ll might as well be climbing up your windows!!

    • Tamii

      they’re more than welcome to 😉

      • directionerfromnarnia

        LOL, agreed. :)

    • Aylin Morelos

      awww tht be awsome eeeeeeekkk

    • Pixiegirlxx

      Sureeee!!! 😉 :)

    • Loving1Dx

      I would love them to;)

  • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

    :'( they never don’t come to iran!!!
    It’s so bad!!!!
    I hate who don’t want they come to iran!!!!! >:(

    • Gg


      • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

        nothing! -__-

    • 1d_sister


      • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

        nothing! -_-

        • 1d_sister


    • Sarah

      Khob manam mikham una bian iran vali sadeghane bian iran chikar konan cocert ke nemitunan bezaran age fana bekhan emzam begiran hatman gashte ershad migireshun???vali arezu mikonam harche zud tar etefaghi beofte ke maro az in vaz tu iran nejat bede un vaght hatman iranam mian!!bia ba ham doa konim!!<3

      • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

        Ishala betoonan bian iran :'( ahhhhhh!che chert khob bian chi mishe?!? :'( albate nemitoonan ba in vaz bian!

        • Sarah

          Ei baba che mishe kard!bikhial khodeto narahat nakon! Ishalah dorost mishe<3

          • Ramina

            Eshalla ke mian pishetoon :)

          • Sarah

            Hum!yeah! Thanks<3

          • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

            Ishalllllaaaaaaaaaaa!! :)

          • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

            Omidvaram !!!! 😐

    • Ramina

      i hope they do! Im irani too but i live in DC. I need them to come here!!!

      • Sarah

        Oh yes if they come to DC maybe I can come too and see them! You know many singers have concert there like JB! Why don’t they do it? Man hamvare omidvaram<3

        • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

          Me2 ;D

      • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

        I hope!!!! 😐 :)

    • UniverseOf1D

      You aren’t the only one.
      I bet that they don’t know where is Latvia, U too

      • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

        It’s the first time I read this name of country!
        You don’t know our country(Iran)too!!!

  • Lucy Williamson

    One direction come to county Armagh northern ireland

  • Guest

    Come to the Philippines! (to my house!) <3haha

  • FabulousNails

    It’s awsome that they getting this kind of welcome in Japan considering it’s one of the big markets (with Europe and America) and notoriously hard! They must have done minimal promo from a distance, so they seem to be doing all right there.

    When the album was released, I had a hard time knowing which country got a #1 spot (they just said over 30 countries I think?). Does anyone know how it did in Japan?

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Omg i would love to be that close to the boys :(

    Plz let the boys come to Sydney Australia plz plz

  • 1d_sister

    my herooooes

  • Sharna

    They should come to Australia! They are always in America and the UK! I really hope they come to Aussie so they can get a bit of footage or something for the video… Would be really nice

  • Athena (아티나)

    Watch out Philippines, you’re next! *points*

  • heishly


  • Rabia Shohatee

    I wish one direction would be at my house 😉

  • Sarah

    Oh they became so funny with thoese clothes! Look at the crowd! Hum LUCKY JAPANESE FANZ!<3

  • ツ Moon Malik ツ

    The movie is coming out in August in America

  • |/|@#£€|| R@||@

    the women was just wanting harry’s autograph but harry never came i feel so srry 4 her

    • Tamii

      she had louis freaking tomlinson infront of her, wasnt that enough!!


    WoOoOW this was amizeng!! love 1D ♥

  • Tiernan Legendre

    I’m so going to see the one direction movie in 3D it will be the best ever

    • Gg

      So what a lot of us r





  • Taylor Harris

    I Wanna Go To China. The Boys Looked Good In Dem Clothesssss…..Lolz

  • KoreanDirectioner

    Come to Korea!!
    There are many DIRECTIONER in KOREA :)

  • ZarMaz

    In the second last picture: is that a purple iPad or something else? And lol at the truck it’s soooo cute! Is that a vehicle or a moving billboard?!

  • Louis

    I wish 1D was in Holland… But I don’t know why my name is Louis… Btw im not Louis

  • chloe 1D lover

    i love my louis in this japan dress!

  • Maanpreet:))

    when will they come to singapore!:(

  • Nicole Styles

    But they NEED to come back to the us to Cali

  • 1D forever❤

    When I get older I’m gonna work in an airport so I can meet/greet famous people such as One Direction!!!

  • Ashley

    AWWWWW they look so cute

  • Joanne Erica Soh Yuan

    I juz wish tat they will come to singapore

  • Jane Malik

    love one direction. <3

  • Guest

    One direction is the best !! <3 … Who saw zayn's new haircut pretty amazayn! 😀

  • mimi deria

    One direction is the best !! <3 … Who saw zayn's new haircut?? Pretty amazayn! 😀

  • Loving1Dx

    That girl was so lucky she got Louis and Zayn right in front of her and she got 3 of the boys signature. P.S I would love to see and ride on the 1D truck with the boys; that would be the best thing ever!:D

  • angellane

    I will be the first person in the movie theater! I love one direction!